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2022 Annual Report

2 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

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2022 REPORTS 1. Letter from Session ....................................................................................................... 4 2. Business of the Congregation –KathleenHarris,ClerkofSession a. Membership Report 6 b. Approval of Congregational Meeting Minutes starting on page 40 3. Ministry Reports a. Session Committee Reports i. Adult Discipleship – BillBillard 7 ii. Buildings & Grounds – JoeGilleland......................................................... 8 iii. Children’s Ministry – SharonZinser........................................................ 10 iv. Family & Student Ministries–VickyParker............................................ 11 v. Fellowship –PatChristopherson.............................................................. 12 vi. Music & Arts – MelissaMasles................................................................ 14 vii.Leadership (Nominating) – MarciaFishman……………………………16 viii. Outreach –TonyaJones.......................................................................... 17 ix. Personnel – JohnThurston........................................................................ 18 x. Worship – EdNichols............................................................................... 19 b. Deacons Report – BarbaraConti.......................................................................... 20 c. Missions Committee Report –MarkGeorge........................................................ 24 i. Mission Expenditures................................................................................ 29 d. Scholarship Report – LaurannCook 30 4. Year End Financial Reports/2022 Operating Budget –OranBrown 31 a. Combined Balance Sheet - Modified Cash Basis 34 b. Summary of Dedicated Accounts 35 c. Analysis of Receipts, Expenses & Budgets 36 d. Pastors’ Terms of Call 37 5. DHPC Foundation – EddieSmith............................................................................... 38 6. Charles B. Jennings Memorial Garden – RuthDeMoss............................................. 39 7. Congregational Meeting Minutes a. Congregational Meeting -January30,2022.......................................................... 40 b. Annual Congregational Meeting -February22,2022........................................... 42 c. Congregational Meeting -April24,2022.............................................................. 46 d. Congregational Meeting -May15,2022............................................................... 47 Disclaimer: All enclosed reports are current as of printing date, February 9, 2023 Special thanks to Shelly Core for assembling and formatting the 2022 Annual Report. Thank you to the following proofreaders: Cindy Leek, Laura Justus, Jim and Marilyn Strohan, and Amy Woods.

Letter from Session

Dear Desert Hills Family,

As we begin an exciting new year with a full slate of existing and new ministry possibilities for Desert Hills, we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to reflect upon God’s faithfulness to our church family in the extraordinary year now behind us. And if we had to capture 2022 in a succinct phrase, it would be “dream bigger.” For while we as your Session thought the ministry and operational plans we had for the year were ambitious, the Lord seemed to show us why He is the God of “immeasurably mores.” The breadth and scope of ministry that took place at the church was beyond our wildest expectations. Here are just a few of the areas where God took our ideas and challenged us to dream bigger:

The Lord brought a “new song” to our campus: What began as a dream for one of our families to offer world-class instruction in piano, guitar, and other instruments to our community as a means of evangelistic outreach has now become a reality in the formation of the Desert Hills Community School of Music. With inaugural classes kicking off in 2022, the school’s conservatory and community divisions, both under the leadership of Heather Baldwin as Director of Administration, are already expanding in both students and instrumental offerings.

The Lord “stretched” us with healthier lifestyle habits: What began in 2021 with a few offerings of BrainSavers to meet an identified need in our community and to provide an intentional evangelistic outreach to the community, exploded into a full slate of health and wellness offerings in 2022 under the confident and energetic leadership of Kara Thomas. This past year brought stretching classes, fun dance/exercise classes, healthy cooking and eating classes, and even a full-fledged luncheon and fashion show.

The Lord added faces to the “family album”: With the addition of 36 new members in 2022, church membership climbed over 500 for the first time in several years. More importantly however, many of these new members have faithfully connected to “DHPC life” in a deeper capacity through the discipleship, fellowship, and service ministries of our church and have even provided a healthy infusion of volunteers where they were needed most. Somewhat related was the critical need for more staff resourcing to adequately handle the increase in ministry offerings and to support envisioned growth in key areas like technology usage and children’s ministries. To that end, the Lord blessed our congregation greatly in 2022 with the addition of five gifted staff members: Brittany Crawford (Office Manager), Kara Thomas (Director of Operations), Bill Williamsen (A/V and Technology Manager), Heather Baldwin (Music School Director of Administration), and Helen Varga (Children’s Ministry Coordinator) as well as three interns working with our children and youth ministries.

The Lord opened the “floodgates” of financial blessing: One of the ways which the Lord demonstrated His faithfulness to us over this past year was in the area of generosity. The operating budget for the year was ambitious, but the Lord provided the means and “the increase” through the generosity of a giving congregation who gave “above and beyond.” Good stewardship combined with faithful giving enabled the church to finish the year financially healthy and “in the black” with $150,463 excess over expenses. In addition, a handful of extremely generous and directed gifts enabled the church to significantly expand ministry offerings, update and maintain campus infrastructure, and financially support more local and global missions. The first grants from the DHPC Foundation provided a healthy infusion of funds that enabled some A/V improvements as well as two very creative outreach opportunities to the community in our July 4th “Faith and Fuel” event and our October Legacy Grandparenting Summit.

4 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Letter from Session

The Lord filled out the “Playbill” at the Rocks: Working with the momentum created by the restart after the pandemic in 2021, our Arts at the Rocks committee designed and coordinated another fabulous artistic series offering in 2022. And it was the Lord who then blessed their efforts by providing steady growth in the number of community members who attended each event. Our commitment to the Arts and the offerings we have created continue to provide fabulous opportunities for drawing people to our campus in the hopes that they might be encouraged to connect with our congregation through other ministries we offer as we strive to point more people to Christ and help them to grow in the Christian faith.

The Lord provided a campus “face lift”: Inside and out, 2022 brought big and beautiful changes to our campus. Those driving by or entering our campus now see freshly painted buildings, sealed and lined parking, freshly sealed Sanctuary roof, new lot lighting, an expanded memorial garden, and of course, solar-covered parking! Those who enter our buildings may now enjoy freshly painted office hallways, a new elevator, improved audio/visual technology in the sanctuary and fellowship center (now with the capability of streaming) as well as on the patio, and a flexible stage system and backdrop that will accentuate our Drama, Arts, Discipleship, and Family Ministry offerings in the Fellowship Center. The Fellowship Center elevator vestibule project that commenced in 2022, was hamstrung by sub-contractor availability and long material lead times, but will continue in 2023.

The Lord brought “young faces” to our family ministry spaces: The children, youth, and family ministries were abuzz in 2022 Our children’s ministry began to see some consistent attendees at our morning meetings in the Clubhouse and Studio 15. The campus was hopping with activities for young families on Easter day, and the Fellowship Center’s halls were decked at our second annual Christmas Jingle Jam. Our teens had an equally busy year with the kickoff of our Wednesday night youth group, weekly small groups led by our amazing interns, second Saturday events at Leupp, and exciting Winter and Summer camps at Forest Home (CA) featuring an increasing number of DHPC and Leupp students. Summer camp even featured one of our own students responding to God’s effectual call upon her life! Yet not all the excitement in our family ministries was obvious to all, for much was being accomplished behind the scenes. Much prayer, research, design work, recruiting, and resource allocation led to two exciting Family Worship Nights at year’s end which will in turn serve as a springboard for a new Family Worship Service that will commence in our Fellowship Center in 2023.

Indeed, as we consider all the new ministries and blessings, we as a church family and many from our surrounding community enjoyed in 2022, it is easy to see God’s faithfulness in and indelible fingerprint upon it all. God not only helped us to recognize our goals and objectives as your Session leadership, but He provided the undeniable increase and proved to us that it is okay to “dream big” when He is in it. And so, as we look forward to 2023 and consider how our God will use us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to carry out the work of advancing His Kingdom, let us be certain of this: God is on the move at DHPC and is only getting started. We will share more about this at the Annual meeting, but let us resolve to always walk stride for stride with Him as we seek to see more people, more like Christ!

Celebrating our faithful God and forever grateful for His goodness and call to us to dream big,

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 5
The Session of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church
6 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Adult Discipleship

Elder: Bill Billard

Staff Liaison: Pastor Brett Everett

Members: Shelly Core, Lew Dymond, Cathy Hoxie, Dave Hulbert, Amy Woods


The mission of the Adult Discipleship Committee is to help adults of all ages to better understand the word of God, follow Christ’s teachings and serve as effective witnesses for Christ in thought, word and deed. Through programs and activities, we hope to build up disciples of Jesus Christ who are able to share the good news of the Gospel with a hurting world.

2022 GOALS

Take a leadership role in developing steps in a church-wide discipleship strategy, leading believers from basic foundational classes through Discipleship and Leadership Training. This must be consistent with the Goals of the Strategic Marketing Plan.

Increase the number of people who have completed or are completing Discipleship Micro-Group training to 45 by the end of 2022.

Develop - or assist in developing - at least three “Porches/Gospel Bridges” that will bring outside people to our campus. Examples include DivorceCare (including for kids), FinancialPeace , andDiscipleshipRocks .

Provide leadership training and resources for Home Group Leaders and potential leaders, consistent with the Strategic Marketing Plan (TBD). Assist in developing new leaders and resources that lead toward the development of additional Home Groups.


Presented theLegacyGrandparenting Summitin October 2022. We hosted a two-day simulcast featuring outstanding teachers including Anne Graham Lott to help grandparents connect with their grandchildren and grow their Christian faith. A follow-up class began in January.

FinancialPeacewas offered in January 2023.

Increased the number of people involved in Discipleship Pathways Of Discipleship (PODs formerly MicroGroups) to 39 by the end of 2022.

Developed the initial course outline for a DHPC/RightNowMediaDiscipleship Certificationprogram. This program will be further developed in 2023.

Greg Ogden’sDiscipleshipEssentials,The Navigators’HighQuestand SmallCircleare approved resources for Discipleship PODs.

The Women’s Ministry held a retreat in May. Their “Women’s Tea” is planned for February 2023.

Purchased and delivered Devotionals to the congregation for both Lent and Advent. Devotionals were also provided to Chaplaincy for the Homeless, Walking Beside and Troop Care Ministries.

Sponsored Faith in Film nights with discussion led by Adam Sonstroem, Professor at AZ Christian University, and Pastor Brett Everett.

2023 GOALS

Use the outline forDHPC/RightNowMedia DiscipleshipCertificationto develop a committee-approved, church-wide discipleship strategy. Prepare and offer classes that are consistent with the topics approved in our DiscipleshipCertificationprogram. Provide resources to facilitate an increase in Household Worship in the homes. Increase the number of people who have completed or are completing Discipleship POD training to 60 by the end of 2023.

Assist in developing at least three “Porches/Gospel Bridges” that will bring outside people to our campus; e.g., DivorceCare , FinancialPeace , andLegacyGrandparentingSummit .

Provide leadership training and resources for Home Group leaders and potential leaders. Assist in developing leaders and resources that facilitate the goal of adding members to Home Groups.

Respectfully submitted, Bill

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 7

Buildings & Grounds

Elder: Joe Gilleland

Staff Liaison: Richard Cook, Director

Committee Members: Oran Brown, Ron Carson, Craig DeMarcus, Paul DeMoss, Ruth DeMoss, Joe Gilleland, John Glenn, Richard Hollinger, Carroll King, John Marr, Tom Masles, Jim Ruud, Chuck Starnes, Linda Steiner, Jim Strohan, Bob Torcolini, Alan Watson, Les Wilkes, Dave Zoetewey

Advisory Members: John Denaro, Hans Thiele, John Williams

All Members and advisory members have been a very big help with written comments or phone calls to the director during the year 2022 and in our meetings.


Through familiarity with DHPC buildings, facilities and grounds, and the use and needs of the Administration and Congregation, the Building and Grounds Committee shall aid and assist the Director of Building and Grounds with all related B&G issues through recommendations, reviews, approvals, and the requests for approval of issues requiring the review and/or approval of the Church Session. Where possible, practical, and safe, the committee members may from time to time assist in the actual maintenance tasks which have been requested or identified. Our membership is open to all that want to serve our God and our Church and wish to share their skills.

2022 GOALS

Continue to replace the remaining fluorescent lighting for our Administration and Sanctuary rooms with more efficient LED lighting.

Continue to update the short- and long-term replacement schedule for major capital equipment items.

Continue the scanning or photographing of B&G paperwork and documents such as paper blueprints, so that we will have electronic documents rather than paper, for easy access, sharing, and reviews.

Oversee painting of Sanctuary/ Administration building exterior.

Review possible expansion of Narthex 3 storage area.

Obtain cost estimates to recoat remaining Administration/Sanctuary roofs not already done.

Review Narthex, N1, N2, N3 ceiling and possible conversion to a drop-ceiling.

Obtain bids to crack-seal all parking problem areas. Accept the best one to complete job.

Obtain bids to restripe parking lots. Accept the best one to complete the job.

Obtain cost estimates to upgrade rear exterior access to Sanctuary/Administration roofs.

Review Tom Darlington marquee lighting for possible upgrading.

Gather options to improve patio stair downlighting.

Meet with AT&T personnel to review options to finish bell tower changes.

Have Desert iNet and Verizon paint and label their equipment on our Sanctuary roof.

Remove all Cricket wiring and cable trays from Sanctuary outside walls and roof areas in preparation for exterior painting.

Complete upgrades to Administration and Fellowship Center burglar systems.


Continued to replace the remaining fluorescent lighting for our Administration and Sanctuary rooms with more efficient LED lighting.

Began retrofit of parking lighting to LED. Updated the short- and long-term replacement schedule for major capital equipment items and started to review replacement of three old A/C units.

Continued scanning or photographing of B&G paperwork and documents such as paper blueprints, so that we will have electronic documents rather than paper, for easy access, sharing, and reviews.

Oversaw the painting of Sanctuary/ Administration building exterior by Ghaster Painting.

8 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Buildings & Grounds

Continued the review of possible expansion of Narthex 3 storage area.

Oversaw the recoat of the remaining Admin/Sanctuary Roofs not already done.

Worked with Weitz on Narthex, N1, N2, N3 ceilings for obtaining quotes to consider the conversions to drop-ceiling.

Had all blacktop parking problem areas crack-sealed.

Had all parking areas restriped.

Used existing ladder pieces to add rear exterior access to Sanctuary/Administration roofs.

Reviewed Tom Darlington marquee lighting for possible upgrading.

Worked with Martino Electric to determine options to improve patio stair downlighting.

Continued to meet with AT&T personnel to review options to finish bell tower changes.

Had Desert iNet and Verizon paint and label their equipment on our Sanctuary roof so it blends in better.

Removed all Cricket wiring and cable trays from Sanctuary outside walls and roof areas and recycled all materials.

Completed review of upgrades to Administration and Fellowship Center burglar systems to determine if any changes are needed.

Oversaw construction of solar-covered parking areas.

Started addition of more columbariums to Memorial Garden.

Started landscape renovation of areas to the north of the Fellowship Center and Sanctuary.

Repainted FC216 stage area in preparation for a Family Worship Service in 2023.

Contracted with Weitz for the addition of an enclosure area to the FC elevator.

Received bids for and replaced FC kitchen A/C unit.

Installed an outside campus-wide solarbased camera security system.

Received bids for a new FC kitchen icemaker and had it installed.

Worked with Tech4Life to upgrade our internet system campus-wide.

Established a Safety/Security team. Memorial Garden group became part of B&G.

2023 GOALS

Review AT&T Cell contract in preparation to request changes regarding the ability of DHPC to request cancellation, if conditions warrant.

Work with Crown Castle to finish changes to our bell tower.

Finish landscape renovation of all areas to the north of the Sanctuary and Fellowship Center.

Look for a landscape architect to suggest changes and develop a master plan for the Memorial Garden and possible addition of possible walking paths on our campus for rest and reflection of God’s beauty.

Evaluate our 12V walkway lighting system. Complete the FC elevator enclosure. Complete the solar system and get it turned on.

Review of campus phone system. Begin billing of Verizon for power usages by their cell equipment.

Replacement of the three oldest and/or the most repaired A/C units. Consider better lighting for our patio in preparation for possible outside evening events.

Respectfully submitted, Joe Gilleland, B&G Elder Richard Cook, B&G Director

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 9

Children’s Ministry

Elder: Sharon Zinser

Staff Liaison: Pastor Jim Noble

Members: Michelle Balestra, Susan Constance, Bonnie Culler, Hannah Everett, Nathaniel Everett, Leslie Fajardo, Laurie Gusho, Lisa Loran, Cyndi Moulton, Helen Varga, Carol Wood, Dave Zoetewey


To help each child discover their God-given potential through Christ-like attitudes, servanthood and discipling.

2022 GOALS

Hire a new Children’s Director.

Develop a Children’s Ministry website. Hold Vacation Bible School in July.

Adapt the Children’s program to go with a new service.

Potentially launch a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program.

Continue to engage with Home Schoolers and Scout programs.


Helen Varga was hired as Children’s Ministry Coordinator in September.

Vacation Bible School was held July 25th –July 29th with 12 children attending.

The Children’s program is ready to hold The Clubhouse and Studio 15 at both the 9am service and the Family Worship service beginning January 22, 2023.

Both the Home Schoolers and Boy Scouts hold meetings at the church and participate/volunteer with events.

An Easter Egg Hunt was held for the children on Sunday, April 17th.

The 2nd annual Jingle Jam was held on December 4th with over 20 children and youth participating.

2023 GOALS

Develop a vision for Children’s Ministry and a plan for executing that vision.

Train and equip members of the Committee to encourage strong leadership and accomplishment of the goals laid out in the vision.

Partner with other DHPC groups such as Music & Arts, Fitness at the Rocks and Youth Group to draw families of young children.

Continue ongoing review of the effectiveness of the Children’s Ministry program.

Develop a strong social media presence to attract and retain new and existing families.

Increase the average regular Clubhouse attendance to seven children each week including both services.

Increase the average regular Studio 15 attendance to 12 children each week including both services.

Increase Vacation Bible School attendance to 20 children.

Increase to two offerings of The Clubhouse and Studio 15 each Sunday.

Develop a pipeline of outreach events.

Complete the renovations to the Art Studio in the Fellowship Center.

Respectfully submitted, Sharon Zinser

Children’s Ministry Elder

10 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Family & Student Ministries

With all the refurbishment projects completed, we began our programs in 2022 with great amenities.

The youth met at their regular events, Wednesday Night LIVE at the HangOut 6-8pm and High School Small Groups at 2pm.

Sunday evening youth meetings continued throughout the year until September when they were suspended to prepare for the new Worship Service program. The youth plan to resume meeting on Sunday evenings after the Family Worship Service.

The youth had an eventful year ….

In March they went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Santa Monica Beach, California.

To help with costs for Summer Camp at Forest Home in Southern California there was a Bake Sale fundraiser and Trivia Night in the Fellowship Center. A Silent Auction was also held which was very successful. The Junior and High school youth were able to attend Summer Camp at Forest Home from June 5-10 with some of the costs offset including some scholarship opportunities.

From mid-June through beginning of August, the Wednesday Night program did not meet at church but instead at various students’ homes for a swim night. They had food, fun and spent time enjoying fellowship with their friends.

In July we had a very successful Vacation Bible School. The theme was “Make Waves.”

We hosted a “Back to School Bash” on Friday August 19 for all students with food, games, competitions and a live music event. There were 20 students in attendance which was encouraging. We have identified the beginnings of both a worship band and drama team that have begun to serve at DHPC on Wednesday nights.

Chris Haidet started a joint youth group experience on the second Saturday of each month with our sister church in Leupp.

The Leupp students joined us at DHPC in October for a special Saturday Night HangOut with guests from Forest Home.

Students studied a series called “You Asked for It” which was answering the 10 most asked questions about the Bible and life. These questions were submitted by the students themselves and discussed in their group.

In October, Steve Russo did a presentation to the students on Identity. He has worked with Billy Graham and was the “Focus on the Families” teen call-in show host.

Small groups continued to meet every Sunday.

In October, Chris hosted and helped to run a “Rockin Worship Bootcamp” and a few of our students participated. It was a powerful event with musicians from all over the country. We hope to be able to host this event at DHPC in 2023.

Chris continued to help and speak at North Valley Christian Academy and has made significant inroads with parents and students there.

We also hosted a Christian Concert with a Band called “Disciple” for a second time in October. A concert for all ages, it was well attended by groups of people who follow the band.

Jingle Jam was held at the beginning of December with our students helping to serve and participate in this annual Children’s event. This event is a great opportunity for outreach to our community.

Winter Camp was held at Forest Home in Southern California from January 13-16, 2023. This is well attended taking 20 students plus volunteer staff this year. This camp is for Junior High (6-8 grade) and High School (9-12).

Respectfully submitted,

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 11

Elder: Pat Christopherson

Members: Joanie Applegate, Jackie Brown, Pamela Gustafson, Alexis Sterling Popovich


To provide social activities which encourage friendship development, build relationships across generational lines and provide a positive environment for fun Christian gatherings.

2022 GOALS

Provide interesting and fun events which encourage social interaction and Christian fellowship.

Explore new and innovative ways to build relationships among a multi-generational congregation.

Coordinate the work of the Fellowship Committee with other Session committees.

Year-end evaluation and overall record maintenance, particularly of cyclical events, as well as one-time events, for future use.


In support of our program moving from lock-down COVID to transitional COVID, we provided Zoom sessions including plant-based demonstrations and favorite recipes to encourage and support a healthy life-style through the use of talent within our congregation. Continued the ever-popular Coffee and Donuts on Sunday morning throughout the year.

A successful tour of Natural Grocers, a health food store option, and a luncheon at True Food Kitchen which provides both healthy and delicious entrees.

On-site BrainSavers classes became an active program as a part of necessary cognitive training and physical activity for anyone interested in maintaining a healthy life-style as maturing adults. BrainSavers also includes more rigorous cardio exercises and healthy snacks.

In conjunction with the Music Department, hosted another year of an ice cream social and sing-a-long for a very successful recurring July 4 celebration.

Worked with the Music & Arts Committee providing assistance for the Renaissance Feaste with 175 participants.

Supported Movie Night by providing theme snacks and décor thanks to the many talents of those on our committee.

Provided kitchen support for several Memorial services held at the church.

Introduced a guide-directed women’s hiking group.

2023 GOALS

Managing COVID, we look forward to a variety of opportunities to bring our congregation together with day trips, luncheons, games, hiking and will work closely with fellow committees to enhance and expand participation.

Continuing Coffee and Donuts by recruiting more serving and clean-up crew to reduce time commitment for existing volunteers.

Expanding hiking groups to include a men’s hiking group.

As need continues to grow, expand Fellowship Committee membership from four to seven members to avoid overload for our small group of volunteers.

Continued support of BrainSavers as it expands in numbers including physical fitness, nutrition and the ever-important social engagement plus stress and sleep management, cognitive fitness and faith.

Respectfully submitted,

12 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Director: Kara Thomas

Members: Cyndi Moulton, Mary Kay

Thurston, Susan Constance, Cindy Leek, Deb McDermott


To provide health and fitness offerings that enhance the well-being of the body of Christ at DHPC and the local community, physically, socially and spiritually, in a welcoming and loving environment.

2022 GOALS

Promote the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle physically, socially, and spiritually, while sharing the love of Jesus.

Lead and expand wellness offerings for diverse health and fitness levels and age groups such as: BrainSavers program, Senior Care health and fitness classes, and Family Fitness.

Provide workshops to enhance a healthier lifestyle for DHPC as well as an outreach to the local community including heart health, arthritis, osteoporosis, quality sleep, healthy nutrition, stress management, Alzheimer’s disease, importance of socialization and more.

Hold outreach and educational events in collaboration with agencies such as: Caring Core, Neighbors in Need, Foothills Caring Corps, Hospice, American Heart Association, Cancer Society, etc.


Held BrainSavers Total Body Fitness classes to strengthen the brain and body and had regular participants/members all year long!

Morning Stretch was offered with regular members and guests for the past year; on to year two with more classes!

The Fitness at the Rocks Monthly Newsletter was offered which features DHPC on the move to be physically, socially and spiritually active!

Health and Fitness workshops were offered with special speakers from our medical community, including our Congregational nurses. Among the offerings were: Exercises and Arthritis, Strengthen Against Osteoporosis, and The Importance of Stress Management.

A wonderful Health and Fitness Brunch was provided and 80 people were in attendance. The title was Fitness, Fashion and Fun and was sponsored by Fitness at the Rocks, the Fellowship committee and Chico’s Boutique. The luncheon also provided Christian music and the gospel message of Jesus Christ was shared.

Healthy Nutrition by Deb McDermott was also featured with her Healthy Cooking demonstrations.

Featured Ed Nichols for our cooking demonstration with his fabulous Grilled Cauliflower recipe.

Monthly Cardio Dance and Fellowship classes are also provided with a healthy snack. These classes encourage opportunities for heart health, fellowship and outreach.

Introduced the Fit Kids program with Tru North Academy. The children learned about health, nutrition, having healthy fun together as a team.

A married couple visiting family attended fitness classes for 8 weeks in 2022. They returned for fitness classes in 2023 and are going to attend our church service!

Another BrainSavers participant that toured our church, learned about the music program and is now taking piano lessons!

2023 GOALS

Offer new class additions such as Strength, Core and Restore.

To continue to promote and expand Fitness at the Rocks health and fitness offerings, to help our community live a healthier lifestyle, physically, socially and spiritually, while sharing the love of Jesus.

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 13

Music & Arts

Elder: Melissa Masles

Staff Liaison: Jeffrey Anthony

Members: Susie Brousseau, Susan Constance, Darla Gilchrist, Pamela Gustafson, Lisa Kroese, Tom Masles, Karen Paisley


Provide opportunities for people to express their faith and love of Christ through music and all the arts. Encourage the development of people’s gifts in their chosen area and thereby enrich the life of the congregation.

2022 GOALS

Diversify Arts at the Rocks events and raise funds needed to operate. Continue our relationships with Pinnacle High School and Cactus Shadows High School Key Clubs.

Encourage our youth to get involved in our activities.

Engage congregational members to share and teach their talents in order to enrich our church family through workshops and other music fellowship activities. Support the new DHPC music school however we can.

Continue to gather data on attendees, especially first time visitors, with the goal of community involvement and the ultimate increase of church membership. Continue our advertising and publicity efforts to maximize attendance.

Advertise our scholarship for youth pursuing music, art and drama workshops in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. Support the development of skills in all the arts.

Advance our Artists-in-Residence relationship with the Fountain Hills Saxophone Quartet which maximizes our community visibility and attracts local involvement.


Arts at the Rocks 2022-2023 Season included six events: Urban Nocturnes chamber music ensemble, The Renaissance Yuletide Feaste, the Yale Spizzwinks a capella choir, HEDY! The

Life and Times of Hedy Lamarr-a one woman play followed by a half day S.T.E.M. workshop, The Phoenix Boys Choir and The Valley Chamber Chorale.

Created a professional-looking Arts at the Rocks season brochure featuring the artwork of church member Virginia Brooks and showcasing the six performances and the season sponsors as well as promoting the Desert Hills Community School of Music.

Raised $14,350 from individual donors and sponsors and received $10,000 grant from the DHPC Foundation to support the Music & Arts performances and activities.

Continued our Artists-in-Residence relationship with Fountain Hills Saxophone Quartet for another calendar year.

Added three new members to the Music and Arts Committee: Susie Brousseau, Pamela Gustafson and Lisa Kroese. We have had interest in the Ministry from two additional members and we will continue to encourage their participation.

Hosted two thank you pizza parties with the Key Club students at Cactus Shadows and Pinnacle Peak High Schools to show our appreciation for their volunteers at Arts at the Rocks events.

Supported the Desert Hills Community School of Music through Melissa’s participation on the task force committee.

Developed a new collaborative relationship with Lee and Susan Berk, directors of the music and arts program at Sagewood Senior Living.

Involved DHPC youth through participation in Renaissance Yuletide Feaste.

2023 GOALS

Create opportunities for people to express their faith and love of Christ by offering programs that support the interests of the DHPC congregation while attracting increased attendance and participation from members of the community.

14 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Music & Arts

Continue to support DHCSM and find ways to integrate the mission of the school with the Music and Arts Ministry activities.

Increase the visibility of DHPC in the community through the Artists-inResidence program.

Find ways for the Music and Arts Ministry to support the growth of the Family/ Children’s Ministry and encourage involvement of our youth.

Diversify Arts at the Rocks and raise funds to support events and activities.

Establish a Summer Series to engage the congregation and the community who are year-round members.

Respectfully submitted, Melissa Masles

Music & Arts Elder

Desert Hills Community School of Music

Administrator: Heather Baldwin

Committee Members: Jeffrey Anthony, Lee Batson, Ruth Dugue, Lisa Loran, Melissa Masles, Vitaly Serebriakov, Gail Thiele

Staff liaison: Pastor Jim Noble

MISSION: To offer world-class music instruction that draws students from all over the valley and make it available to students with financial need through sponsorship and scholarship programs. To bring people of all ages into the church through music lessons and programs and to leverage music as a vehicle for outreach into the local community.

2022 GOALS

Open a School of Music on the campus of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church. Launch a sponsorship program with the goal of pairing students in need of financial help with members of the congregation who want to support youth and music.

Establish relationships with local schools. Understand the local demand/needs for instruction and build programs to support them.

Offer free, high-quality concerts, open to the public, to raise the visibility of the

school and bring in people from outside the church.

Launch Saxophone Ensemble with the aim of bringing together saxophone players of all ages and abilities, from all over the valley, to play music together at DHPC and in the local community.


School officially named and launched in summer of 2022.

State-of-the-art piano lab installed at DHPC.

Grew to 50+ students by year end.

Launched the sponsorship program and paired two families in need of financial support with sponsors from the congregation.

Hosted a Carefree Christian Academy field trip to introduce their students to the music school, resulting in two new piano students and an ongoing relationship between the Academy and the School of Music.

Initiated relationship with Cave Creek director of bands and cooperatively began to explore ways the music school could support the public school band program.

Held two Saxophone Ensembles (performances at the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion in June and October), which attracted saxophone players ages 13 to 84.

Provided live music (by the Fountain Hills Saxophone Quartet) for the annual Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce awards breakfast.

Provided a Music Exploration class at no cost to True North Academy students.

Held studio class for school-age piano students and end-of-year celebration for adult students to give everyone opportunities for performance and fellowship.

Put on two free concerts – a faculty performance in September and a two-piano performance of “The Nutcracker” in December, the latter of which raised $1,365 in donations to the school.

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 15

Music & Arts

2023 GOALS

Launch a summer camp to bring in youth from the surrounding area to participate in all-day music education programs.

Begin building relationships between summer camp attendees and members of the congregation as a means of drawing interested students to DHPC youth programs.

Deepen relationship with Cave Creek Unified School District bands, supporting them with master classes, lessons and opportunities for ensemble playing.

Continue working closely with Carefree Christian Academy and other local private and charter schools to support and

Nomination Committee

Elder: Marcia Fishman

Staff Liaison: Pastor Jim Noble and Pastor

Brett Everett

Members: Tom Christopherson, Karen Paisley, and Myra Sherriff.


To encourage and discover the spiritual gifts of leadership and membership in the context of God’s call on their lives.

2022 GOALS

To identify, encourage and promote church members to accept specified roles as Elder(s),

Deacon(s) & Participants for Nominating Committee & The Foundation

As a committee, to grow in our relationship with God through prayer and scripture meditation, thus seeing God’s Sovereignty and His Timing at work


A Congregational Meeting for the purpose of voting the nominees into office effective (June/2023) took place on January 29, 2023. Unanimous yes votes were said for the presented individuals.

strengthen their music programs. Launch a strings program and build the guitar program.

Expand the piano program by bringing on additional instructors and adding more group piano students.

Expand advertising/marketing efforts in order to continue driving steady growth of the school.

Take more music out into the local community as a means of raising awareness about the school and serving the local populations through live music.

Respectfully submitted, Heather Baldwin Director

Elders: Adult Discipleship: Brad Ghaster

Care Ministries: Marilyn Strohan

Children’s Ministries: Sharon Zinser

Family & Student Ministries: Michelle



Administrative: Barbara Chamberlain

Care: Deb McDermott

Equipping: Rolene Dinsdale

Service: Min Damm

Nominating Committee: Ron Bane

Tom Christopherson

Nancy Kinderman

CJ King

Dawne Pender

The Foundation:

Shelly Core

Marsha Lindquist

Respectfully submitted, Marcia Fishman

Nominating Elder

16 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Elder: Tonya Jones

Staff Liaison: Pastor Brett Everett

Members: Shelly Core, Donna Lando, Cindy Leek, Bobbie Morgan, Linda Stringer, Marilyn Strohan.


The mission of the DHPC Outreach Committee is to build a positive reputation of DHPC in our community by encouraging and equipping the Church family to be ambassadors of DHPC, cultivating Christ-like hospitality, shepherding guests through to membership, inviting them to commit to DHPC by using their unique gifts in service to the Lord and to continue to grow in faith through worship, discipleship, fellowship, and service ministries of the Church.

2022 GOALS

Recruit two to three additional members to our committee to expand our committee’s goals and projects for the church and community.

Expand our Adopt-A-First Responder and Adopt-A-Family Evangelism Outreach Programs.

Review the Marketing and Strategy report and develop an action plan for implementation for expanding Outreach Evangelism efforts in our church and community.


Recruited and welcomed two additional members to our committee, Donna Lando and Marilyn Strohan.

Adopt-A-First Responder program expanded to include four community fire stations. Provided updated informational flyers, prayer cards, Easter cards, Thanksgiving thank you cards, Christmas thank you cards, monthly visits, and gift cards to the fire sta-

tions. Also expanded the Adopt-AFirst Responder program by providing a Thanksgiving thank you card, 150 copies of a book titled JesusIn HisOwnWords,and monetary support to engrave 150 Bibles to the Maricopa County Sheriff Office (MCSO). Assisted the Mission Committee with providing Christmas Cards, Joy To The World Salvation Tracts, Candy Cane Story Bookmarks, Nativity Stickers, and packaging support for the 20th Annual Food Bank Adopt-AFamily holiday program’s 600 gift bags.

Expanded visitor outreach by distributing special seasonal visitor gift bags for Easter and Christmas.

Expanded New Member outreach by hosting a new member luncheon. Expanded community outreach by hosting the “Filler Up! Faith and Fuel” gift card event in July and an Advent event to distribute gift bags, copies of a book titled JesusInHisOwn Words,and the church December activity bulletin to visitors attending scheduled weekly meetings at the church.

2023 GOALS

Expand Outreach Ministry with two events at our church. Expand Outreach Ministry with two events in our community. Support the new Family Worship Service. Review current Outreach Ministry committee tasks and processes for improvement opportunities.

Respectfully submitted,

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 17

Elder: John Thurston

Staff Liaison: Pastor Jim Noble

Members: Sue Beastall, Vicky Parker, Mike Popovich


To represent the church staff and the needs of the church in all personnel related matters ensuring that we adhere to current governmental rules, restrictions and good sound common sense business practices. To do this we will examine files and systems for necessary improvement and maintain accurate personnel records.

2022 GOALS

To continue examining key church documentation of personnel matters and update with improved processes.

To successfully complete the annual performance evaluation system.

To prepare necessary files for new employees while maintaining the Personnel Files of the Church.


Completed the 2021 staff evaluation process placing appropriate documentation in all personnel records.

Completed the rewrite of the Employee Manual. Reviewed and advertised Office Manager opening advertisement and job description.

Reviewed and upgraded job descriptions for Controller and Organist.

Prepared job description for Director of Operations job posting.

Reviewed the process of converting Assistant Pastor Brett Everett to Associate Pastor.

Approved new job description for Associate Pastor.

Reviewed need for Church Secretary and/or Office Manager.

Reviewed job descriptions and prepared updates for Family Service Worship Leader, Director of Family Service Ministry and Student and Children’s Ministry Intern.

Prepared job description for Director of Audio-Visual Technology.

Clarified difference between PTO and Sabbatical Leave while encouraging our pastors and particular members of the staff to take their allotted time off.

Began preparations for the 2022 staff evaluation process.

2023 GOALS

Review organization structure of the staff. Review all job descriptions and update with staff interviews.

Conduct goal setting training.

Prepare a Session Training Program.

Respectfully submitted, John Thurston Personnel Elder

18 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Elder: Ed Nichols

Staff Liaison: Pastor Jim Noble

Members: Jeffrey Anthony, Ron Carson, John Dasher, Frank McDaniel, Kathy Mulder, Carol Young


To provide opportunities for expressing love for Christ through music and worship, and encouraging the development and utilization of gifts which enrich the life of the congregation.

2022 GOALS

Continue to refine and grow our Traditional Worship Service. Work with Chris Haidet on the development of a Contemporary Service. Develop a viable team of Ushers. Provide safe services, both on Sundays and special services throughout the year, in-person, and via live streaming.


In-person traditional services were conducted all year.

Live streaming services and meetings continue to be vital to the operation of the church. These are made possible by the dedicated work of the Technology Team headed by Bill Williamsen. Live Stream services have become a critical component of the worship experience at DHPC. We believe this Worship option will continue to be an integral part of our congregational worship as the team continues to broadcast excellent online services.

The Gathering service was suspended in February 2021. We have worked very hard to establish a contemporary family service. We are starting a weekly 4:00pm Sunday Family Worship Service in the Fellowship Center.

Special Services

Lenten Services

Ash Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

The Cantata with orchestra

Easter–four services–6:30am, 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am. The Sonoran Brass played for the three services in the sanctuary. Sunrise service was held on the patio.

Christmas Eve Services-three services were offered with the Sonoran Brass. To help grow and refine our Traditional Service a team was created to ensure goals were met and the services will remain fresh.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who made opening our church possible during the past year:

Ron Carson

Kathy and Ross Mulder

Carol Young

Frank McDaniel

John Dasher

Rich Boley

Everyone who ushered

Those who chose to serve communion

Mary Kay Thurston-Congregational Nurse

Cindi Moulton-Congregational Nurse

Richard Cook-Building and Grounds

Natalie Mealey-Organist

Jeffrey Anthony-Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir

2023 GOALS

Continue to refine and grow our Traditional Worship Service.

Successfully launch and maintain our new Family Worship Service. Provide safe services, on Sundays and special services throughout the year, in-person, and via live streaming. Refurbish the sanctuary pews, furnishings and Audiovisual/sound area.

Respectfully submitted,

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 19


Elder: Barbara Conti

Staff Liaison: Pastor Brett Everett


Deacons are called to provide an intentional, coordinated, and proactive ministry of care and compassion to our church family and friends. Our ministry, through example and witness, is intended to inspire and encourage members to demonstrate the care of Christ in their families, in their neighborhood, and in our congregation. The Deacons of the Board serve on Ministry Teams in one of four ministry areas.

Members: Laurann Cook, Moderator & Secretary; Jim Shields, Treasurer; Barbara Chamberlain, Min Damm, Rolene Dinsdale, Su Fong, Richard Hollinger, Kurt Koch, Deb McDermott, Pat Nichols, Amy Woods, Dave Zoetewey


Deacons: Laurann Cook Moderator & Secretary, Jim Shields, Treasurer, Barbara Chamberlain

Purpose: To be responsible for managing organizational functions including, but not limited to managing finances, providing meeting minutes, communications to Session, and help with member retention.


Held regularly scheduled Deacon meetings every other month.

Submitted minutes and communications to monthly Session meetings.

Worked with Pastor Brett to help organize monthly homebound communion.

Served communion to people at The Heritage and Merrill Gardens.

Filled all vacancies on the Deacon Board. Sent out birthday and holiday cards to DHPC staff and condolence cards to church and non-church members.

2023 GOALS

Reach out to members of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church who have not been active recently.

Work with Session Outreach Elder to help in the assimilation of new members into the life of the church.


Members: Kurt Koch, Deb McDermott, Pat Nichols

Purpose: To provide ministry organization and oversight to specialized care ministries for individuals and groups within our congregation and surrounding community. These include but are not limited to: Congregational Nurses, Faith-Based Support Group, Parish Shepherds, Walking Beside Ministry and Visitation Team.

2022 GOALS

To continue to gain a deeper understanding of the Care Ministries.

Regularly review reports from the Care Ministries.

Meet with certain Care Ministries to gain a deeper understanding of their work and inter-relationships with each other’s work.


Continued our oversight of Care Ministries throughout 2022.

Reviewed monthly reporting and visited with the Care Ministry leaders periodically to help identify areas of further connection and/or enhancement.

Participated in visitation to Merrill Gardens and The Heritage.

Reviewed Drumming Circle program recommendation and provided feedback on elements to include informal proposal to the appropriate committee.

Coordinated the update of the Care Ministries brochure.

2023 GOALS

Continue to meet with the Care Ministries periodically to see where coordination or enhancement may be recommended.

Review regular reporting by the Care Ministries.

Review new Care Ministry initiative options when appropriate.

20 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT



Deacons: Rolene Dinsdale, Su Fong, Amy Woods

Monday Prayer Team: Karen Atkinson, Rolene Dinsdale, Cathy Hoxie, Nan McCallum, Pat Nichols, Carolyn Oates, Amy Woods

Purpose: To work alongside associated Session committees to define and develop education, training and activities that will help members become more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and for the sake of others. These activities include but are not limited to the development of healthy spiritual disciplines, prayer practices, and the identification of spiritual gifts.


Added one member to the Monday Prayer Team and implemented consistent prayer follow-up responsibilities.

Established new guidelines for the Sunday Prayer Team to allow for more accessibility for personal prayer requests and prayer updates after church services. Established more focused prayer suggestions for Session/Staff Prayer Partners. Held a Women’s Retreat for twenty-two women at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center on March 8.

Assisted Adult Discipleship by keeping track of those involved in a Pathway of Discipleship (POD) group. Also sent a celebratory card and bookmark to the eight people in 2022 who completed a POD for the first time..

2023 GOALS

Oversee the Sunday Prayer Team, the Monday Prayer Team, and the Session/ Staff Prayer Partners. Add at least two members to the Sunday Prayer Team. Keep track of those involved in a POD and send a celebratory card and bookmark to those who have completed a POD for the first time.

Develop a plan to encourage grandparents to pray for their grandchildren with greater joy, faithfulness, and laser-like focus by usingPrayForMe:GrandparentLegacyEdition.

Work alongside Session committees that would like additional support in providing education, training, and activities that will help members become more like Christ (2 Corinthians 3:1718).


Members: Min Damm, Dick Hollinger, Dave Zoetewey

Purpose: This committee is responsible for addressing physical care needs that may include providing meals, transportation, household repairs, or other needs that may be identified from time to time.

2022 GOALS

Make the congregation more aware of the diaconal service ministry.

Establish and maintain a transportation service ministry.


Several written announcements were published. (infrequent).

Members of the congregation were served throughout the year with such things as replacing light bulbs and batteries, hanging pictures, repairing leaky windows, installing grab bars, replacing faucets, assembling bed frames, replacing obsolete light fixtures, repairing three broken water lines, and hauling tree limbs and trash to the dump.

Assisted the building and grounds committee with assorted tasks throughout the year.

Prepared light receptions for several services (Memorial and others).

2023 GOALS

Publish more frequent announcements to make the congregation more aware of the Deacon’s Service Ministry.

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 21


Continue to serve the members of the congregation with meals, etc. as we are made aware of them. Explore the need to establish and maintain a transportation service ministry.


Members: Barbara Conti, Laurann Cook, Joe Gilleland, Steve Haver, Moon Kahn, Beverley Keele, Shirley Klein, Kurt Koch, Marsha Lindquist, Chris McQueen, Thea Miller, Kathy Rogers, Sara Sebransky

Purpose: To minister to people with life issues, challenges, and transitions by walking alongside them during tough times to provide encouragement, inspire hope, and promote healing.


Delivered 56 Easter and 23 Christmas gift bags to shut-ins, surviving spouses, and sick.

Sent 836 Cards - get well, sympathy, birthday, Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Delivered 12 Spirit Bags to those hospitalized.

Mailed 59 grief books to those who lost loved ones.

Made 224 visits.

Sent 738 letters, emails, texts.

Made 876 calls.

168 coffee or lunches with care receivers. Conducted a new training program for team members.

Presented two “Surviving the Holidays” seminars for our church and community.

Presented The Longest Night Service and a light supper for our church and community.

2023 GOALS

Increase visitation to shut-ins and those living alone in partnership with Parish Shepherds, Deacons, and Parish Nurses. Develop and deliver skills training to team members.

Design and implement a Caregiving Review Process.

Document Walking Beside Ministry procedures.


Facilitator: Pat Nichols

Purpose: To provide opportunities for attendees to share their loss and grief with others who have experienced similar feelings. To offer ways of increasing socialization to improve self-esteem and overcome loneliness.


The Grief Group completed its sixth year of meeting regularly. We have added new people from the community and from our church who have lost loved ones not just recently but for a few years past. Loneliness has no timeline and word has spread about our group and our activities. Currently we have 20 members.

We do not focus on having bigger numbers and 8-12 members are perfect for discussions. Some members of our group have come regularly for over five years and share from their experiences, showing that life does go on and one can find happiness again with a new partner or alone with new friends. Special thanks to Pastor Brett for covering the group on occasion.

2023 GOALS

Continue to meet weekly and to have social activities where we share and support each other.


Nurses: Cyndi Moulton, RN BSN and Mary Kay Thurston, RN

Purpose: We strive to reach out with loving, compassionate hearts, give others our “presence” and remind them of God and Jesus’ Presence while helping with the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Desert Hills Presbyterian Community.

2022 GOALS

Continue seeking ways to help with the holistic, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the DHPC Community joining with Fitness at the Rocks to create new medical teaching classes.

22 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Hold monthly Blood Pressure Screening Clinics between services on Sundays.

Coordinate Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine Clinic in the fall.

Coordinate yearly blood drive event.

Coordinate yearly CPR course.

Continue making visitations to members and frequent visitors who are in the hospital, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities or in their homes as the need arises in assisting to answer questions, help educate regarding their health condition, or find community resources they might need and give spiritual encouragement through prayer.

2022 Accomplishments

Blood Pressure Clinics were held monthly.

Held CPR Training in February.

Held Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine Clinic in the fall.

Cyndi and Mary Kay together worked 969.73 hours, drove 5659.5 miles, and made 2942 contacts through home visits, phone calls, text messages, and emails. Nursing home and hospital visits were restarted under the current guidelines of masks required to visit.

Attended monthly Faith Community Nurse Networking Educational meetings by Zoom and DHPC Deacon meetings in person or by Zoom January through November.

Mary Kay Thurston attended a refresher course for Faith Community Nurse.

Worked with Fitness at the Rocks to create educational events.

2023 Goals

Continue seeking ways to help with the holistic, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the DHPC community.

Hold monthly Blood Pressure Screening Clinics monthly between services on Sundays.

Coordinate with Walgreens to hold a Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine Clinic in the fall.

Continue making visitations to members and attendees who are in the hospital, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities or in their homes as the need arises in assisting to answer questions, help educate regarding their health condition, or find community resources they might need and give spiritual encouragement through prayer.

Hold a CPR/AED Training Session for those wanting to be trained or recertified. Attend Deacon meetings as ex officio members and Faith Community Nurse Networking monthly meetings.

Mary Kay Thurston to continue with The Art of Moving Prayer.

Encourage other DHPC RNs to take the Faith Community Nurse Training to share in this Congregational Nurse Ministry.


Lead Parish Shepherd: Beverly Shannon

Parish Shepherds: Carole Bane, Leonora Batson, Sheryl Bell, Joan Bergner, Ruth DeMoss, Rolene Dinsdale, Beverly Everist, Charlotte

Foster-Wills, Barbara Jorgensen, Beverley

Keele, Donna Kline, Lisa Loran, Cecelia Ralston, Marilyn Strohan, Anne Wellington, Faye Wilkes, Carol Wood, Cory Zimmerman, Judy Zoetewey

Purpose: To offer an intentional, coordinated and proactive ministry of care to members and regular attendees of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church, to support the care ministries, and to alert the pastoral staff and care council of situations where more intentional and intensive pastoral care may be needed.

The Shepherd program divides the church members into 18 Parishes. The mission is to contact everyone in the parishes at least once every month. We want everyone to feel important and that they are part of a loving church.

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 23



January: 407 contacts

February: 677 contacts

March: 509 contacts

April: 564 contacts

May: 369 contacts

June: 507 contacts

July: 401 contacts

August: 480 contacts

September: 530 contacts

October: 460 contacts

November: 588 contacts

December: 872 contacts

Total Contacts for 2022: 6,364


Elder: Mark George

Staff Liaison: Pastor Jim Noble

Members: Heather Everett, Rev. Ed and Nan McCallum, Rhonda Noble, Chuck Starnes, John Thurston


Our purpose is to facilitate the participation of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church (DHPC) in God’s mission of gathering, nurturing, equipping, and sending people into all the world through acts of compassion and words of faith and salvation that will build up and expand the body of Christ locally, regionally, and globally. As Missionaries, we seek to follow Jesus’ Great Commission, “Thereforegoandmake disciplesofallnations,baptizingtheminthe nameoftheFatherandoftheSonandofthe HolySpirit,andteachingthemtoobeyeverythingIhavecommandedyou.”

2022 GOALS

To continue to focus on the Great Commission locally as well as globally and specifically the role that DHPC will play in supporting missionaries.

To continue to faithfully communicate with the congregation about the activities and needs relating to the ministries and missionaries DHPC supports.

To encourage the DHPC family to become more involved in missions to spread the

2023 GOALS

Continue to contact each parish member each month. The means of communication is left up to the Shepherds via phone, cards, email, e-cards or personal contacts. Continue to reach out to non-church members.

love of Jesus to our community and beyond through prayer, education, participation in local opportunities, and a greater level of communication with supported missionaries.

To continue to evaluate potential missionary candidates and organizations for DHPC sponsorship.


Provided additional financial support to our sister churches who have been negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic. Prayerfully and financially sponsored Pastor Bill Massaquoi and his family. Bill is attending Arizona State University School of Global Management with the goal of returning to his home country of Liberia, to recruit and train Christian leaders.

Youth With a Mission (YWAM)

Todd Haidet is serving with YWAM in Lausanne, Switzerland and is enrolled in Ministry, Leadership Development and Discipleship Training courses. During Todd’s time with YWAM, he has had the opportunity to also serve as a staff member. Todd co-led a team that traveled to North Africa where they ministered to communities of Sudanese and Syrian refugees. For regular updates, please follow Todd on his monthly blog at www.hangoutnation.com/ blog.

24 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


EPC World Outreach (WO) Workers

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) General Assembly and the EPC Presbytery of the West provide the framework for the guidance of both global and local mission activities. Both are supported by you and have produced tremendous results. The General Assembly Office produces weekly podcasts hosted by Stated Clerk Dean Weaver that discuss a variety of topics related to the EPC and the greater Church. Episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms, including Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, and many more. Search “In All Things” on any of these services or go to https://epc.org/news/inallthings/ To receive newsletters from WO go to: https:// www.epcwo.org/reach/.AllatEPCWO sendtheirdeepappreciationtoDHPC.

Brian & Keri lead the member care team at Pinnacle Teaching Solutions – providing member care for 300 staff in East Asia. They completed their English-teaching assignment remotely (due to COVID) at an Asian university. Half of the East Asian teachers have not been able to return to incountry teaching; many have relocated overseas to continue remote teaching. Brian and Keri are now focusing on resourcing workers in the Middle East and North Africa doing member care full-time with a full case load. Brian and Keri are skilled at equipping/preparing/supporting personnel. Their goal in 2023 is to move their new ministry base to North Africa.

Dave & Mindy Fenska serve as Global Mission Mobilizers for the three western Presbyteries. Dave and Mindy continue to mentor those sensing a call to serve as global workers. They are increasingly serving a local refugee community in San Diego. Their focus is on families, especially children. They coordinate online workshops on how to connect with Muslims living around you and resourcing churches and individuals who are currently working with refugees. For more information contact: dave.f@epcwo.org.

Ed & Nan McCallum, serve in the International Theological Education Network (ITEN) working with Christian leadership development in two southeast Asian sites. In May and October of 2022, 30 church leaders gathered for training and went home to teach what they had learned. Over the past two years these bi-vocational pastors/church leaders/farmers taught 500+ others. Ed & Nan take Leupp jewelry with them to give to the students and tell the story of the sister church relationship of DHPC and Leupp. In 2022, Ed wrote curriculum and taught Old Testament Survey and Understanding, Applying and Teaching Genesis. The curriculum has supplemental material and becomes the only study resource some of the leaders have in their libraries. Nan assists by adding “color commentary” and assists in classroom management. Course materials have been translated into two local languages. “Pick a Pastor for Prayer” allows DHPC individuals an active role in praying for one of the class members. DHPC funds the salary of an invaluable in-country administrator of this program. Bi-monthly Zoom classes at a second site provided Biblical and personal encouragement as they live under a harsh government. Sadly, the class had to end when their infrastructure could no longer support Zoom, but there is a good possibility that classes can restart soon. In Sierra Leone’s EPC Churches (west Africa) Ed taught Old Testament Survey to pastors and elders. Each church took a set of flash cards containing themes of Old Testament books to teach their churches. Nan counseled and taught the wives

“Hearing, Telling and Illustrating Scripture” using Joseph’s stories. Joe Gilleland drew illustrations that the non-literate women drew as storytellers. Joe’s materials were also successfully used in SE Asia with the pastors. Nan also oversees Child Safety for WO. Ed.m@epcwo.org & nan.m@epcwo.org, ITEN (www.itenglobal.org).

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 25

Sean & Angie continue to lead the Presbytery’s global church planting project. They utilize a business platform that enables expatriates & national church planters to work in remote, unengaged Muslim communities in a developing SE Asian country through a sea cucumber farming business. Their presence continues to impact the villages with the gospel and jobs. Sean mentors and resources the church planters via calls/Zoom. He has been able to travel to the site several times this year. The project grew in sustainability with impacts reaching beyond financial returns to social/ environmental/spiritual outcomes.

John & Carleen team with Sean & Angie in SE Asia. John is the visionary and science officer of the maritime project. He was onsite several times this year for an extended period. The sea cucumber project is the only farm of its kind in the country. A new marine biologist is close to joining the team. These two pioneering WO couples are encouraged to see social and spiritual progress in this remote location. John is currently working to establish a second location. Groups are welcome to come and experience the project. mccurryje@gmail.com.

All of these workers send their deep appreciation to DHPC To receive occasional newsletters from EPC WO, go to: https:// www.epcwo.org/reach/

Local yet Global Impact

Operation Christmas Child – International Mission Support

In 2022, DHPC filled 240 boxes for children in third world countries. Along with an explanation of the gospel, 100 “Shoes that Grow” were sent which help children walk to school and protect feet from injury. In the past six years, approximately 800 pairs of shoes have been provided to children around the world by DHPC. In the past eight years over 2300 boxes have been sent out by DHPC.

Pastor Bill & Faith Massaquoi – Bill, a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, has worked alongside Ed & Nan McCallum through the International Theological Network (ITEN) teaching in Sierra Leonne. The Mission Committee and DHPC are assisting Bill and his family in coming to study at ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management in order to make an impact in West Africa in raising up and training Christian leaders. The congregation has warmly welcomed Bill, Faith and the children and helped furnish an apartment. We look forward to having them with us as they prepare for future ministry.

Local Ministries

Chaplaincy for the Homeless: The Chaplaincy founder, Reverend Q Gerald Roseberry passed away in July 2022 at the age of 90. In 2022, the Chaplaincy has helped 236 homeless persons off the streets into treatment centers, detox centers, home resources, independent living, domestic violence centers and half-way homes. The Chaplaincy held its first Homeless Workshop in Ahwatukee. The meeting was to help the community and neighborhoods understand the unsheltered and homeless. The workshop was an effort to educate and inform churches and service organizations on better ways and methods to help homeless individuals who come to churches asking for help. The main program involved examining a few scenarios and group discussion on how to handle the situation from start to finish. In 2022 the Chaplaincy opened satellite offices in Glendale, Sunnyslope and Mesa. The Chaplaincy is currently in discussions with Maryvale. For the first time, the Chaplaincy achieved over 5000 individual contacts with homeless individuals in one month (October). The Chaplaincy has personally intervened with 204 individuals and successfully delivered them to rehab facilities. The Chaplaincy recorded a record 34 Baptisms. For more information, please visit www.azchaplaincyforthehomeless.org

26 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Foothills Foodbank: In 2022, DHPC supported the local Foothills Food Bank by preparing Christmas Joy boxes. This also served as a joint service project that was completed alongside our Leupp friends when they visited DHPC for the Clan of Christ celebration in October. Approximately 600 boxes were distributed to families in need during December.

Foothills Caring Corps (FCC): The mission is to “help older adults and individuals with disabling conditions who reside in the Northeast Valley – Foothills Community to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. This is done through a force of volunteers and staff who provide in-home services, transportation services, community services and support. These services provide access to activities that promote physical, mental and emotional health.” Services consist of friendly visits and phone calling, pet visits, medical transportation, group van trips, mobile meals, shopping assistance, caregiver relief, minor home repair, business correspondence and computer help, health advocacy and mobility equipment loans. If you would like to volunteer for or receive services from FCC, please visit the website at Contact (foothillscaringcorps.com)

Neighbors in Need (NIN): A collaboration of area churches and agencies working to bring connections to our neighbors in need and the agencies that provide services. NIN helps the agencies to meet needs that are not currently being met. These are challenges facing youth/ families, veterans, working adults and the elderly in our community, and ways are found to address these challenges. DHPC has also partnered with NIN to launch the BrainSavers program at DHPC. https://neighborsinneedaz.org.

Troop Care Ministry (TCM): The mission of the TCM is “to provide troop care support, from a faith-based perspective to the local community, DHPC, and Leupp Presbyterian Church.” This mission is carried out by the TCM Team with the help of many DHPC volunteers. TCM sent care packages to activeduty personnel and purchased gift cards for the Air Force Aid Society for emergency assis-

tance at Luke Air Force Base. Throughout the year, on patriotic holidays, TCM lined the church driveway with flags. With the help of many volunteers, TCM hosted a Veterans Day Celebration in November. Signed Christmas cards with handwritten messages were sent to United Soldiers and Sailors of America for them to distribute the cards to military bases and hospitals around the world.

Sister Church Relationships

Mandeville Jamaica, Ebenezer United Church: Pastor Khereen

DHPC has shared a bond with our sister church in Jamaica since 2007 when we went looking for a “Church of Peace” with which to build a relationship. During 2022, Ebenezer and the Island of Jamaica continued to struggle both physically and financially with COVID; however, Ebenezer continued to minister to their community. Ebenezer appreciates the relationship our churches share and the financial support DHPC provides. Ebenezer will be celebrating their 185th anniversary in July 2023 and members of DHPC and Leupp Presbyterian Church will be attending their celebration and doing mission projects.

Leupp, Arizona, Leupp Presbyterian Church: Pastor Calvin and Native American Ministry

We have been the Clan of Christ with Leupp for 40 years and continue to keep our relationship strong in faith and friendship.

The Navajo Nation has suffered the loss of many of its elderly people with COVID and other complications of aging. Paster Calvin has been in high demand to officiate at funerals and comfort the grieving families.

The First Presbyterian Church of Leupp hosted a well-attended Grieving Seminar led by Raymond Long for families who have lost loved ones during the COVID pandemic. Natalie Begay, Eunice Kelly’s mother, was among those passing to life eternal. Pastor Calvin’s live stream services continue to reach the unchurched in several states in addition to his local congregation. Streaming services have been enhanced with new mu-

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 27


sic instruments and audio-visual equipment, while in-person church attendance continues to be low. Many of the elderly are too frail to attend church and the young are serving as caregivers or avoiding public places in fear of taking COVID home to their elderly family members. Youth ministries were restarted with the lifting of COVID restrictions. Leupp and DHPC youth joined each second Saturday in Leupp for fun, food, friends, and an awesome night of worship. Youth and adults from DHPC and Leupp attended the Summer Youth Camp. The Fellowship Center is now complete with heat and electricity that is in regular use for Youth and Children’s ministries. Leupp hosted a well-attended Summer Camp Meeting for the first time in three years. Eunice Kelly and the Hope Resurrected families have restarted the weekend music camps to spread Gospel music and encourage more youth participation in church services. They provide instruments and teach guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and vocal music. DHPC has participated by invitation in the past and may be invited again in 2023. The Hope Resurrected families continue to travel all over the Navajo Nation by invitation to share their music and testimonials. We are also partners in prayer with frequent sharing of prayer concerns. Leupp and DHPC celebrated 40 years of ministry together by sharing music, stories and testimonials at a retirement home and packing Christmas Joy boxes for the Foothills Food Bank. Over a shared dinner we heard Eunice describe how our relationship

started 40 years ago and Pastor Calvin describe how important our sister church relationship has been for them and our shared ministries. Gospel music was enjoyed by all as we gathered in Christian fellowship and worship. We are blessed by the Clan of Christ sister church relationship and the shared ministries in God’s service.

2023 GOALS

To continue to focus on the Great Commission locally, as well as globally and specifically, the role that DHPC will play in supporting missionaries.

To continue to faithfully communicate with the congregation about the activities and needs relating to the ministries and missionaries DHPC supports.

To encourage the DHPC family to become more involved in missions to spread the love of Jesus to our community and beyond through prayer, education, participation in local opportunities, and a greater level of communication with supported missionaries.

To continue to evaluate potential missionary candidates and organizations for DHPC sponsorship.

Respectfully submitted, Mark George Missions Elder

28 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT
DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 29 Missions


Desert Hills Presbyterian Church Ace and Margaret Fogdall Scholarship Fund

Chairperson: Laurann Cook

Members: Sandra Carson, Marcia Fishman


To encourage and promote education through a scholarship fund designed to provide a semi-annual stipend to dedicated and worthy students who by their contribution to church, school and community have demonstrated good Christian character. The scholarship is given to supplement expenses required to fund a 4-year Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree; or a 2-year community college Associate of Arts degree with the intent to transfer to a 4-year accredited program for a Bachelor’s degree.

2022 GOALS

To provide scholarships to high school graduates who are members or affiliates of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church or members of Leupp Presbyterian Church.


During 2022, we provided semi-annual stipends to five students for a total of $8,500. Each semester, students provide their transcripts and must maintain a 3.0 (B) cumulative grade point average (GPA) for Level 1 funding; a 2.75 cumulative grade point average for Level 2; or a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average for Level 3 funding.

Scholarship funds are generated from rental of the bell tower for cellphone equipment. The bell tower was constructed with monies donated by Ace and Margaret Fogdall, and the Fogdalls stipulated that all rental fees be applied to fund scholarships for DHPC and Leupp Presbyterian Church students. Active students receiving scholarships during 2022 are: Bessie Benham, Abigail Benham, Nathaniel Everett, Zach Hoffman and Hannah Kress. Hannah Kress graduated from Grand Canyon University in December 2022, completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 3 ½ years!

2023 GOALS

To continue to provide scholarships to deserving high school graduates who are members of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church or Leupp Presbyterian Church.

Respectfully submitted, Laurann Cook

Scholarship Chair

30 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


Elder: Oran Brown

Staff Liaison: Pastor Jim Noble

Members: Scott Core, Lisa Loran, Allan Watson, Gary Zimmerman, Jenifer Zylwitis


The Desert Hills Presbyterian Church (the Church) Finance Committee is responsible for encouraging financial contributions to the church by both members and others (stewardship). The committee makes the initial decision on how the Church’s funds will be spent subject to Session approval.

Finance Committee

As Finance Elder, I am privileged to chair the Finance Committee. The committee’s members provide the Church with the benefit of collective talents, talents that come together to bring wisdom and the ability to make decisions that would not be available with any one of us alone. Allan Watson, a current member, acted as Finance Elder for four years, ending in June 2022. He has provided a valuable continuity in the committee’s functions and goals for 2022. The Finance Committee reviews the Church’s financial statements each month after they are prepared by the Church’s controller, Bobi Tomlon. Bobi also provides information on Church expenditures, and tracks pledges and member contributions. She keeps track of member contributions that are restricted to specific Church ministries, and she provides a statement to every member showing their contributions for the year.

The committee creates a suggested budget each year based on requests by the Church’s elders and Church staff for their ministries and areas of responsibility. The budget is based on the anticipated resources that will be available for budget expenses. The committee selects individuals that will be responsible for the annual stewardship campaign.

Pastor Jim Noble, an ex officio member, is essential in providing an in-depth overview of the Church’s ministries and the vision

that directs the Church’s efforts in outreach and bringing God’s Word to our community.

2022 Notable Events

The Fellowship Center Elevator

Due to exposure to the outside, the Fellowship Center elevator was subject to wear and tear from the elements. Session approved a project to enclose and make necessary repairs to the elevator. The congregation was asked to contribute the necessary funds to the building and grounds repairs and maintenance account to cover the expense, estimated at $157,000. The congregation responded within two days with donations of $216,000. Weitz Construction was engaged as general contractor to build the enclosure. The project is under way with some delays due to the difficulty in finding subcontractors, but it should be completed in 2023.

Buildings and Grounds Improvements

Buildings and Grounds requested that the kitchen ice maker be replaced due to age and wear and tear. Session approved the replacement, and the ice maker was replaced with the cost of about $5,200 paid out of prior year excess receipts. Amid an evaluation of our A/C needs, Unit 12 failed, and a new unit has been ordered. It is pending delivery as soon as parts for its manufacture are available. Supply chain problems continue.

The Charles B. Jennings Memorial Garden

Since the niches in the Memorial Garden (Garden) were almost sold out, an expansion of the Garden was requested. The expansion was for three new columbariums with 144 new niches, plus changes in the sidewalks and benches. Total cost of the project was estimated at $82,910 and was financed with $45,000 from the Memorial Garden fund plus $37,910 from a loan from the Church. The loan will be repaid from niche sales.

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 31

Covered Parking and Solar

During the year, DHPC entered into an agreement to provide two covered parking areas that incorporate solar units on the roofs at no cost to DHPC. The solar will have the effect of reducing the Church’s power costs to APS over the 20year length of the contract. DHPC will own the facilities at the end of the contract.

House Donation & Audiovisual Upgrades

During the year, the Church and the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation (the Foundation) were recipients of the sales proceeds from a house donation. The Foundation received $1,000,000 from the sale, increasing its ability to invest and provide annual grants to the Church. At the request of the donor, a major portion of the Church’s proceeds of $365,215 were used to upgrade the Church’s audiovisual systems, including new outside and Fellowship Center streaming capabilities. The purpose was to upgrade and increase the outreach of the services being streamed to the public. The donation DHPC received also funded a full-time audiovisual position for 2023.


2022 Budget Results

The 2022 Pledge budget was $875,228 and the non-pledge offering budget was $300,000. Actual results for the year were $964,384 and $341,877 respectively, with total receipts from all sources being $1,351,119. Total expenses for the year were $1,200,656 leaving $150,463 to carry over to 2023.

2023 Budget Campaign

The 2023 Stewardship Campaign, using the working 2023 budget approved by Session, sought to raise $905,000 in pledges. The actual result of the campaign was $949,746 in pledges for 2023. The non-pledge offering budget was set at $300,000 for the new year. Total receipts from all sources were budgeted at $1,404,496. Between the excess receipts and the increased pledges, the small deficit of $18,418, after expenses expected in the 2023 approved requesting budget, would be eliminated. The 2023 expected expenses are shown below:

32 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


2023 GOALS Foundation Grant

The Foundation approved an unrestricted grant of over $57,000 in a letter issued in June 2022. Most of that grant remains to be used. Another Foundation grant should become available during 2023’ The Finance Committee will work with Task Force created by Session, and Session, to find appropriate uses for the funds that meet the grant policies of the Foundation.

Buildings and Grounds Improvements

The Foundation has indicated an interest in further improvements to the Memorial Garden from future grants to the Church. Finance will work with Session to suggest further improvements. The older A/C units will continue to be monitored and replaced as necessary. There is some difficulty in obtaining new units due to supply chain supply availability.

Budget Monitoring

The Finance Committee will work with Session on any budget requests that are outside those anticipated in the 2023 approved budget.

Replace Office Copy Machine

Because of continuing cost overruns in printing costs for the orders of service and bulletins during 2022, Finance is asking for offers to replace the current machine. The offer will include closing our current lease of our Kyocera copier and replacing it with a newer more cost effective model. We have received an offer from Kyocera that reduces our costs substantially and Session has approved the upgrade.

Stewardship Campaign

Finance will work to continue the success of the 2023 Stewardship Campaign for 2024. With supportive help from Pastor Jim Noble and Associate Pastor Brett Everett, we had a very productive campaign this year even though it had a late start. We hope that the 2024 campaign will enjoy the same degree of congregation participation.

Financial Condition

The Church’s 2022 financial reports are on the following pages.

Respectfully submitted,

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 33
34 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT Finance
DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 35
36 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT Finance

Pastors’ Terms of Call

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 37

DHPC Foundation

Foundation President: Eddie Smith

Foundation Board members: Woody Chamberlain, Shelly Core, Bob Kinderman (VP Finance), Marsha Lindquist, Lisa Loran (Secretary), Lynn Oates

Ex officio members: Jim Noble, DHPC Senior Pastor; and Oran Brown, DHPC Finance Elder

We are fortunate to have all of our current Board members returning for 2023.

Fuel Filler Up outreach program, and the Grandparenting Program; as well as making a $10,000 contribution to support Arts in the Rocks and a $5,000 contribution to renew the BrainSavers license.

A major gift – Last spring, Peter and Carolyn Sturrus, long-time members and strong supporters of our Church, donated their Arizona home to the Foundation and DHPC. At their direction, the home was sold with the Foundation’s Endowment Fund receiving $1 million and DHPC receiving the remaining $365,215 of the net proceeds.

(as stated in the bylaws) - The Foundation’s specific purpose is to fulfill the legacy of the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church by providing additional resources for the Church congregation to expand and strengthen the work of the Church.


2023 potential grants – On June 30, the date when the endowment grant was determined, the value of the endowment fund was $1,214,789 which, under our guidelines, would support a grant of about $60,000. In addition, there are non-endowment, restricted accounts that could provide grants for appropriate projects with as much as an additional $18,000. These combined potential grants will make possible many opportunities for the Church to undertake significant new initiatives and investments.

Past grant uses – Grants have been available to the Church for just over a year. During that time these grants have made possible the hiring of instrumentalists for Reformation Sunday and Christmas Eve services; in non-music areas, Foundation grants funded the future installation of permanent choir microphones, the Faith and

Fund investment – From the beginning, the Foundation’s endowment has been primarily invested with the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) in their Long Term Diversified Pool whose investments are managed by a team of highly qualified investment experts. It is the Board’s intention to continue our relationship with ACF.

Investment Performance - The year 2022 was very negative for both the stock and bond markets. For example, the S&P 500 index decreased 19.44% in 2022, while our investment with ACF performed much better having decreased only about 11%. Even better, we are time-averaging the investment of the $1 million Sturrus donation with ACF, which thus far has resulted in an even better return on that money. On December 31, 2022, (the latest date for which results are available at the time this report was prepared) the market value of our endowment was about $1.2 million.

The Foundation, which has been totally funded by members and friends of DHPC, is proving to be a greatly beneficial asset to our

38 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

DHPC Foundation

Church. We have been fortunate in receiving the generous cash gifts and bequests that have been donated to date. However, we need to keep in mind that the more donations we receive the more beneficial the Foundation can be in its support of the Church’s efforts to

share the love of Jesus Christ with our congregation and community.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles B. Jennings Memorial Garden

Leader: Ruth DeMoss

Staff Liaison: Richard Cook

Member: John Marr


To serve the physical needs of our congregation when they meet Jesus face to face.

2022 GOALS

Establish a new leader for the Memorial Garden.

Expand the garden to include a new columbarium to meet our congregational needs.

Coordinate and deliver the final resting place of members’ ashes.

Maintain the garden and honor our veterans at every opportunity.


A new leader has been established for the Memorial Garden. On June 1, 2022 Ruth DeMoss took over the position. Additionally, John Marr volunteered to join the team.

The Memorial Garden was expanded to include three new columbariums, to bring the total to six colubariums. The three new columbariums will be completed early in 2023, due to the production of the niches (144) requiring 8 to 12 weeks.

All member ashes requiring internment in the Garden were done so in a timely manner.

The Garden was maintained through the Building and Grounds Committee, and our Veterans were honored at every opportunity with flags in coordination with Troop Care Ministry. All landscaping is now being maintained by Building and Grounds.

2023 GOALS

Locate and hire a landscape designer in order to improve the landscaping surrounding and within the Memorial Garden, as well as create a plan for future expansion of the Garden to accommodate generations to come.

Continue to promote the Garden to increase sales of niches, in order to pay down, or pay off tthe loan with DHPC.


Total Memorial Garden Inc./(Dec.) ($10,851)

Account $13,179

Respectfully submitted, Ruth DeMoss

Memorial Garden Leader

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 39
Sources Contributions $1,200 Niche Purchases 8,596 Release from Reserve 25,000 Dividend Income 165 Total Sources $34,961 Uses New Columbarium $40,905 Landscape Expense 687 Plaque & Urn Expense 4,220 Total Uses $45,812
in Restricted

Congregational Meeting

40 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Congregational Meeting

DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 41
DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT 43

Congregational Meeting

Congregational Meeting
48 DesertHillsPresbyterianChurch• 2022 ANNUAL REPORT
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