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What is it? The Fresh Connection is a supply chain learning experience built around a cross functional business simulation

History •  Since 2008 already –  2000+ professionals –  from 200+ companies –  in 20+ countries

learned with The Fresh Connection. •  Open competitions in Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germay, Denmark and South Africa •  Incorporated in several incompany training program’s •  Partnership with APICS •  Growing Network of Training partners

The Challenge •  The Fresh Connection is a producer of fruit juices •  suffering severe losses in the last year •  poor supply chain performance

•  A new management team has been appointed consisting of four roles •  Sales management •  Purchasing management •  Supply chain management •  Operations management

•  The assignment is to make the company profitable again •  By making strategic and tactical choices

Performance evaluation


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Roles & Responsibilities












Key Challenges A  D$31'E'7$38$2%!"A'6!377$,#$%' A  #'(($/4.+,'/!B!=).4%4'/!(+C4/@! A  D34@/()/&!E!.'/%4%&)/.:! A  7/F!+/=!)G&)*/+3!.'33+H'*+,'/! A  I)&!'$&!'-!&<)!H'GJ!)G6)*4()/&!B!3)+*/!

A  *1A02&3,&'%-AA7<'6!3",'&0A"6%'' A  %$663:!.<+4/!%&*+&)@:! A  %+3)%!B!'6)*+,'/%!63+//4/@!K?B51L!! A  =)(+/=!(+/+@)()/&! A  4/8)/&'*:!(+/+@)()/&!! A  '6)*+,'/%!(+/+@)()/&!! A  %$6634)*!(+/+@)()/&!!!

Keys to success A  FG)H'I7"C$'60773;02340,'"%'$7$1$,&32<'502'3'#008'2$%-7&=' &$31%',$$8'&0'13C$' A  #'/%.4)/&!.<'4.)%!*)@+*=4/@!&<)!.'(6+/:!%&*+&)@:!K)M@MJ! 3'N)%&!.'%&J!*)%6'/%48)L! A  O<)4*!*)%6).,8)!=).4%4'/%!K+%!=)%.*4H)=!H)-'*)L!+34@/!N4&<!&<)! .<'%)/!.'(6+/:!%&*+&)@:!+/=!N4&<!&<)!=4P)*)/&!=4%.4634/)%!

A  D$31%'J"77'7$32,'&!3&' A  ?#Q!4%!/'&!'/3:!&<)!*)%6'/%4H434&:!'-!'/)!-$/.,'/J!(+/+@)*!'*! =)6+*&()/&J!4&!*)R$4*)%!&)+(N'*C! A  O<)!R$+34&:!'-!&<)!%$663:!.<+4/!<+%!+!H4@!4(6+.&!'/!&<)! .'(6+/:S%!6*'T&+H434&:! A  O<)!*4@<&!(+/+@)()/&!4/-'*(+,'/!4%!C):! A  7/&)*/+3!+/=!)G&)*/+3!.'33+H'*+,'/!4%!.*$.4+3!

#'(6+/4)%!&<+&!<+8)! 6+*,.46+&)=! K;;0L' N31;IB$%&0,' KCQ0'O0;$7' N08$2%'/20C733,' KAA7$' N0#"63' S0%6!' T$,70'B0278J"8$' /3,0,' OK//)' /3A#$1","' O$%&7X' /02A023&$'Y:A2$%%' O*VY' M$70"L$'

M-H0,&' F!$77' O-67$&20,' P-,&%13,' MPN' F&02C' O-&2"6"3' *,502' M"$;078' DOD' H!"7"A%' *,&$2,340,37'R73+02%' MFT' 3,8'R23#23,6$%' U-",D$6!' D<60' R7023P0773,8' VNT' (06CJ$77' W,"7$+$2' R7-C$' V083C' F/K' WHF' P$",$C$,' V-$!,$'Z'O3#$7' F6!$,C$2' B37&'M"%,$<' P$2;37"5$'*,&$2,340,37' K%&$773%'

O)%,('/4+3%!+/=! U)+.,'/%! “ The Fresh Connection stimulates active partnership throughout the chain. Every week the consequences of sub optimization become visible. Imagine the insight if every supply chain manager would have this in real life...!" VP European Operations Walt Disney “ The game was very well and professionally set up and executed. My compliments!” Supply chain manager Philips Healthcare "The underlying technology of the internet game is impressive; the result realistic. If anything like a 'supply chain branch' exists, then this is the platform." Chief Executive Officer Unilever Supply Chain Company "The Fresh Connection is the fastest way to experience the power of teamwork and to discover that diversity within a team really leads to the best results. Already within a few weeks the game provides the insights to think from customer perspective, but to operate as a business owner.” Vice President Operations Mexx Europe

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