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Trigger: Patron needs a book from storage and does not know how to retrieve it. DI: Perhaps need to make purpose of link/ storage information clearer.

Artifact/ Sequence Model

Patrons often request help to retrieve a book from storage. Indicates possible interface issue. Patron must decide which service point to access Confusion on Patron’s part. History of reference being responsible for “frontline” service of ARC. But Patron goes to Circulation Desk reference no longer wants to have Patron goes to Reference Desk this job. Circ goes online and inputs storage request for patron. Intent: Helping patron with single action Ref goes online and (circulation) versus teaching patron (reference) ‘teaches’ patron how No double screens available at circ to to request a book from ‘teach’ patron. Use of courtesy card. storage.

Login ID required (twice) to request book. Easier to use courtesy card.

Circ desk uses “courtesy card” to request book in storage. Easier than requesting patron ID. Patron must then wait for book. at circulation.

Intent: Convenience and speed of using known courtesy number.

Ref must point patron to circulation to pick up book.

If they come back, and a courtesy card was used, difficult to find book. Courtesy card does not give the patron’s name. Patrons ask additional q’s regarding finding a book not available in storage. Circ not equipped to help answer further questions. Ex. if book not available, how to use other resources.

Intent: Completing service request quickly (circ) versus using question as an opportunity to help patron further (reference)

Ref more equipped to help with additional questions (dual screens), such as other resources or ways of obtaining book.

Contextual Inquiry  

This is a an artifact/sequence model for my contextual inquiry project.

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