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The Compact EDM 350 – A Right Choice for Your Aircraft

The compact Engine Data Manager 350 manufactured by California based, J.P. Instruments is a small foot-print digital device that keeps track of several key functions of your aircraft engine. Smaller than the average cell phone, the EDM 350 requires just 3.25 square inches of space amongst your instrument panels. Despite its size, the EDM 350 engine data manager, is a powerful little gadget that is armed with the ability to analyse data from 24 different streams. It’s your extra pair of eyes that keeps watch over the engine while you enjoy the flying. The EDM 350 is suited for any 4 or 6 -cylinder aircraft with the basic kits (for the 4-cylinder aircraft) starting at just $798 and the 6-cylinder one priced at $988. An extra paid of intelligent eyes for under $1,000 is definitely a bargain. Any aircraft maintenance technician will tell you that fitting the EDM 350 in the 4 or 6cylinder aircraft is a piece of cake! All you need to do is, first attach the probes and next attach them and the wires to the EDM 350 instrument. Finally, ‘plug-in’ the instrument into the 3.5-square inch space provided for it and you’re done. What could be easier? Now let’s see how the EDM 350 works: The EDM 350 is packed with powerful electronics that can do complex comparisons in nanoseconds and decide whether a particular set of figures is ‘high‘, ‘low’ or ‘normal’. It does

this for 24 different engine parameters and all at the same time. No human can match this ability. When the pilot switches on the aircraft engine, 24 highly sensitive sensors attached to different parts of the aircraft engine, begin transmitting data to the waiting EDM 350 which in turn interprets the data, displays it on the LCD screen and also intelligently decides whether everything is normal or whether there is a problem. Abnormal figures are displayed in red. The EDM 350 keeps watch over these engine parameters: 1. EGT - Exhaust gas temp. 2. Cylinder head temp. 3. ROP/LOP - Lean finder. 4. VDC - Voltage display. 5. DIFF - Engine health. 6. CLD - Shock cooling on all cylinders. 7. Convenient USB data port for data download. 8. Memory for recording 600 hours of data. 9. Custom software that includes Google Earth location. 10. RPM - Prop rotation speed. 11. MAP - Engine Manifold pressure. 12. F.P. - Fuel pressure. 13. O.T. - Engine oil temp. 14. OAT - Outside air temp. 15. O.P. - Engine oil pressure. 16. TIT - Turbine inlet temp. 17. CRB Probes - Carburettor temp. 18. L-R-Main - Fuel quantity in all tanks. 19. CDT - Compressor discharge temp. 20. V-2 - Second volts readout. 21. AMP - Battery load output in amps. 22. Amp-2 - Second load readout in Amps. 23. Percentage HP - With FF, OAT and RPM. 24. FF - Fuel flow includes:  REQ - Fuel required to way point / destination.  GPH - Gallons per hour.  H:M - Endurance in hours and minutes.  USD - Fuel used.  MPG - Miles per gallon For more information on EDM 350 Aircraft engine data manager by J.P. Instruments, please visit:

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EDM 350 – The right choice for your aircraft  

EDM 350 – The right choice for your aircraft