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Buying Gaming Currencies Securely When Gaming especially in the MultiPlayer realm, buying and selling of in Game Currencies online is an inevitable stage that every gamer reaches. Now, a market like this that isn’t listed, regulated or even real, but is still ostensibly linked to virtual and real currencies, can be risky. Converting real money to in game marketplace currency can be a risky proposition for most people, and this fear isn’t baseless. Which is why several online gaming currency portals now try to assure prospective customers through different regulations, safety measures and security precautions that aim at warding off the risks of purchasing in-game currencies online.

How do they do this? Through a myriad of ways. One could be to apply several state of the art systems that have been designed and developed with anti-fraud in mind. These have been carefully and artfully studied over time over the process of such companies that deal with and unscramble fraud matrixes. With the employment of user velocity and verification procedures that measure consistency , these companies are now equipped to almost forecast if not correctly recognize the potency of fraud that is capable of taking place within a single trade chain. One such example is GamerProtect that ascertains a sense of assuredness with its promise of security and integrity in all transactions. Buyer protection is a series of multiple stages of processes that ensure every transaction proceeds smoothly, with the buyer being indemnified at all times. Featuring SSL protection and a multiplicity of payment processors to choose from, this platform is both secure as well as safe. Additionally, to help the buyer along the process, it also features customer support services, and the bit about indemnifying the customer? A money back guarantee. So purchasing in-game currency in virtual goods marketplace has never been an easier and hassle- free proposition. How does this work? Firstly, what the customer sees is what the customer gets. The description of the items to be purchased are to be strongly adhered to by the seller. Discrepancies between items purchased and received will not be tolerated and will be looked into most stringently. In the event of a seller being unable to fulfill an order, the refund policy shall come into effect.

Transactions are monitored by a highly alert team of experienced traders. There is no downtime, considering the real time availability of sellers allowing potential customers to chat with them and clarify all aspects of the transactions in a manner

that leaves them assured. This delivers the entire purchase experience in a very secured environment. Ratings are a very transparent way of assuring potential buyers about the credibility of the sellers they are considering dealing with. When these ratings are 100% transparent, it leaves little room for guesswork and discomfort that online transactions usually bring about. With a feedback system in place, gauging a sellers reputation is easy and lends the entire system an air of trustworthiness whilst also serving as a policing force in the behavior of sellers. This has a dual effect. So purchasing in-game currencies is literally as easy as a 3 step process.

Buying gaming currencies securely  
Buying gaming currencies securely  

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