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TRENDWATCH 6. Rustic Three-Bay Candle

This quality, vintage-inspired wood mold is filled with scented sustainable soy wax. Simply wash clean and reuse for planting succulents or use in the office for paper clips and tacks. This candle is versatile and fits many styles from modern to Boho.

Star Hollow Candle Co. sales@ 507-837-3850

7. Royal Extract Honeycomb Candle

Hand-poured to perfection and fragranced with Royal Extract, this candle is the delight of every Queen Bee. The royal extract delivers a sweet blend of golden honey and royal jelly. This candle smells like creamy milk, sweet golden honey, and apple blossoms all resting on a bed of precious woods.


Lady Primrose Products 214-747-7673

8. Relaxing Everyday Collection Candles

Made with ethically sourced materials and designed and packaged locally. Relax and enjoy scents like Moss & Lichen, Moroccan Rose, Lavender, Cashmere, and Belgian Linen.


Linnea’s Lights info@ 214-747-7673



9. Glowing Reserve Light Candles

Each candle in this collection is thoughtfully blended to tell a story and is reminiscent of favorite places, memories, and people. Light one of these candles to take a trip back through your memories. Features the scents of Fjord, Orchard, Palo Santo, White Sage, and Earl Grey.

Linnea’s Lights info@ 214-747-7673

10. Twilight Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Runs for up to four hours continuously or eight hours intermittently. Features a timer for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Simply add water and a favorite essential oil, then turn it on to let its gentle mist and seven rotating LED lights rejuvenate.

Serene House 856-673-4117

11. Pine and Berries Florals


14  Smart Retailer AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2019


This collection comes with a pick, ring, and wreath. The wreath is shown wrapped around a 4" w. x 5" h. candle pillar. Candle sold separately.

The Country House Collection wholesale@ 800-492-1784

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Smart Retailer August/September 2019  

Smart Retailer August/September 2019