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Get the suitable help when it comes to Medicaid Fraud or Food Stamps Fraud Being aware of the fines for Medicaid fraud In case you are not capable to handle your health and medical charges, Medicaid is something, which will help you, get the expected funds for the treatment method. It includes payments on medicinal drugs, treatment centers, nursing facilities, dental charges etc. If you are fallen prey to Medicaid fraud, it is your legal right to present the facts connected with such kind of fraud. Let us now learn what are the penalties for Medicaid fraud - NY. If the provider does not deliver services but an invoice is still raised and whenever the aid isn't given. If the provider gives inappropriate data associated with expenditures and tries to fleece the company for services that have not been offered in any way. If the pharmacist gives a generic medication rather than the branded medication and bills a greater invoice to Medicaid, it is called as Medicaid fraud. Kickbacks, which are offered as presents, trips to the service provider also, are penalized.

In case the service provider bills Medicaid for a greater sum and the expenses don't tally, it implies it is misrepresentation and it can be penalized. The penalty is a fine of 10000 US dollars and it could also extend to 5 years of severe imprisonment. Know the Is Food Stamps Fraud a Felony ? Food stamps are exchanged against money and it is also known as trafficking and there is intense fine and rigid rules if someone is found caught for food stamps fraud. So do you know the penalty charges for food stamps fraud - NY and the measures that are now being taken to stop this trafficking? Food stamps are extended to very poor people that are not able to fend their families and do not have adequate food to eat. The Government developed this food stamps plan to provide adequate nutrition to the lower class. With scams going on, the system has not yet come up with automated and tracking system that will help find the retail stores and suppliers that are suspiciously reselling these food stamps to those who do not are eligible within the food stamps regulations and rules. The people are booked under Category E Felony and there's imprisonment for 4 years. Is Food Stamps Fraud a Felony an intense punishment. Seek help from the expert legal professionals Potashnik & Associates are known Criminal attorneys that offer the appropriate advice and assistance with regards to receiving redress against misdemeanor offences. Once someone is found guilty of criminal violations, it is going to tarnish the impression of self, family and friends and thus it is essential to get guidance from a known defense legal professional who will assist you when it comes to getting out of this mess and trouble. This group of lawyers and attorneys offer first class services and has a status not just in the United States but also around the world. The team of attorneys takes care of everything from medication crimes to company fraud, robbery, thievery, white-collar crimes, firearms offences, Medicare and health care scams. With tremendous holding and popularity in the legal market, they are as well associated with the higher authorities. They are aware of the legalities and law entirely and will support you seek comfort if ever you want their help. Joseph Potashnik & Associates 111 Broadway Suite 1305 New York, NY 10006 (212) 577-6677

Is Food Stamps Fraud a Felony In NYC, food stamp fraud is nothing new. It's been investigated for many years but recently the...

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