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Ensembles Christmas concert ends the semester with a cheerful note

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Commentary Editor The performers who were a part of the All Ensembles Concert, held Dec. 1, spent the entire semester preparing to put on a great and diverse show for the St. Mary’s community. This performance was the culmination of a whole semester’s worth of practice, dedication and hardwork on behalf of the students who are a part of the ensembles. “I was kind of scared when I first joined the ensemble,” explains freshman music major Wendy Araujo, “but the upperclassmen helped me adjust and make new friends.” Araujo also said she appreciates the university’s close-knit community, and it is one of the things she enjoys the most about the music department. “Everyone knows each other,” Araujo said. Graduating seniors, on the other hand, have come a long way and can finally say that their time to walk the stage is here. Receiving the diploma at the baccalaureate ceremony can


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“Y Not” 1/12


By Lorna Cruz


SHOWS A Christmas Carol: The Musical at the San Pedro Playhouse 11/28/2009 - 12/27/2009 Source:

Trans Siberian Orchestra at the AT&T Center 12/26 Source:

The Daughter of the Regiment at the Municipal Auditorium 1/8 - 1/10 Source:

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be as bittersweet as the last concert was for Valerie Cobos, Richard Sanchez, Joe Tarver and Derek Contreras, the graduating musicians that performed. Cobos, a political science major, said she trusts that the music department will continue doing excellent things once she graduates. “It was a surreal feeling knowing that it was my last performance but it was also great knowing that I was a part of the music department here,” Cobos said. Just like finals week adds stress and a heavier workload, preparing for a performance like the All Ensembles Concert can be just as daunting. Stephan Hardt, who plays saxophone alto, said “It is a challenge, but once you are playing it is wonderful, especially at a concert like this.” The preparation that goes behind this kind of performance takes about a month, Hardt says, with many hours of practice per week. If anyone can see the improvements that the musicians have undergone throughout the semester, it is their professors. John Rankin, director of the Jazz Orchestra, said that what brings him back year after year is seeing his students become successful and go out to do their best. One example of this is when upperclassmen take the baton and conduct the Coro Santa Maria or the Concert Band, like how Denise Molina and Adam Casiano were able to in this performance, respectively. “It’s just a magical thing,” Rankin says. “This is going to be my 30th year on campus; I was supposed to stay for three years, but I didn’t make it!” As the final song of the night came to an end, the concert band members received a standing ovation on behalf of the audience and were able to bask in the satisfaction of ending a semester of hard work with such a gratifying performance. Photo by Analicia Pérez

at Aloha Entertainment 12/20

Gorditas Doña Tota serves up the taste of home


By Luís Miguel Macías Entertainment Editor


The Princess and the Frog 12/11

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Sherlock Holmes

Daybreakers 01/08


12/25 Source:

Gorditas Doña Tota, located on San Pedro Avenue, is a unique fast-food Mexican restaurant that distinguishes itself from its competition because of the quality of the food and the care that is put into making each gordita. With over 10 different ingredients and homemade corn tortillas, you will feel as if you are eating in the comfort of your own home. Speaking of the comfort of your own home, Gorditas Doña Tota has decorations that one would find in a traditional Mexican house. From the baskets on a shelf to the painted ceramic plates, the environment is vaguely reminiscent to my grandmother’s house which only

complemented the magic of the flavorful gorditas. My favorite gorditas are the “chicharron” (pork cracklings) with green chile and the “carne deshebrada” (shredded meat) since they are mildly spicy and each bite is full of flavor. Many restaurants in San Antonio claim to serve the traditional and very hard to make “mole,” but few accomplish making it successfully. At Gorditas Doña Tota, I tasted their mole without high expectations, but as soon as the gordita landed on my tongue, I was transported back home to my mother’s kitchen. I had thought that my mother’s mole was the only one I would ever indulge in, but Gorditas Doña Tota came so close I must admit it rivals my mother’s cooking.

There is no use of cooking oils of any kind used while making the gorditas. The gorditas are heated on a grill which makes them healthy as well as delicious. Every ingredient is handmade on the spot — another factor making these gorditas so appealing. These gorditas are also relatively inexpensive and very satiating. No gordita cost me more than $2, which makes it an ideal place for college students short on money and with a big appetite. María Carlota Murillo, better known by some as Doña Tota, first opened her less than modest gordita stand on a street in Ciudad Victoria. Her delicious recipes made her stand immensely popular among locals and, by word of mouth, the reputation of

her delicious gorditas spread throughout the state of Tamaulipas then throughout Mexico. More than 50 years later, Doña Tota is no longer alive, but her legacy lives on as do her recipes. The Gorditas Doña Tota chain carries on her presence by keeping a replica of Murillo’s own kitchen in a small corner of the dining room in every restaurant. Murillo’s children have expanded the modern corporative organization to over 250 restaurants in Mexico and Texas, making it a worthy competitor to other major fast-food chains. Next time I’m short on cash and very hungry, I will no doubt head to Gorditas Doña Tota, which is probably the most delicious and most healthy fast food alternative in the city.



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Indie Review


'Fantastic Mr. Fox' captures critics with clever lines

AT ARTSY FILMS “An Education”  Dir. by Lone Scherfig Starring: Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard

Glamour and deception is seen through the eyes of a teenaged Catholic school girl in “An EducaRobin Johnson tion” when she is courted by a charming man and learns about the realities she was never taught in school. Jenny (Carey Mulligan) shares an innocent connection with an older man in the 1960s after he drives her home one day. David (Peter Sarsgaard) envelops Jenny in the luxurious life that she reads about. Jenny doesn’t realize that all money comes from somewhere, even if it’s deceitful . The film recreates the hopelessness of women in the 1960s, when they had to decide between education or marriage. Jenny abandons her effort to study at Oxford before she learns that she can really only depend on herself.

Kristofferson and Ash try to go undercover and underground to steal back Mr. Fox's tail after it was shot off by farmers. Top and right bottom photo source: “Fantastic Mr. Fox”  Dir. by Wes Anderson Starring Voices of George Clooney,Cate Blanchett, Jason Schwartzman and Anjelica Huston

By Denice Hernandez Managing Editor Director Wes Anderson’s first animated film portrays the wild life of a fantastically brilliant fox that will leave audiences with a big smile and a greater outlook on life. Anderson, originally from Houston, Texas, has also directed several films like "The

Royal Tenenbaums" and "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou." Based on the 1970s children’s book written by Roald Dahl, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is about Mr. Fox (George Clooney) outsmarting a group of farmers and helping his family and animal friends embrace their special talents. Mr. Fox is not content living in a domesticated world and continuously questions what his purpose in life is. He soon realizes that he is not particularly happy with his life because he is not doing what foxes are meant to do— pursue mischief. Mr. Fox seeks thrills and decides to break a promise he made to his wife Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep). He then begins to steal from the three

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wealthiest and meanest farmers in the county: Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Although Mr. Fox gets satisfaction in providing for his family, he soon faces grave consequences. Mr. Fox and his family are put in danger and forced to burrow deep underground when the farmers team up to get rid of the mischievous fox and put an end to the burglaries. Along with the other animals in the forest, Mr. Fox concocts a plan to get back at the farmers for trapping them underground without food. Mr. Fox encourages each animal to put their own unique strengths together to defeat the opposing forces. In their fight to regain their territory above ground, each animal's abilities are put to the test and they all learn to look within and follow their own animal instincts. This stop-motion animation film with a cast full of puppets is a must-see. Every character is eccentrically lovable and relatable, especially Mr. Fox's frank and competitive son, Ash (Jason Schwartzman). It will be especially entertaining for an older crowd who can understand the movie’s witty humor and appreciate its quirkiness and creativity. However, this artsy film provides lessons for all. Both adults and children alike will appreciate the journey each animal takes to overcome life's obstacles and their own shortcomings. Although eccentric and a bit outrageous at times, Mr. Fox shows us that when we are true to ourselves, then we are truly fantastic.

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