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Strategic Management & Decision Making Spring Semester 2018

“OPEN is about intellectual stimulation…our city is at an intellectual tipping point, ready to catapult to another level. I firmly believe that people have a desire to keep their minds active. In my view, our society wants to be the best it can be – and I want to be part of making that happen.” —-Founder, Jim Aresty

Presented By: Jessica Means, Tanner Rice, Cody Blankenship, Brian Bell and Joseph Prats


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Vision and Mission Project Scope Team Bios

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Milestone 1: Research Analysis Direct Competitors Indirect Competitors Demographics Marketing Market Trends

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Milestone 2: Internal Review 5 Forces Model SWOT Analysis

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Milestone 3: Identification and Analysis Competitive Advantages Business Model Canvas

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Milestone 4: Personas Personas and Journey Maps ..... 17 Milestone 5: Developing Strategies Membership Model Roll-out Timeline Team Reflections References

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Vision OPEN is rooted in the understanding that when we act as a connected community we move faster, more easily, and with greater innovation to manifest the solutions we envision. OPEN believes that all communities have the talent, resources and will to rethink – and co-create – how cities and their business, social groups and citizenry thrive. OPEN intends to catalyze and support city-scale collaboration in ways that tap the potential of all to engage, share, partner and build future-facing solutions.

Mission OPEN’s mission is to make us smarter, better connected communities by making it easier for citizens to be inspired, educated, trained, funded, and engaged in practical ways to address the issues we all face. To achieve this, OPEN provides a framework of in-person and online tools so people can connect, chare, discuss and demonstrate how ideas become solutions.


Project Objective Our aim was to create a comprehensive and well thought out tiered membership model for the Open Partnership Educational Network that we can roll out to the public in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Goals Included: 1. Capture and define the geography and demographics of the market for membership. 2. Develop strategies and a timeline for implementation of a membership strategy. 3. Develop a tiered model and incentives for each membership level. 4. Develop strategies and initiatives to attract future members


Meet the Team What’s Next? Finding the answer My name is Jessica Means and this is my last semester at USFSP. I am looking forward to graduating in the spring with my degree in Accounting and a minor in Management. I have been a member of Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting and finance honor society, for the past year and would like to work in the Bay Area for a small CPA firm or local business. During high school, I was interested in trying out entrepreneurship so I set up a booth at some local farmers markets to sell items I had crocheted. It was a lot of hard work and there were many slow days where I didn’t sell much but overall I had fun and it was a unique learning experience. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, cooking, spending time with my friends and family, and playing with my dog Bella.

End of an Era: Finally finishing school My name is Cody Blankenship and this is my last semester at USFSP. I am a Finance major and have been here in St Pete since 2016. I was born and raised in Bradenton Florida, and after graduating in 2008 I started college at Manatee Community College. In 2010 I joined the United States Marine Corps and served from November of 2010 until November of 2014. When I got back I continued my education at MCC which is now State College of Florida. I received my Associates in 2015 and that’s when I transferred to USFSP. I currently work full time as Security at the Vinoy here in Saint Petersburg, and I am excited for my last semester.


The Start of a Journey: A Tale of my life My name is Joseph Prats, this will be graduating at the end of this semester with my management from USFSP. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg and ideally would like to stay in the area after i graduate. My parents and I started our own company in my senior year of high school specializing in home remodeling and single family home rentals. We have been able to grow the company to the point it is now, owning ten rental properties and I would like to continue that work on growing it further on the side while possibly pursuing a career in either project management or consulting work. My story. A memoir of life. Hi my name is Tanner Rice, this year along with most here will be graduating at the end of this semester with my business management degree from USFSP. I was born and raised in Seminole so St. Pete has always been a part of my life in some way. I currently work as the tourism/ marketing coordinator at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where I help bring in revenue and spread the good word of our amazing facility. After I finish my degree I will be looking for a job in project management to start my career off. In my free time I enjoy to dive, spearfish, fish, workout, play soccer, and baseball. Look forward to a semester with all of you! From Dog Owner to Accountant: The Ballad of Brian Bell My name is Brian Bell and I am a senior here at USFSP studying Accounting. My college experience has not been “conventional” and it has taken me a very long time to get to where I am now. This is my last semester and I am very excited to finally attain my degree and move on to the next chapter of my life. I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Clearwater when I was 20. I work fulltime as an Uber driver and part-time as a dealer for a casino party company. I enjoy being outdoors and I like my dogs more than most people. My chocolate lab, Zoey, is almost 6 years old and my Shepherd mix, Zeke, turned 5 this week. I got both pups when they were 7 weeks old and they’re awesome! I’m an avid golfer and disc golfer in my free time, when I get it. I am looking forward to this semester and finishing my college career, for now… I will eventually go back to school and take classes to get my Master’s degree but that is not a priority at this time. See you in class and let’s make it great!



Demographic Data ❖ According to information gathered by charitable giving has been on a steady rise in the past years throughout the U.S. ❖ With 19% of all donations going towards education, and 71% of these contributions coming from individuals. ❖ 72% of all funds gathered by non-profits and charities are gathered through “fees charged”


❖ Based on the data collected there is a potential of $9,310,000 per year given to educational charitable foundations from the St. Petersburg area

❖ St. Petersburg ranks in the top 50 cities in the country in charitable donations. ❖ With an average of 3.2% of income given to charity which transfers to $5,965 averaged out. ❖ Given the population this gives a potential of $49 million in giving opportunity per year. ❖ According to the census bureau the Tampa Bay area had the 4th largest population gain in the nation at around 58,000 people last year, and Orlando had nearly 47,000 last year. That’s over 100,000 new residence within a 2 hour radius of our target area.

❖ With the latest data from the US Census St. Petersburg population averages 16.8% over the age of 65, and 29.8% falling between the working ages of 45 and 64. ❖ As well as 19.8% of the population holding a Bachelor's degree of better.

Target Demographics ❖ According to several studies the average amount given to charity and nonprofits increases with age, with a substantial jump at 75+. ❖ Given this information we believe there should be two focus. Working well educated individuals between the ages of 41 and 64. As well as retirees above the age of 64.


❖ We also believe that targeting a younger demographic with a low cost monthly membership fee for the age group of 18 and 29 could prove fruitful through an online video service, given 21% of video viewership online is for intellectual content.

Marketing and Communication ❖ One of the primary sources of communication among these demographics is Facebook with an average user base of between 81% and 67% among older individuals. ❖ There is also a high user rate for YouTube among the different demographics, although a lower turn out for 60+ individuals. ❖ In addition roughly 61% of younger individuals are moving towards solely streaming video online. This opens up the possibility of a low tier, low cost membership for online OPEN videos in addition to sizzlers, similar to the Nantucket Projects Neighborhood membership.


Educational Trends


â?– Micro learning: aims at those who have

limited time and don't want formal coursework. Can range anywhere from a few seconds to 15 to 20 minutes. â?– DIY/ Self-Directed Learning: creating an

environment where the learner has many exciting options to choose from.

5 - Forces Model of Competition The five forces model of competition is used to analyze the mail competitive pressures on a company. According to the framework, these five forces are: 1.) Competition from rival sellers, 2.) Competition from potential new entrants to the industry, 3.) Competition from producers of substitute products, 4.) Supplier bargaining power, and 5.) Customer bargaining power. The five forces model can be used to determine, depending on the strength of each pressure, whether profitability can be easily achieved within the industry.

S.W.O.T Analysis 12

The S.W.O.T Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face. Strengths ❖ Hands on and interactive nature of its events ❖ Speakers that are leaders in their field ❖ Creating ties in local area. Weakness ❖ Uniqueness ❖ Sustainable income ❖ Sponsorships ❖ Brand awareness Opportunities ❖ Expand awareness ❖ Create something new and interesting ❖ Create community involvement 13

Threats ❖ Competitors ❖ USF lecture series ❖ The Ringling ❖ Online lecture series ❖ Cash flow

OPEN’s Competitive Advantage ❖ One of the most substantial competitive advantages for OPEN would be the hands on and interactive nature of its events. ❖ Creating roots in the St. Petersburg area as it is continuing to grow and become a hotspot for tourism and new residents while creating a very community minded environment for its members. ❖ OPEN brings in speakers that are leaders in their field on hot topics of the day, with sometimes controversial topics in order to give their members a more wellrounded view of the world.

 Our aim for OPEN is to help create and environment through the membership programs to highlight their current inherent advantages by offering different advantages and benefits that not only add value to OPEN but the community as well. Our goal is to reach out of surrounding museum, community events, and local businesses to help create a more community minded and rounded environment.


Business Model Canvas



Trey      

22 years old Avid social media user Subscribes to Netflix and/or Hulu Current college student Works part time local grocery store K e e p s up to date on current social and political stories

 Lives and active healthy lifestyle


Bob Hofferman  Older working professional       

50 years old Married 2 kids in college Wants to keep busy He has a MBA Manager at a Local bank Interested in new ideas and shaping the future


Janet Perry          

Retire 65 years old Wants to be involved in community Gives charitably Grandkids, wants world to be a better place Retired teacher Active lifestyle Bachelor's degree High income (rich husband) USF Alumni


Membership Model Online video monthly subscription $10 per month ● ● ● ●

Online access to recorded lectures Links to YouTube sizzlers Thought provoking videos First come first serve basis for seating (10% of

seats) ● This would be an ideal option for Trey who is looking for more educational stimulus, yet does not have the ability to pay for a full time membership .


Silver Membership Model $500 per year ● Reserved seating ● Complimentary parking pass for each program ● Complimentary shuttle service to and from USF campus to the venue ● Guaranteed seat rsvp ● Copy of speaker book delivered in advance of lecture, if applicable ● This would be a good option for Trey in a couple of years so when he is done with school and earning a good income he can increase his involvement with OPEN and also increase his donation. Additional Engagement & community opportunities ●

Access to OPEN newsletter with up-to-date information on local community and educational museum events.

Gold Membership Model $1500 per year Receive the benefits above plus: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Access to member-only lounge before program Brief meet and greet with the speaker Opportunity to have your book signed live by the speaker Complimentary valet parking services Reserved closer seating. This would be a great option for our persona Bob who is looking to be more involved in the community while gaining access to great lectures, talks, and more.

Additional Engagement & community opportunities ●

Discounted ticket prices for many of the local participating museums in the area


Members are also granted access to exclusive OPEN tour events, visiting different significant locations and parks in the area with educated guide to walk you through and discuss its significance.

Platinum membership level $5000 per year ● Private car transportation from your home to and from the event venue ● Invitation to the intimate pre-lecture cocktail party ● Private reception with guest speaker and learning society members following each lecture with the opportunity for photograph with speaker ● Front couple rows seating ● VIP dinners with top executives of OPEN ● Janet would be the most interested in this option with her increased free time and free capital Janet is able to be the most involved in the community and help the community and OPEN together. Additional Engagement & community opportunities


Bundled memberships with several local participating museums, including The Dali, The Museum of Fine Arts, The St. Petersburg Museum of History, St. Petersburg Image Museum, and the Museum of American Arts and Crafts Movement granting free access year-round. Members are also granted access to exclusive OPEN tour events, visiting different significant locations and parks in the area with educated guide to walk you through and discuss its significance.

Roll-Out Timeline 18 Month Roll Out Plan With Projected 2 Year Breakeven Point: ❖ 3 Months:

➢ Focus on physical and spoken advertising on college campuses as well as social media advancement. Employ or appoint someone in house to focus on social media advancement to grow a follower base. ➢ Primarily online memberships and brand awareness gains during this period. Begin a 10% discount for silver and gold tier members for the first 6 months. ■ Membership Goals ■ 10-40 Online Members ■ 10-20 Silver Members ■ 1-2 Gold Members ● Projected Revenue Goal: $10,800

❖ 6 Months:

➢ Focus on surrounding museums and community events to continue to spread awareness about OPEN and work on partnerships and bundling memberships with local museums offer initial membership deals to draw more program interest. ➢ Work on gathering more silver and gold memberships through membership bundling and limited time specials, such as a 10% discount for the 6 months.


■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Membership Goals 30-90 Online Members 20-50 Silver Members 4-9 Gold Members 1-2 Platinum Members ● Projected Revenue Goal: $31,700

❖ 9 Months:

➢ Secure Museum and surrounding community partnerships and membership bundling. Further spread social media presence and linking profiles through participating partners in order to expand viewership to media sites. ➢ Broadening the scope of higher end memberships as people begin to see the available values and benefits. ■ Membership Goals ■ 70-110 Online Members ■ 30-70 Silver Members ■ 7-20 Gold Members ■ 3-5 Platinum Members ● Projected Revenue Goal: $75,300

❖ Year 1:

➢ Further reinforce community presence and word of mouth advertising as OPEN becomes a more established and well-known name in the community. This could be accomplished by not only holding OPEN events but advertising OPEN at other community and museum events through any participating partners. ■ Membership Goals ■ 80-150 Online Members ■ 50-100 Silver Members ■ 20-40 Gold Members ■ 5-10 Platinum Members ● Projected Revenue Goal: $131,000

❖ 18 Months:

➢ Begin to draw in highly acclaimed speakers and leaders in their field with an increased membership base and higher revenue availability. ■ Membership Goals ■ 120-250 Online Members ■ 80-130 Silver Members ■ 30-50 Gold Members ■ 7-15 Platinum Members ● Projected Revenue Goal: $181,100

❖ Year 2:

➢ Achieve a substantial social media presence and community awareness while continuing to strive to community progression and begin to become a local household name. ■ Membership Goals ■ 225-350 Online Members ■ 120-250 Silver Members ■ 50-80 Gold Members ■ 12-25 Platinum Members 23

Projected Revenue Goal: $306,100

Team Member Reflections Joseph Prats: There are many aspects of this project that helped me learn about strategic planning and critical thinking. It required thinking outside the box in order to draw out the best possible scenario for our client, OPEN. By doing in depth research into several competitors both local and nationally, our group became well versed in self learning and different lecture series around the country. Once we had taken a look at the competitors and learning from their success and their failures it helped us in generating a more shored up strategic plan for our own recommendations. Further diving into the research looking into local demographics and what they could sustain we were further reinforce our strategies for the tiered membership program. One of the things that was very prominent in this program and my best advice for future students would be in doing the research figure out what the competitors are doing and what they are not doing, find a way to differentiate yourself from your competition, find that competitive advantage. Once that is found, figure out a way to mold it to the demands of your client in order to put out the best possible solution.

Cody Blankenship: This project was unlike any other I have had throughout my college career. I believe it was a very good experience, and a good practice, for an actual real life experience to be used in the future. I liked how it wasn’t just like every other class I’ve had over these past years and how it challenged us to work together and to think critically in order to help our client. Through this, we had to do a lot of research of not only the company we were working for, OPEN, but also many companies that were considered direct or indirect competitors, the area that OPEN is trying to operate in, and so on. This research broadened my knowledge of this particular field and required a lot of research into different types of lecture series’ and similar programs. With our particular group, I really think we hit the nail on the head when it comes to our chosen competitors. With the research we did, we thought that we could turn some of the “competitors”


into possible partnerships with OPEN, and I really think that good research into these competitors assisted us in that conclusion. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this class and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to get this experience.

Tanner Rice: This project and this class has been a great experience, like the last class I took with you a few semesters ago. What I enjoyed more than the last class i took was that we had a real client and are solving a real problem. This made us get more involved because we knew our opinion actually mattered, so this made us try as hard as possible to come up with something that we know and could help out a lot. Instead of what i am normally doing, we had to team up and create something as a group which was challenging, but rewarding. Working in a group we were able to build off each other’s ideas and come up with things I would have never even thought of on my own. This is why I feel this class is beneficial to a college student because in the real world you are going to be working with a group and will be able to use each other's ideas. My advice for future students is to focus on meeting with your group as much as you can. If you don't your project, research and presentation will lack because of this time missing meeting with your group. Overall I am glad I got matched up with the group that I have and believe we presented the best presentation that we could.

Jessica Means: This project was unique when compared to my other college assignments and turned out to be beneficial learning experience. Working with a client as their consulting group was an interesting task. As a group, we did research and shared our findings with one another and thought critically to find a design for the membership model. We were able to build on our group members’ ideas and shape them into something better than one person could have come up with on their own. After this semester, I feel like I can communicate better in a group setting and I’ve practiced actively listening as well as speaking up for my ideas. At the beginning of the semester when we presented our research findings I was very nervous to get up and speak, but when we did the midterm presentation I was more comfortable. Public speaking is still not my favorite thing but the practice was beneficial and I can tell there has been an improvement. My advice for future students is to really focus on time management with the milestones and finding


a reliable form of group communication to ensure everyone is on the same page about what needs to be accomplished. Overall I think this project was a good challenge and has helped push me to think outside the box.

Brian Bell: Strategic Management and Decision Making stands on its own when compared to the rest of the classes I have taken for my Bachelor’s degree. It was unique and challenged me in ways other classes couldn’t. The term-long project as a consulting group for OPEN was challenging, influential, and informative. We had to effectively research demographics of the targeted area and clientele, the direct competitors, and indirect competitors of OPEN. This project also required a good amount of critical thinking and strategic business planning. The most challenging aspect of the course, in my opinion, was the amount of public speaking that was required. I am not a strong public speaker, but after multiple presentations I feel that my skills are improving and I have gained more confidence. Working in groups of five students was rewarding as well. The amount of time, study, and preparation that went into this project would be extremely overwhelming for an individual. In the workplace, you need to be a team player and be able to effectively communicate and delegate work among team members. Working with a group for the entire semester was a valuable experience. Overall, I am pleased with the way this semester has panned out. The project was good practice for the real world and I’m very happy with the way the instructional material was presented.


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Open booklet final draft  

Open Partnership Education Network Membership Model Prof. Diasio

Open booklet final draft  

Open Partnership Education Network Membership Model Prof. Diasio