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Serving the children of the world

october 2013

KIEFupdate Kiwanis International European Federation

Serving the children of the world

september 2013

Kiwanis Kiwanis International  European  Federation

Marie-­Jeanne Boutroy TOGETHER  

serving the  children  of  the  world  



Serving the children of the world

october 2013


October 03/ KIEF president message

04/ K. I. Presidente message 05/ The new KIEF executive board 07/ KIEF Districts and Nations Let us know

09/ A successful project “KEY LEADER PROGRAM” IN ITALY 11/ The Eliminate project news

K. I. E. F. Executive Board President: Marie-Jeanne Boutroy (France.Monaco) Past President: Ernst von der Weppen (Germany) President Elect: Vincent Salembier (Belux) Vice President: Ernest Schmid (Austria) Secretary: Jean-Claude Schmitz (Belux) Treasurer: Michel Tefnin (Belux)


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

K. I. E. F. president monthly message Dear Kiwanians,

I wish you a joyful and dynamic “back to club”, full of projects! Projects for children, but also projects for your own club: welcome new friends whose heart is Kiwanis, recruit new members who will love your club as you like, and that will play their role in our actions towards children. Your Governors and leaders prepared this new administrative year with the Chairs of European programs Committees and with the goal to strengthen and rejuvenate Kiwanis in Europe. Strengthen: each club should have gained an overall profit of at least one member plus, before next September. Rejuvenate: not only by recruiting younger than themselves, but also by exploiting the possibilities of the great pool that is our sponsored youth clubs such as Key Club and Juniors. Natural filiation between Juniors and classic clubs is not done as well as it should. We need to be creative and offer new forms of Kiwanis clubs in relation to their lifestyle. This is a challenge I have been trying to promote since several years, and I am happy to see that the idea begins to make its way into our minds. There are new types of clubs which may be attractive to young people, we must be open to the new opportunities to be Kiwanians. Strengthen and rejuvenate: by these words, the European Federation joins the initiatives launched by Kiwanis International: Global Campaign for Growth, close association of young K Clubs and Circle K in our projects, creation of the "Bridge the Gap” Committee. We are lucky to have this year an International President who is European. His motto inspires us to “build a bridge for the children to the future”. I asked all of you to work this year "Together with Passion”. We will do it, for a WINNING Kiwanis!

Marie-Jeanne Boutroy President KI-EF 2013-2014


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

                                                                                                Kiwanis International president monthly message

h#p:// We Build Bridges for Children to the Future Dear Kiwanians, It is a great honor to guide this wonderful organization. I have been a Kiwanian since 1987 when I joined as a charter member of the Kiwanis Club of Spittal an der Drau in Austria. Our world has changed in those 26 years, but our commitment to serving others, especially children, has not. This year, our organization has a new strategic plan. One of the most important goals is our 5-year plan to grow Kiwanis. In my vision, I see Kiwanis expanding around the world by developing programs that attract and retain new members. I challenge each club to grow by a minimum of one person. Just think, with more hearts and hands, we can do more for the children of the world. My motto for the year is building bridges for children to the future. Those bridges will lead us to the next century of Kiwanis and to the next century of Kiwanis members. Please join me in building this bridge and growing Kiwanis to benefit our Kiwanis family and the children we serve. Yours in Kiwanis Service,

Gunter Gasser 2013-14 President Kiwanis International


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

Faces The KIEF executive board 2013 - 2014

President Marie-Jeanne BOUTROY (France-Monaco)

Past President Ernst VON DER WEPPEN (Germany)

President elect Vincent SALEMBIER (Belux)

Secretary: Jean-Claude SCHMITZ (Belux)

Treasurer: Michel TEFNIN (Belux)


Vice president Ernest SCHMID (Austria)

Serving the children of the world

october 2013


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

District Switzerland-Liechtenstein 23 Divisions

200 Clubs

7250 Members Male Members 6780   Female members 470

Governor Eugen Mossdorf, KC Zürich-Glattal

Service: Eliminate and Kiwanis Prize for the best individual effort in service; only for non Kiwanis and non NPO persons. Several activities in the FKS Fondation Kiwanis Stiftung Switzerland. Up to know we raised for Eliminate already >1 million $.  Motto for 2013 / 2014:  "We Serve".  Goals 2013 / 2014:  Growth, Eliminate and adaption of the district structure.



Serving the children of the world

october 2013

District The Netherlands

16 Divisions

130 Clubs

2686 Members Male Members 2356   Female members 330

Governor Hendrik Beuving Service: District service project and or program of the year is Stop Tetanus (Eliminate), New start of the Kiwanis Doll

District Iceland - Faroe

926 members 844 male 82 female

Governor: Dröfn Sveinsdóttir

50 years from Kiwanis came to Iceland we give all six years old child helmet. my motto is Kiwanis is friendship - Kiwanis is power.


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT “KEY LEADER PROGRAM” IN ITALY "KEY LEADERS FOR KEY CLUB" is the title of a KEY LEADER PROGRAM realized in august by KC "FATA MORGANA - City of Villa San Giovanni" (District Italy - San Marino - Division "Calabria 2") with support of grant by Kiwanis International Foundation. This campus project for students of high school that are forming the first italian Key Club, it was realized in august in Riace - named "the city of hospitality" (in province of Reggio Calabria) and at Adventure Park of Zagarise (in province of Catanzaro). In a week these boys and girls were trained by District qualified trainers (supported by club staff) about leadership, Kiwanis principles, kiwanis structure and history, service, fundraising, team building, knowledge of their limitations. So, they completed a training program for Key Club started in October 2012 by the Kiwanis sponsor club with the management of lyceum school "L. Nostro" in city of Villa San Giovanni (RC). Among the many activities has received great attention from the media the renovation of a children's playground in Riace, called "A world of colors". The day at the Adventure Park "Footprints in the Park" of Zagarise (CZ) was much appreciated by the young participants. All in the spirit of Key club motto: “Caring, our way of life”. The spot and the trailer of movie about the campus was screened during the XXXVI Italian District Convention in september with great appreciation by all the presents (public authorities, officers and members of italian district and clubs) and by world president Tom DeJulio, by european president Ernst Von Der Weppen, by Foundation trustee Valeria Gringeri and by european responsible for Eliminate and SLP Ruth Pollak and Filip Delanot. It was a great emotion for children and for club members to see 600 people in standing ovation for our project and for the movie trailer at city theatre “Cilea” of Reggio Calabria during Convention. And the first results arrived immediately: dozen of Kiwanis club presidents asked how create a Key Club and dozen of guys ask to us to join to Key Club ! Amazing photos and video of project will be on website and on Facebook pages of club. Rosario Previtera President of Kiwanis Club "Fata Morgana - Città di Villa San Giovanni"


Serving the children of the world

october 2013


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

The ELIMINATE project NEWS Thank You for protecting 1.6 Million lives – The Eliminate Project and the start of the new Kiwanis year By Filip Delanote, Vice-Chairman Europe, The Eliminate Project Dear Kiwanians, We have started a new Kiwanis year, which means a new leadership team in Kiwanis. This new Kiwanis year also provides an opportunity to reflect on our great accomplishments for The Eliminate Project. As we look back on the 2012-2013 Kiwanis year, the Year of Participation for the campaign, we wanted to take a moment to thank you. Every day you bring your passion and your best self to support the campaign, working tirelessly to raise US$110 million and save lives. You are truly an inspiration to us! Did you know that Kiwanians in Europe have raised US$3 (EUR 2.3) million in the last Kiwanis year, which will save or protect more than 1.6 million lives? Without your leadership, your enthusiasm and your motivation in the clubs and in the districts, our great progress would not be possible. The Year of Achievement began October 1, 2013, and this will surely be our best fundraising year yet. Kiwanians are excited to come on board and join our movement - and they are motivated for The Eliminate Project. We have learned so much, and we can put this knowledge to work now every day to achieve and surpass our goals, and to grow with our clubs and support the growth initiative of President Gunter Gasser. When we started the Year of Participation for the campaign, we had 30% club coordinators in Europe. At the moment, we are at more than 80% club coordinator recruitment, and we have seen great success with this team in place! And best of all: This past month, with all the District Conventions in Europe combined, we have saved more than 27,777 lives by raising more than US$500,000 (EUR 388,500). This was the highest increase of any regions worldwide in terms of Dollars/Euros raised! I hope that you will celebrate this great news with the teams in your districts, and start our new Kiwanis year with fresh motivation, inspiration and the celebration of new funds.

Booth in Belgium - Luxembourg !


Honoring of a new model club in Germany



Check presentation in Switzerland

Serving the children of the world

october 2013

K.I.E.F. Calendar Oct 10 - 12


Executive/Board/Growth meeting

Nov 6 - 9


Gov elect training

Nov 22


Executive Committee

Nov 22 - 24


Train the Trainers Conference

Jan 31, Feb. 1-2


District Officers Training Conference

Feb 21 - 22


Executive/Board Meeting


Apr 6




Convention Romania



Executive committee meeting

May 8 - 11


Convention Austria

May 9 - 11


Convention France-Monaco

May 23 - 24


Convention Czech Rep & Slovakia

May 28 - 29 - 30 - 31


KIEF CONVENTION - Executive/Board meeting



Convention Hungary

July 16 - 20

Chiba (Japan)

K. I. CONVENTION - ASPAC convention

Aug 23 - 24


Executive committee meeting - Chairs meeting



Convention U. K.



Convention Norden



Convention Italy - San Marino

Sep 5 - 6


Convention Netherlands

Sep 12-14


Convention Poland

Sep 13-15


Convention Iceland-Faroes

Sep 18-21


Convention Belgium/Luxembourg



Convention Germany

Sep 20


Convention Switzerland-Liechtenstein


Serving the children of the world

october 2013

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Kief update oktober 2013  

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