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Dcember 2013

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Vol. 10, Issue 3

President’s Desk

The year 2013 was a special one in the history of the JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union as it saw the mergers of JPS & Partners with Kirkvine and Ewarton Co-operative Credit Unions. These mergers have resulted in JPS & Partners now being ranked as the fifth largest Credit Union in the Movement. We now boast Membership of over 9,000, Savings of approximately $2.9B and Total Assets of $3.7 Billion. We are excited about this opportunity to be able to serve our members from more than one branch. This has always been a dream of ours and it is quite fulfilling to see it become a reality. Heartfelt thanks to the Management, Staff, Volunteers and you the members for your continued support of the vision of the Credit Union. I must commend you for the positive way in which you have all embraced the mergers. Throughout the world October is celebrated as Credit Union month. It is a period when the Movement say thanks to its Co-operators. Over the years, we at JPS& Partners have always embraced this month in many and varied ways and this year was no different. Celebrations were held not only at the locations of our Sponsor Company and strategic partners but also at our Ewarton and Kirkvine branches. This year JPS&Partners Co-operative Credit

own their dream home, car or both, and for them and their children to receive the very best education. In the area of investment, we provide a myriad of products at attractive interest rates. We will continue to conduct market surveys on our interest rates on both loans and deposits so as to ensure that we always remain competitive.

Derrick A. Tulloch, JP- President

Union celebrates 57 years of existence. Fiftyseven years of helping people succeed through the offering of financial freedom. From inception, the Credit Union’s motto has been about working in partnerships to help our members achieve their goals. This year we continue the rich tradition of helping members achieve their dreams and so we unreservedly embrace the Movement’s theme “Credit Unions: United for Good, A Better Way”. In our quest to provide a better way for our members, the Credit Union seeks not only to place interest in the business of making a surplus but to also place interest in the lives of our members. We do this by, ensuring that we provide our members with the means for them to make their dreams a reality;

At JPS & Partners membership matters most. I encourage you all to continue your partnership with the Credit Union. Encourage someone – a friend or a relative to join and experience the Credit Union difference. You, like the Credit Union Movement can unite for good in order to create a better way. Unity is strength and with strength we can conquer the struggles that face us in our daily lives. Ecclesiastes 4 vs. 12 reminds us that a cord that is made of three strands is not easily broken. Always remember this especially when you face your financial situations, remember, your Credit Union and God is not easily broken and you can weather any financial difficulty. In 2013, Jamaica was once again thrown into celebratory mood by the performance of our athletes at the IAAF World Championships. Jamaica’s sprint darling Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce popularly called “Pocket Rocket” won the 100M and 200M races and anchored the Jamaican female sprint team to victory in the 4x100M relay in a time of 41.29s - a national record. Usain Bolt once again proved why he is being regarded as the fastest sprinter of all time when he won Gold in the

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Christmas Saving Tips Members’ Appreciation Day Worship at Charlemont Open Bible Church Christmas Security Tips UGain Savers Account

From the President’s Desk

Christmas Savings Tips

Continued 100M, 200M and 4x100M relay races at the championship. Jamaica’s song bird Tessanne Chin ensured that athletics was not the only sphere that would bring international recognition to Jamaica. She used her vocal talents to renew national pride. Once again the Jamaican people were given something to cheer about with her powerful performances on the NBC reality show “The Voice”. At JPS & Partners Co-operative Credit Union our members continue to be at the heart of what we do and as such we will always continue to be mindful of their holistic wellness. We continue with our initiatives such as providing free health checks and health advice to our members. Our Care-A-Bit fund continues to afford us the opportunity to provide financial assistance to our members who have been affected by major illnesses and natural disasters. Our investment in education for both our members and their children continues. So too is our investments in Central Branch All Age, Merrion and St Mary’s the Virgin Basic Schools. We have adopted the Polly Ground Basic School in St Catherine and the St. John the Bosco Boys Home in Manchester. These institutions are located in the parishes in which we now have branches. As you begin your preparation for the Christmas season, I encourage you to be very wise in your decision making. Do not be too quick to make decisions, think about them first before you implement them. Ensure you take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and your families from any unforeseen dangers. Most of all reach out to the less fortunate persons with whom you come in contact with. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management, Staff and Volunteers of the Credit Union have a joyous, peaceful and holy Christmas season. I wish you and your family a Prosperous New Year and the very best for 2014! God bless You and God bless Jamaica!


1. Write down everyone you plan to buy a gift for; No matter how small the gift may be. Write down your gift ideas as well as the maximum amount you are willing to spend on each gift. Also list the persons you will be giving monetary tokens as gifts e.g. the gardener, garbage collector, helper. Start Early. Always start your holiday shopping from early. Do not wait until December as the prices tend to go up during this festive period. Look out for sales during the year, who knows you might be able to find the perfect gift for Mom or Dad.

2. Do online research. Use the internet to compare and contrast prices. Use it to see which stores are offering special discounts and which are having sales. 3. Do it yourself. There are many creative things you can do to make gifts for your love ones this year. If you are creatively inclined you can sew a tote bag for a family member or bake a batch of cookies, make a necklace or a nice pair of earrings. 4. Buy in bulk. If you know of anyone who is planning to buy the same things as you are, coordinate. Purchases in larger quantities will definitely help you score hefty discounts. 5. Recycle. You are not only doing the environment a favour when you recycle, you also help protect your savings. And this does not mean you have to recycle gifts. But instead of buying new decorations, used the old ones. You may also put your creativity to test and get on a recycling project. You can even use magazines and used wrappers for gift wrapping. It may be a small matter, but it can still help you save.

Owning your home just got easier

Great rates and terms to drive you home today!

we’ve cooked up a special offer…see for yourself • Rates as low as 9.5% (variable rates) • Access up to $7 Million • 25 years to repay • Share requirements as low as 1% • Members who access this offer will be entitled to a Microwave Oven • Offer ends December 31, 2013. • Conditions Apply!

• New Vehicle Loans as low as 9.5% • Used Vehicle Loans as low as 10.5% • Terms up 96 months (New Vehicles) • Terms up to 36- 84 months (Used Vehicles) • Members who access this offer will be entitled to a Car Sun Visor • Offer ends December 31, 2013. • Conditions Apply!

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September 30, 2013 (UNAUDITED)

Total Assets Loans Savings Membership

$3.7B $1.8B $2.9B 9,836

Call a Member Service Representative for more information 65 3/4 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10 Toll Free: 1-888-991-4304 •


You are Appreciated... MEMBERS’ APPRECIATION DAY

Members looking keenly at the great deals from Toyota Jamaica at the 2013 Member’s Day.


On October 17th, our Ewarton Branch kicked off our Credit Union’s Members’ Appreciation Day celebrations for 2013. The celebrations were held on the grounds of the Office in Ewarton, St. Catherine and saw over 350 members in attendance. The Heart Foundation provided free health checks to members in attendance. Members were also treated to refreshments and tokens.


President, Derrick Tulloch join hands with our Members in cutting the cake at the 2013 Member Appreciation Day. Sumptuous meals being served at the Kirkvine Member’s Appreciation Day.

A Member at the Ewarton Works branch getting his health check on Member’s Appreciation Day.


Members’ Appreciation Day activities came to a close on November 8, 2013 with celebrations at the Bogue Power Plant, Digicel, Montego Bay and the Moneague branch of the Credit Union. At each location our members were treated to tokens and refreshments.





On October 25, 2013 the focus was placed on Kingston. 352 members turned out to celebrate with the Credit Union. Booth displays were setResident Nurse Violet Gordon providing health checks up by several of our affiliates: Digicel, Jamaica at the 2013 Member’s Day. offered members discounts on Wifi Modems; Toyota Jamaica had three of their latest model cars on display. They too had a special offer for every member who was purchasing one of their Service with a smile at the Ewarton Works Member vehicles through a loan from the Credit Union. Appreciation Day celebrations. CMFG Life Insurance Company had an informative booth that provided members with information on the Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) as well as the U-Gain Savers Account (formerly called Golden Harvest). Your credit union provided free health checks to our members in attendance. Entertainment was provided by the Vauxhall High School. The celebrations continued on November “We are here for you”… Marketing Officer, Nicole 1st at the Kirkvine and Port Esquivel branches. Baker engaging a Member at the 2013 Member’s Day. The rains did nothing to damper the spirits of the over 340 members that turned out to share in Kirkvines’ celebrations. They were all treated to lunch and issued with souvenirs.

Staff at the Kirkvine Branch serving our members at the 2013 Member’s Day!

JPS&Partners Worships at the Charlemont Open Bible Church As part of our Member Appreciation day celebrations, members of the JPS & Partners family join with members of the Charlemont Open Bible Church in Ewarton, St. Catherine to celebrate in a thanksgiving service. The service was held under the theme: Credit Unions unite for good. A better way. The sermon was preached by Rev. Franklyn King. He encouraged the congregation to become members of the Credit Union. Members of the Credit Union also Students of the Polly ground Basic school performing at the participated in the service. Credit Union Month church service


Add to your Christmas list

business in the daytime if possible. •When parking...roll up the windows, lock the vehicle, take the keys, and ensure your valuables are concealed (preferably in the trunk). During hours of darkness, park and walk in lighted areas to the extent possible. • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Use a Debit/Credit Card for major purchases. • When returning to your vehicle, carry your keys in your hand and be ready to unlock the door and enter as quickly as possible. As you approach your vehicle, scan the area, glance underneath the vehicle, and take a quick look inside before entering.

• If planning to visit your family and relatives over a long distance, have your vehicle serviced and checked out sufficiently ahead of time. • When driving, keep doors locked and windows rolled up at all times. Maintain at least half a tank of fuel.

While you are out be aware of your surroundings; scan the area from time to time.

• Always travel with your cellular phone in case of any accidents or emergency. However, avoid using your cell phone when driving.

• Shop with friends and family if possible. There is strength in numbers.

• Travel and conduct your

STAY CLOSE TO HOME…UPDATE YOUR RECORDS We are currently reviewing our records to ensure that we have up-to-date information on our Members, and also to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). As such, we ask you, our members, to complete our Member Update Form. The Form is available for download from our website, from your locations through your location representatives and from the Credit Union’s office. Also remember to get your picture identification card scanned and uploaded to our system the next time you visit our Office. Are You AwAre…of who Your beneficiAries Are? DiD You…nominAte Your beneficiAries on opening Your Account? Do You…wish to chAnge/upDAte Your beneficiAries? Please ensure you complete a Nomination form to update your beneficiary’s information. Forms are available from the Credit Union’s website; or from our office. Remember to return your completed forms to the Credit Union. It is important that you know who your beneficiaries are, if you do not recall who your beneficiaries contact our Member Care Department and they will be more than happy to assist.

Did you Know that... • This is a savings and insurance plan that was tailored for Credit Union members. This plan caters to persons up to sixty-five (65) years of age who may contract with the Credit Union to make regular monthly deposits for a specific number of years. • There is no minimum savings goal; however you must open the plan with at least $1,000. • The maximum savings goal insured is determined by the member’s needs and subject to the Credit Union’s contract limit. • This savings instrument offers you a guaranteed interest rate for the duration of your plan. • In the event you become totally and permanently disabled, your Credit Union will pay your total savings on your U-Gain Savers account, plus insurance benefits, which will be equal to your savings goal to the account holder/insured. • In case of death, prior to achieving your saving goal, the Credit Union will pay your total savings goal, and insurance benefits which equals your savings goal to your beneficiary. • The U-Gain Savers Account can be used as an avenue for wealth creation, and can assist in the achievement of your financial goals and objectives.

INDEMNITY FORM This is a reminder that effective September 1, 2012 the Credit Union implemented the Deed of Authority and Indemnity Form. AS A RESULT: • Members who utilize the facilities of electronic mail (email) and facsimile (fax) as ways of submitting transaction requests to the Credit Union must complete an Indemnity Form.

• Transaction requests submitted by fax or email will not be approved without prior submission of a signed Indemnity Form Agreement PLEASE NOTE THAT: • The form must be signed by a Justice of Peace (JP).

• Forms are available by visiting our website; link • Once the form has been completed, submit same to the Member Services Department of the Credit Union.

CONTACT US 65 3/4 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10 • Tel: (876) 968-3700, 968-1115, 929-8559, 577-9466 • Toll Free: 1-888-991-4304 • Fax: (876) 968-5721 •

OUR DIRECTORS Derrick Tulloch Albert Dawkins Gerlyn Gray Rodney Gordon Delroy Redway Earl Munroe

President Vice President Treasurer Asst. Treasurer Secretary Asst. Secretary

(876) 431-7797 (876) 431-7652 (876) 431-7517 (876) 431-7017

Vaughn McDonald Michael Bravo Fiona Johnson Natalie Sparkes Ronald Thomas Ralston Facey Dwight Hart

Director Director Director Director Director Director Director

(876) 896-4869 (876) 458-6015 (876) 878-3590 Kirkvine Kirkvine Ewarton Ewarton


December 2013 Issue

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