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Creating Groups in Google Used a distribution list for e-mail and for sharing Google Docs 1.

Log in to your Google Apps account. From the upper-left hand corner Choose more>Groups

2. Click the Create New Group button then choose a name and e-mail address for your groups

Choose a group name that is descriptive yet simple This will be your group’s e-mail address

Choose the RESTRICTED access level

Click Create my Group


The next screen is where you will add members to your group a. Click Add Members Directly b. Enter the e-mail addresses of your students. Separate each by a comma. c. Choose No Email – Web Participation Only (So that you won’t get an email for every action occurring within the group d. Optional: You can choose to send an email to each member of the group notifying them that they have been added to the group and compose a welcome message. This is not necessary, however. Make sure your have selected ADD MEMBERS DIRECTLY

Enter student email addresses separated by a comma. The easiest way is to have your students come up and add their own email address when you get to this point.

Select No email – Web Participation Only

Click the Add Members button

You have now created your own group!

How to Create Google Groups  

How to Create Google Groups

How to Create Google Groups  

How to Create Google Groups