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My Summer Vacation This summer I took a trip to Hawaii with my family. We went with my auntie , uncle, cousin, and her three year old. We stayed in Hawaii for two weeks. The first week we went to Oahu . We stayed in Honolulu and loved it there. The second week we flew to Maui. While in Maui we took a drive called the Road to Hana. The end destination we arrived at was the Seven Sacred Pools. It consisted of seven waterfalls that poured into one another and ended in the ocean just ahead. It was my favorite part of the vacation.

Favorite Hobby One of my most favorite things to do in my free time is to cook and bake. I enjoy cooking and baking things such as stir-fry, pasta, cinnamon buns, and breads. I acquired this hobby by watching the Food Network many years ago and since have become hooked. In the summer time my favorite things to cook are anything on the barbeque. 271049

Julie Phillips

Life In The Country For 15 years I lived in a small community called Poplar Ridge. My family and I moved onto an acreage there when I was five years old. It was out there that I learned how to ride a horse, dirt bike, and build a four story tree house. Seven months ago my family and I moved back into the city. The choice was very hard for my parents to make. My oldest brother lives in Calgary now and my second oldest brother lives in Lethbridge. Since I am the only child living at home now, it didn't make sense to have such a big house. My parents also have a home in Arizona so they like to go away lots throughout the year. Leaving three acres of lawn to be mowed by me was not working out so well. I miss living out there everyday as this is the place where I grew up, made best friends and learned a lot about the great outdoors. 18/01/2013

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