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Flake ice maker “IMS-40”, “IMS-85” and “IMS-150B” “IMS” 40 MODEL: PRODUCTION 40 kg-24 HOURS. “IMS” 85 MODEL: PRODUCTION 85 kg-24 HOURS. “IMS” 150 MODEL: PRODUCTION 150 kg-24 HOURS. APPLICATIONS For preservation and storage of analytic samples, biological tissues, cellular cultures and other applications that require maintenance of the temperature below ambient. FEATURES External case made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Thermal isolated inside. High capacity for flake ice production from running or purified water. Water pressure between 1,5 and 3 bars. Automatic switch off when there’s water shortage and when the ice tank capacity is full. CONTROL PANEL Main power switch. Luminous indicator for: Flake ice production. Water shortage. Ice tank full.


Part no.

24 h. (Kg) Production

Tank Capacity(Kg)

Height / Width /Depth cm

Power W

Power supply

Weight Kg

IMS-40 IMS-85 IMS-150B

5020100 5020101 5020103

40 85 150

8 13 35

72 38 54 88 55 61 94 63 61

280 420 685

220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz

40 57 76


Manual hidraulic press “PM-15” MAXIMUM PRESSURE LOAD: 15 TONS NEW

FEATURES Compact and easy to use, designed for a maximum pressure load of 15 tons, especially for pressing in chemical research laboratories and materials for preparing ceramic composite. This machine has an integrated auto return hydraulic pump. Tablets from 6.3mm to 19mm can be compacted with the MT matrix accessory, for KBR compression technique and fluorescence analysis works. Cylinder elevation of 0-25mm.

MODEL Part No.


Max. Pressure Height / Width / Depth tons mm


ACCESORIES Part No. 5810201 Part No. 5810202 Part No. 5810203 Part No. 5810204

55 13 21

Weight Kg

Max. Working area mm Height / Width / Depth


150 x 160 x 160

MT Matrix 12.5mm MT Matrix 6.3mm MT Matrix 19mm MT Matrix 3.2mm



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