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HOW TO APPLY Applications will not be processed until they are complete. Please turn in all application materials simultaneously to:

think outside your borders This course will use Joyce’s novel Ulysses as a springboard to explore the city of Dublin, its culture, history, politics and society. The novel lends itself well to this type of exploration and learning project. Ulysses is divided into fourteen chapters, and in each chapter the main character, Stephen Bloom, travels through a different section of Dublin.

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A completed application (available at


IREL AND James Joyce’s Dublin

An official copy of your transcript from each college or university from which you earned at least nine credits. (Freshmen: please submit high school transcript) 300 – 500 word personal statement about yourself and what attracted you to this course. Indicate how participation in this program contributes to your overall academic planning and goals. The name, telephone number and email address of a University Faculty member or TA who may act as a reference. Non-refundable application fee- check or money order for $30 made payable to the University of Maryland.

NOTE: If accepted to the program, your student account will be charged a $270 non-refundable deposit applicable to the total amount of the program fee. The deposit will only be refunded if a program is cancelled. Last day to Apply: Monday, March 1, 2011 For program and course information, please contact Johnna Schmidt or Zein El-Amine at jmschmid@;

June 3 - June 18 ARHU 319I


Each day, students will have a new chapter for their focus of study: they will start by retracing of Bloom’s steps in that particular chapter, and end with a gathering to discuss the chapter. Ulysses is one of the most discussed novels in modern English literature and is notoriously challenging to read and absorb. This fascinating novel will provide ample material for discussion and interpretation, and build student confidence in approaching difficult texts.

EDUCATION ABROAD 1125 Holzapfel Hall College Park, MD 20742 P: 301.314.7746 F: 301.314.9135

University of

SCHOLARSHIPS Education Abroad offers scholarships for undergraduate UM students to attend Summer Term programs. They are awarded based on academic achievement and financial need. The last day to apply for scholarships is March 1, 2011. ELIGIBILITY This program is open to all applicants who have a deep love of literature and are willing and able to take long walks. Students will a GP A of 3.2 or above are preferred in the admissions process.

ITINERARY We will have two pre-departure meetings in order to prepare fully for the academic and logistical demands of the study. The dates for the in-country study are June 4-June 18, 2011; the focus will be squarely on Dublin. Students will stay in a centrally located hostel in Dublin, with a daily breakfast included, along with two additional group meals. Trips to the James Joyce Tower, the James Joyce Museum, a performance and several walking tours are included. On June 16th we will take advantage of “Bloomsday” an annual city-wide festival in Dublin. Bloomsday celebrates Stephen Bloom’s travels through Dublin with city-wide events occurring throughout the day, and will provide an enriching culminating experience. Additional time (3-4 days) will be allowed for students to independently explore other parts of Ireland on their own if they choose.

GRADING AND CREDIT Accepted students will enroll in ARHU 319I: James Joyce’s Dublin (3 credits).

FACULTY DIRECTOR Zein El-Amine will lead the program. Mr. El-Amine holds an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry from the University of Maryland and has taught at the Jimenez-Porter Writers’ House for several years. A long-time admirer of James Joyce, he has studied Ulysses in particular at the graduate level and taken several trips to Ireland.

Education Abroad will suggest a group itinerary that each student is responsible for purchasing independently. The estimated round-trip airfare from Washington, D.C. to Dublin, Ireland is around $1,100.You should expect to purchase the flight shortly after being accepted to the program.

Students will need to do some reading and preparation before departure, as they will be responsible for a presentation while abroad. There will also be a reading accountability test, and an additional 10 page paper due within one week of return. PROGRAM COST The program fee of $1,990 includes tuition, lodging, entry fees, transportation in Ireland for required class activities, and a $250 UM Education Abroad fee. Students are responsible for personal expenses, airfare, most lunches and dinners. Breakfast will be included every morning, plus two additional group meals.

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Admissions for the program are made on a rolling basis, and decisions will be given in a timely manner. However, please be aware that decisions will not be made on a daily basis, so you should expect a delay between when you submit an application and when you receive notification. Because admission to summer programs is competitive and space is limited, early application is advisable. Meeting the minimum GPA requirement alone is insufficient to guarantee admission. All required materials will be considered during the admission process.

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