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Coming Soon ALBUMS Paramore “Brand New Eyes” 9/29

Weezer “Raditude” 10/27

Mariah Carey


“Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” 9/29

“Crash Love” 10/6

Backstreet Boys “This is Us” 9/30

Mika “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” 9/21

Shakira “She Wolf” 10/6

Pearl Jam

Switching Channels Kiss summer shows goodbye as the change to fall programming begins.

“Backspacer” 9/20

SHOWS Mars Volta at the Municipal Auditorium


Jamie Foxx

By Amanda Cano

at the AT&T Center 9/27

Staff Writer


Mamma Mia! at the Municipal Auditorium 9/19 Source:

Love Happens 9/18

Fame 9/25

be like it never has before.

“The Vampire Diaries”


Jennifer’s Body 9/18

After waiting all summer long, the well-anticipated line up for the fall season of television is finally approaching. From vampires roaming the halls of high school to the coolest kids in school singing down the hallways, fall television will

Astro Boy 10/23

Coco Before Channel 9/25

Capitalism: A Love Story 9/25 Source:

For all those “Twilight”obsessed fans that don’t know what to do without their vampire fix now that the season finale of “True Blood” is approaching, never fear. Get ready to a take a bite into “The Vampire Diaries” premiering this season as one of The CW’s many new shows, but don’t be under the misconception that this show is anything like “True Blood.” This drama is a war between two vampire brothers and a girl and we all know how hot vampires can get. If fantasy and mythical creatures are your style, be sure to check out the returning season of “Supernatural” right after “The Vampire Diaries,” which airs at 7 p.m. on Thursdays.


After being teased with the new show “Glee’s” pilot

episode, which aired after the season finale of “American Idol,” fans will finally get to indulge in the new series. Taking after “We’re All in This Together” in High School Musical, William McKinley High School’s Glee Club is trying to prove that they too can be just as “cool” as cheerleaders and varsity football players. If you can’t get enough music in your life or were left singing, “Don’t Stop Believing” all summer long, be sure to schedule in some personal downtime at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays on Fox to find out if “The Glee Club” breaks through social barriers on a high note or goes flat.

with Rebecca.


“One Tree Hill”

The third chapter of “Greek” is back and it’s got more scandal than ever before. Now that Casey has actually cut Max loose, will she finally reunite with Cappie or will she realize she let the best thing in her life go for nothing? The word on the street is that there’s some sister betrayal that’s gone on in the Zeta Beta Zeta house and this time Rebecca may have taken it too far. Don’t miss the rest of the “Greek” season on Mondays at 7 p.m. to find out if Ashleigh is going to get mad or get even

“Dancing with the Stars”

One of America’s favorite shows, “Dancing with the Stars,” is back with a new cast including Mya, Macy Gray, Michael Irvin, Aaron Carter, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kelly Osbourne to name a few. Will Melissa Joan Hart, former “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star, be able to cast a magic spell and fly her way through the season or is she cursed to fail? Watch “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC at 7 p.m. on Sept. 21 to find out if Michael Irvin is going to fumble or make a touchdown at the end of the season. “One Tree Hill” is headed for a whirlwind of changes this season as it starts 14 months after where it left off last season. After dropping two of its stars, Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Burton, “One Tree Hill” has signed on three fresh faces. Not to fear, Robert Buckley, Nathan’s NBA agent, is a cutie that’s been under the radar for far too long. Don’t miss this nail biting drama with Brooke, the fabulous fashion designer, who finally gets her prince charming and Nathan, who is on his journey

as a newly signed NBA player with his musician wife Hailey on the CW Mondays at 7 p.m. All is not rainbows and butterflies in Tree Hill though, Nathan and Hailey have some trouble coming with her long lost sister, a new character, who has a steamy secret. Brooke may not get her happy ending if Rachel, a returning star from season three, makes her entrance as fierce as usual.

“Gossip Girl”

Spotted: Blair Waldorf kicking Chuck Bass to the curb and Serena van der Woodsen surrounded by stalkerazzi. That’s right, “Gossip Girl” is back and it’s hotter than ever with returning hottie Chase Crawford. Now that the kids of the Upper East Side are all grown up and going to college, they’re about to find out just how harsh the real world can get. Stay tuned after “One Tree Hill” to get double the drama and find out if Blair Waldorf will fight for her throne in college or will she grow up and finally retire as Queen Bee.


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Play entertains with outlandish themes By Megan Knuth Staff Writer The Cameo Theater’s production of Psycho Beach Party is a laid-back, risqué and entertaining experience. Psycho Beach Party by Charles Busch is a quirky tale set in the 1960s on a Malibu beach. It pokes fun at the care-free beach party movies of yore while injecting the typical formula with satire, off-color humor and general outlandishness. The play tells the story of a teenage girl named Chicklet, played by Walter Songer, who is at odds with the norms of society. An awkward latebloomer, Chicklet just wants to learn how to surf from the local beach bums and has no interest in the main preoccupation of her friends: chasing boys. Songer does a great job of portraying the under-developed and goofy Chicklet, despite a few minor misspeaks. It takes a few minutes to get used to the idea of a young man playing a teenage girl, but Songer does his part effortlessly and with such talent that he ultimately seems perfect for the role. Chicklet’s best friends are boy-crazy Marvel Ann, played by Kate Miller, and Berdine, played by Julie Snyder,who is a

Falling in love is not one of Chicklet’s main priorities, not until she transforms into a dominatrix at least . Photo courtesy of Eric Fonseca bit of a nerd and would rather read Sartre on the beach than chase guys. Chicklet and her friends meet up with a group of surfers, headed by the mighty Kanaka, played by Chris Berry, known to be the best surfer of the bunch. Chicklet’s dream is to learn how to surf from Kanaka, but he and his pals, Star Cat (Damien Moreau), Yo Yo (Christopher

J. Rodriguez), and Provoloney (Miguel Ochoa) initially shrug her off until Chicklet starts experiencing strange episodes during which she assumes the persona of “Anne Bowman,” an experienced and sensual dominatrix. The boys suddenly are very eager to help Chicklet achieve her dream, hoping to see more of this “Anne Bowman.” The

play soon becomes increasingly ridiculous, as Chicklet begins to spend more time with the surfers to her mother’s extreme displeasure. One day as Chicklet and her new friends are combing the beach, they find a very attractive mystery woman, who turns out to be none other than the incognito celebrity Bettina Barnes, played by Paige Hansel, who has become disillusioned with her success as a movie star. Throughout the hatching of the plot, two of Kanaka’s surfing buddies, Yo Yo and Provoloney, develop feelings for each other that are a bit more than friendly. Most of these seemingly random plot twists come together in the conclusion of the play, set at the group’s luau where “Anne Bowman” makes her final appearance. Psycho Beach Party is overthe-top and is completely different from your typical play. If you expect a logical and well-executed plot you will be disappointed. The ending neglects to tie up a few loose ends, and furthermore it is pretty contrived and absurd. Despite these points of weakness, Psycho Beach Party will make you laugh out loud, and you will enjoy the experience of watching this play.

Fueled lyrics add punk touch Touche Amore

“...To the Beat of a Dead Horse”


By Mark Sanchez Staff Writer

Touche Amore is a punk/screamo/ hardcore band from Los Angeles, Calif. and is signed with the indie record label “No Sleep Records.” The band plays a furious, loud style at a pumped up pace. Touche Amore is one of those bands that can be found playing in a crowded room, basement or a hole in the wall venue. Vocalist Jeremy Bolm, sings about corrupt politicians, exhausted nights and existential loneliness with a rawthroated voice complete with yells and screams. The band plays very passionate with emotional tunes comparable to the bands Converge and Mewithoutyou. On Aug. 4, Touche Amore released their second album “…To the Beat of a Dead Horse.” The album has 11 songs with no song longer than two and a half minutes. Each song in this album is strong, powerful, fast and intense, making it a good ol’ punk rock album. Touche Amore will be touring this fall in September and October with Thursday, The Fall of Troy and The Dear Hunter. These bands will not be playing in San Antonio, but can be seen in Austin on Oct. 16 at Emo’s Alternative Lounge.

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“District 9” is more than aliens invading the world

Indie Review



“District 9” 


Dir. by Neill Blomkamp Starring Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope and Nathalie Boltt

By Robin Johnson

By Jessica Solis

Staff Photographer Actor Kevin Spacey deserves an Academy Award for his performance in “Shrink,” but the rest of the film fails to follow suit. The slow plot of “Shrink” transforms sentimental moments into long, drawn-out melodrama that becomes repetitive throughout the movie. Jonas Pate’s direction for the film, along with the writing of Thomas Moffett, aims for a clear mark that the film misses. “Shrink” tells the story of Henry Carter, played by Kevin Spacey, a therapist who uses different methods to treat his problems rather than using the counsel he gives his patients. His patients include the wellto-do of Hollywood and the one pro bono case of Jemma, a young girl with problems similar to his. Jemma is played by Keke Palmer. The film has predictable characters and the scenes are accompanied by the dismal music typical for most dramas. Although the cast, direction and writing of the film are appreciated, “Shrink” seems to be missing the link that creates the impact it strives for. “Shrink” falls into the category of films that are too long to retain the attention of its plot and leaves the feeling of an incomplete storyline.

Staff Writer

Film embraces 1960s “Taking Woodstock”  Directed by Ang Lee Starring Henry Goodman, Edward Hibbert and Imelda Staunton

By Stephen Guzman Features Editor In the small town of Whitelake, New York, a movement which encompassed an entire era of freedom and social unrest took place. Not your typical hippie comedy, “Taking Woodstock” tells the true story of Elliot Tiber, the man who started it all. Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain) does not glaze over the harsh realities of the time. Woodstock, the legendary culture-changing event, took place during an unsettling and unsure era, which characters portray appropriately. Lee explores the deeper afflictions of the hippie movement. Surprisingly realistic scenes of the festival encompass themes of acceptance and freedom. Unfortunately, a slow plot development and sometimes mediocre acting partially hinders the message of “Taking Woodstock.” And the film ends with an abrupt and seemingly empty conclusion, the audience is left wanting more. Ultimately, however, this artful film offers plenty of laughs and an inspiring experience.

Strait still better than most newcomers George Strait “Twang”


By Chris Childree Senior Staff Writer

Arguably, George Strait’s latest album release, “Twang,” should have been given the name of his previous album, “Troubadour.” Strait co-wrote three of the 13 songs in this collection, providing listeners with a unique and introspective look into the country artist’s life. Twang is both powerful and lively, perfectly suited for Strait’s stronger vocals.

A great variety of songs make up the track listing. The title track is a fun and fast-paced honkytonk tune that despite being the weakest track on the album, is much better than anything else currently coming out of Nashville. The reflective song titled “Where Have I Been All My Life” demonstrates how one’s outlook of life progresses with age and includes the memorable line, “these days broccoli does not taste so bad.” In Strait’s advice-giving song “Easy as You Go,” he showcases how remarkably unchanged his voice remains after more than 30 years in the business. The melancholy “Living for the Night,” which Strait co-

wrote, is the strongest and most emotionally-packed track on the album. The song is akin to his 1988 single “Baby Blue,” which was rumored to be about the death of his 13-year-old daughter. The strings-filled “The Breath You Take,” which centers on a father-son relationship, is similar to Strait’s 2000 release “The Best Day.” And it appears to be the perfect song for his next single. “El Rey,” which Strait sings in Spanish, demonstrates the country singer’s versatility, and is a fitting conclusion to one of the greatest albums put out by the King of Country. The album itself is an appropriate closing for the country music artist of the decade.

“District 9” is not your stereotypical alien movie where aliens take over the world. This movie has elements no other sci-fi movie has shown. Sharlto Copley plays the main character Wikus Van der Merwe who is sent to an area called District 9 to relocate the “prawns,” which are aliens who have landed on Earth. District 9 serves as a “haven” located in South Africa, where the prawns have been moved to and left to basically fend for themselves. The unique feature that this film brings is the ignorance of a man trying to do his job and not trying to comprehend the prawn’s side of the story. At no point in the film did the humans stop and ask why the aliens showed up in the first place. Their spaceship had been hovering over Johannesburg for 20 years and no one ever bothered to question what their purpose was. What the aliens feel and what they

need is not important. This movie hints at a subliminal message about immigration and discrimination. In the movie, people didn’t view the aliens as equals. Humans were killing them as if merely stepping on a cockroach, which the aliens even seemed to resemble. But then there is a twist. Wikus, who leads the security force that tries to evict the prawns from their haven, starts to become a prawn. The rest of the movie centers on his struggle to find a way to cure. The alien’s weapons and advanced technology are the only things keeping the humans interested in the prawns. Eventually, the government attempts to use the prawns’ technology. There is a really touching scene towards the end of the film when Wikus helps out a prawn who is trying to go home. At first he was only helping the prawn because he discovers that with the prawns help, he would be able to turn back into a human. Later, Wikus finds himself having to have faith in the prawn, because the prawn is the only thing that can save him. If looking for a film with underlying, meaningful messages, then give District 9 a chance.

“Runway” makes it work By Cristina Gonzalez Senior Staff Writer Break out those sewing machines; Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are back, along with sixteen new designers vying for the top spot in the hit series “Project Runway.” After a prolonged delay due to network negotiations and legal troubles, the sixth season finally aired on Lifetime, Aug. 20 and so far, has been proving to have been worth the wait. In addition to its major move from Bravo to Lifetime, the series has also changed locations. Goodbye, New York and Parsons; hello, Los Angeles and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Model selection, often the spark of designer drama in previous seasons, has also been removed from the main show and moved to the end of the new “Models of the Runway.” While it seems like an engaging premise to pull back the curtain and reveal the ups and downs of being a “Runway” model, the half-hour show falls flat in execution. Only the really dedicated fan will enjoy what feels more like an afterthought than an actual series.

Thankfully, there are some things that remain unchanged to balance out all the changes. The fabric store Mood is the top choice when it comes to meeting the weekly needs of the designers, which might be a comforting landmark to longtime fans of the series still getting used to the Los Angeles skyline. Also returning are judges Nina Garcia of Marie Claire magazine and fashion designer Michael Kors, although for the last three episodes guest judges have filled his chair. After only four episodes, this season promises to provide as many memorable moments as it will memorable garments. It may be too early to call a winner yet, but 24-year-old Shirin Askari and 32-year-old Louise Black (both of whom hail from Texas; the former of Richardson, the latter from Dallas) seem like they have a good shot at making at least the top three. As for the rest of the designers, only time will tell who will make it to the top and who will be the next to hear “auf Wiedersehen.” Be sure to tune into Lifetime on Thursdays at 9 p.m.


“Greek” Mamma Mia! 09-16-09 After waiting all summer long, the well-anticipated line up for the fall season of television is finally approac...

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