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maybe not the world per se but perhaps the ipad’s world

The ipad owns the Tablet marketplace. The iphone used to rule the smartphone marketplace too. Until Android phones took over. Could Android Tablets pull the same move?

Android Tablets could overtake the ipad juggernaut.

The ipad is tied to the itunes store. The itunes store is the biggest app market place. Bigger is not always better. Many developers think that more than one app store per any given Tablet just like Android market place and Amazon is a good idea.

Then there’s Honeycomb. This new Android OS takes advantage of the larger screen size, dual core CPU's and has built in business tools.

At Apple’s core is this sort of less is more mantra. Android Tablets don’t follow this. Cameras, expansion ports, 4G and different size screens. Full Flash support so that you can actually surf the web unhindered. Ipad2, no flash.

Stop or control the fragmentation of all the different Android operating systems. All of these OS’s add up to serious consumer confusion.

PRICE An Android Tablet will be in competition with like 90 other models being produced as well as all the retailers that will be discounting these models. When was the last time you saw an Apple product on sale?

How Android Tablets Will Rule the World Android tablets are slowly cornering the market by giving the consumer what they want. Not like other Tablets t...

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