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August 22 2013 90째 40% of rain Barranquilla, Atlantico (KCP)

Horoscope: There will agree with your partner in relation to money matters. At the same time reach a successful conclusion. Then pass a good time

Sports : New members in the MD school soccer team. Alejandro Martinez, Pio Davila etc

News: New food in the food court. More healthy things 0 coke.

Gossip: They say that one of the Personero candidates is going to change the dress code.

Music: New drums teacher and guitar. New members in the band.

Personero is the person which is elected to represent the school. They get to organize things and go to other schools. They get to suggest things to the school. Also make some decisions. It needs to be a Senior. Usually the biggest in school. Today in KCP students will get the chance to vote for the Personero. There are 2 candidates Jose Puccini and Danielle Juliao. Few days ago they got the chance to say their speeches. All the school heard about it. In Advisory every student will vote. It is a girl and a boy battle of sexes. Danielle was absent in the day of the speech and another girl told the speech substituting her. Danielle said that she practically wanted to change all the new rules and things in school. Jose had a different perspective. He wants to be a friend and do

Danielle wants to change the food in the food court. Also the dress code. Jose wants to help and do what's better for the school. KCP will vote in advisory. They have the lasts words. Who will it be ? Jose or Danielle? Both of them are seniors and friends. But in this case friendship is not counting. Here in Town Talk we will let you know who will be the KCP PERSONERO 2013 ~ 2014.

1. Did you won ? No I lost with Alejandro Char 63 63 2. How did you feel ? Bad I played bad like a girl. 3. Which round was it ? 3 round. 4. Who was your double's partner ? Him Alejandro. 5. Were you angry at him ? NO 6. Were you feeling well in your backhand ? Yes better than in other tournaments. 7. Did you won in double’s ? No jaja 8. So did you like the tournament ? NO 9. When was the tournament ? August 17 10. Sorry for you. Jaja thanks

Right now one of the most addicting games is Dots. This game is really stupid and addictive. It consists in connecting the most dots you can of a color in 60 seconds. To get the most points you need to do squares and rectangles. Also big squares and big rectangles. Then you can submit your high score. Then try to beat other scores online. There are 5 colors. Yellow, green, blue, purple and red. This game is played by people of all ages. Parents and kids play them. With the number of dots you buy powers. Powers which help you freeze or disable a color. Also disable one dot. Many people pay real money for this game. They pay for sid=4gjveqknv53sgn1207932

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