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Why Bruntwood?

Whether you need a single desk for a day or a whole building for 25 years, we have the right property solution to suit your business. We are a family-owned and run property company that develops, lets and manages a portfolio of over 100 properties across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, providing office space, serviced and virtual offices, meeting rooms and retail premises to over 2,000 companies across a range of different business sectors. We believe that our success is dependent on your success, so we do everything we can to provide you with the right environment for your business to flourish. You don’t have to worry about your property because we manage it for you, letting you get on with the business of running your business. Here’s just a few reasons why you should talk to our in-house sales team before choosing your next office...

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1. A great choice of product

You can choose from our extensive portfolio of buildings across Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds, all located in prime business destinations.

Whatever your preferred style, size or budget preference, we’ll have a property to suit your business’s needs Find the right space for your business’s success. Turn over for more...

A great choice of product

With over 35 years’ experience in developing, letting and managing our own properties, we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a good office location and only buy and develop buildings that have the right facilities and amenities to support your business growth. You can take advantage of the the wider choice offered by the breadth of our portfolio in key regional city locations, and for customers with multi-city requirements, you can save time and money by only having to deal with one property provider across multiple markets.

Spoilt for choice

The right places for business

The right places for people

From architecturally-important, listed buildings and characterful refurbished properties to hi-tech office centres and business destinations in the countryside, we have a property to suit the individuality of your business.

The majority of our buildings occupy key locations in the central business districts of major regional cities, so you can be sure of being in exactly the right spot for your customers and suppliers alike.

We buy buildings in prime business locations that we know are popular with our customers and their staff. Many of our properties are located close to key transport hubs and to a wide range of amenities, making talent recruitment and retention easier.


Call: 0800 731 0300

2. Unrivalled flexibility

It’s difficult to predict what the future holds and how your needs may change over time. That’s why we offer flexible lease terms that allow you to expand as you grow or to move

within our portfolio to suit your needs. We’re always here to help you drive better value out of your premises. No need to worry about being tied down. Turn over for more...

Unrivalled flexibility

We take the same view with our customers as we do with our buildings – we’re in the relationship for the long term. Your lease is with Bruntwood and, as our customer, we make it as easy as we can for you to move within our portfolio if your needs change. Unlike other landlords, we actively retain an amount of vacant space and we can help you to find more suitable premises without you having to start again with a new lease, so you never need to feel tied down.

Room to grow

Together through tough times

Space in a hurry

If you need to expand into bigger offices or change to a new location we’re more than happy to extend your space or move you to other premises within our portfolio with a simple rework of your existing lease.

It’s in tough times that good relationships with your property partner really matter. We can help you in planning how to make your property work better for you, maximising outputs and minimising costs.

You may have a short-term project to deliver, or want to try out a bit of additional space with as little risk as possible. This is where our serviced offices, available to rent from as little as one month, can give you the flexibility you need.


Call: 0800 731 0300

3. Value for money

Whatever your budget and space requirement, you will find a property at the right quality and the right price to suit your business within our portfolio. By operating and managing all

our buildings ourselves, you’ll find that we deliver better standards at more cost-effective rates than our competitors. Take advantage of long-term value for money. Turn over for more...

Value for money

One of the most important factors in choosing the right location for your business is having a clear understanding of the costs involved. And it’s not just the headline rent figure that you need to consider. Service charge, utility bills, moving and fit-out costs – all these factors need to be taken into account when making your choice. By selecting a Bruntwood building, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best possible value for money.

Options to suit all pockets

More cost-effective

Added value

From statement, Grade A office space in new landmark buildings to affordable, flexible space for start-up and SMEs, we’ve got a range of office products to suit all tastes and all budgets. Whatever your cost criteria, we guarantee we’ll have premises at the right quality and price for your business.

Managing our properties ourselves means that we have the scale of operation to deliver better standards of building management at more cost effective rates than our competitors. The size of our operation also means that we can procure goods and utilities much more cost-effectively and pass that saving directly on to you.

Changing offices brings extra stress that takes your focus away from the day-to-day running of your business. Our expertise can help you with many aspects of your office move, from working up a range of spaceplanning options for your new office to getting you discounted rates with our recommended building contractors.


Call: 0800 731 0300

4. Peace of mind

You need the confidence of knowing that your premises is being looked after, with a quick and effective response to any problems that arise. With over 35 years experience of

managing our buildings, our dedicated customer service and facilities management teams keep disruptions to a minimum. Less disruption makes a more productive workplace. Turn over for more...

Peace of mind

We understand that your business is your number one priority, so we do everything we can to take away any hassle and let you get on with the business of running your business. Operating and maintaining our buildings to a consistently high standard means that we always create the right impression for you, as well as keeping everything running smoothly and minimising any disruption.

A dedicated team

In-house expertise

No nasty surprises

Every building operates with its own customer service team led by a General Manager, many of whom are recruited from the hospitality sector to make sure we deliver a premium level of service. Whether it’s a query about the airconditioning or arranging a delivery, just one call to your customer service team and we’re on the case.

We handle the bulk of our facilities management ourselves, so we have inhouse teams to deal speedily with any issues that arise. With over 35 years in the property business, we’ve amassed a wealth of expertise in making sure that our buildings don’t just look good, but also consistently adhere to a defined set of high operational standards.

Our ongoing programme of planned preventative maintenance keeps everything running smoothly, whilst minimising downtime. This is all factored into your ongoing service charge payments, so that we can keep your building operating at its optimum standard without surprising you with unexpected additional costs.


Call: 0800 731 0300

5. Green initiatives

Your premises accounts for a large proportion of your business’s carbon footprint. From the way we procure goods and dispose of waste to improving energy efficiency and

encouraging public transport use, we’re working with our customers to help us all to be greener. There are tangible benefits to being greener. Turn over for more...

Green initiatives

As a company with a large property portfolio, we take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to the environment and the impact we have on it. We are working at the leading edge of initiatives within the property industry to devise the best ways of both developing and operating buildings to minimise their environmental impact. But, as 98% of our direct carbon impact comes from our customers’ energy use, helping you to be greener is key to reducing our own environmental footprint too.

Reducing energy use We are working to find new and innovative ways of improving the thermal performance of our buildings and minimise their energy consumption. As well as supplying electricity from 90% renewable sources, all our individual office suites have smart meters installed so that you can monitor and manage your own energy use. Visit:

Recycling and waste management

Encouraging sustainable transport use

We operate central, segregated recycling schemes across all our properties and our individual building teams produce recycling reports so that we can monitor progress towards our target of recycling 80% of generated waste by 2014.

The transport choices of the 45,000+ occupants of our buildings have a major environmental impact. We deliberately select our properties to be close to public transport hubs, and we are also embarking on a programme of creating cycle storage and changing facilities in selected buildings across our portfolio. Call: 0800 731 0300

6. Good people to do business with

People do business with people they like. Like you, we understand that good relationships are the foundation of a good business, so we recruit our people based on their

attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the very best for our customers. We’re your property partner, not your landlord. Turn over for more...

Good people to do business with

At Bruntwood, we don’t see ourselves as a landlord, rather as your property partner. We’re here to make sure your choice of premises adds the best possible benefit to the way your business works. From the attentiveness of our front of house teams and the responsiveness of our maintenance staff to our commitment to keeping you informed every step of the way, our aim is to be a trusted partner that you can depend upon.

A long-term partner

Good relationships

Sound values

Our commitment to getting things right is just one reason why we achieve customer retention figures that are more than twice the national average. Many of our customers move within our portfolio as their needs change rather than go elsewhere because they recognise the added benefits that being a Bruntwood customer brings.

Good relationships are the basis of our business and we invest time and effort into making them work well. Because we don’t outsource the operation of our buildings it means that our customers always engage directly with Bruntwood people, from the person who greets them at reception, to the team member who collects their recycling.

Bruntwood people play a fundamental role in delivering our brand promise, behaving according to the strong set of values we live by as a company. We recruit, train and nurture our people to embody these values, because we know that treating people with integrity and respect is one of the cornerstones of our way of doing business.


Call: 0800 731 0300

Why Choose Bruntwood?  

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