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JPC Event Group Recognized for setting the wedding standard, JPC Event Group has elevated nuptial catering to an art form. With exquisite attention to detail, creative and personal menus, and the experience to make it all happen, JPC Event Group will create a one-of-a-kind event anywhere you can imagine. We will guide and assist you with expert planning services, provide the equipment necessary to build your wedding dreamscape, and further your design element with the creation of artistic and distinctive food and sweets. At JPC Event Group, organic, sustainable and delectable food is only the beginning. Our services extend far beyond fine cuisine to include innovative venue selection assistance, inspired design and décor, meticulous planning, distinctive service, full event equipment and minute attention to each detail. This menu of available services affords our clients a streamlined event planning process based upon years of award winning industry experience. Our dedicated event planners and cuisine specialists can assist you with every nuance of your wedding day to produce a perfect occasion.



More than words

Local and Sustainable As much as possible, we shop locally and utilize organic and locally produced foods and culinary products. Our commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of our company extends to the food purveyors and growers associations that we purchase from. We are also ever watchful of the safe harvest and sustainability of the seafood that we serve.

It's Only Natural We have built a reputation for great food by using all-natural, old-fashioned cooking methods. From making pastry by hand to slowly cooking our savory dishes, we make almost all our dishes by hand, using organic, local ingredients rather than frozen or pre-packaged foods. This sets our company apart from local competition.

It Was Great the First Time Around It will be even better when recycled! All of our cardboard, paper and aluminum is recycled. And we offer VerTerra biodegradable disposable-ware made of fallen palm leaves with fair labor.

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A Different Philosophy

JPC Event Group sees each wedding as a one-of-a kind occasion, not just a menu. Providing much more than simply the finest food, we help with every reception detail. JPC event planners listen carefully to their clients. They help them choose a venue, music, flowers; all they need for a perfectly tailored occasion.

Culinary Excellence. Culinary Amusement.

The JPC chefs are willing to meet any challenge. Every type of traditional, innovative and ethnic cuisine is in our repertoire. No matter what the culinary desire, JPC chefs are ready. Our companies commitment to local and sustainable produce and meat sources affords our customers eco-friendly food services, and the highest quality ingredients. True farm to table seasonal menus are custom designed from the harvest bounty to suit the tastes of our clients.


Always Ready For the Unexpected

Most of the time everything runs smoothly, but no matter how meticulous the planning, the unexpected can happen. Power outages, snow storms, heat waves, vendor no-shows and postponements are things that can not be controlled. But with JPC Event Group in charge, contingency plans are in place to handle sudden difficulties of any kind.

Fine Food. Fine Service.

One would think this caliber of catering and attention to detail pricey. Not true. JPC Event Group works very hard to keep their services affordable. We own all the necessary equipment to facilitate your event which alleviates the need for rental companies. We have a staff of over 105 on hand to efficiently prepare for and execute your event. JPC will work within your budget, no matter how big or how small, to provide you with the finest event.

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Pamela Marie Photography

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jxww|Çz cÄtÇÇ|Çz fxÜä|vxá The candles are lit. The favors are placed. The place cards are arranged just so. All the vendors are present and accounted for. As you prepare to walk down the aisle a feeling of calm surrounds you because you know that your JPC Event Group Planner has taken care of everything so that you could relax and reflect on your momentous day without a care! At JPC Event Group, we are well versed in the details that must come together on your wedding day as the ceremony site and reception venue are prepared for celebration, and vendors arrive to fulfill their specific tasks. Our planners are trained to expertly handle each and every nuance, and quietly orchestrate production of your dream event. Let us take care of the tasks while you bask in the day.

fxÄxvà XäxÇà cÄtÇÇ|Çz Well-versed in every nuance necessary to create a dream occasion for your wedding day, we have the experience and vendor relationships built from decades of event production to ensure flawless execution. Our Select planning service is the perfect option for assistance with only those items you require guidance for in your planning process. This option also includes time line creation for your day-of schedule, as well as complete day of direction by your JPC Planner to ensure total peace of mind. Pricing ranges from $500-$1500 for select event planning services based upon customization and includes complete day of direction by your JPC Planner.

VÉÅÑÄxàx XäxÇà cÄtÇÇ|Çz JPC is proud to have a team of Event Planners and Specialists who are extraordinary in their expertise and commitment to brides and the art of managing weddings. You will meet with one of our team to begin to plan every aspect of your celebration, from the moment you arrive until the last guest has left. There is no detail or concern that our staff will not be able to assist you with. You can count on us to listen to you and steer you through what, at times, can seem like an overwhelming process. You can rely upon our calm and years of expertise to help you make the best choices for your event. Pricing ranges from $1500-$2000 for full event planning services and includes complete day of direction by your JPC Planner.



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`ÉÜx à{tÇ t ÑÜxààç ÑÄtàxAAA At JPC Event Group we are so much more than just a pretty plate…we provide design and décor services too. With visionary and trendy design capabilities, and amazing vendor relationships, we offer a full range of innovative décor and floral services for your ceremony and reception, up-lighting, paper goods and invitations, and a stunning collection of table and chair covering selections from our own inventory as well as seven companies across the United States, which simply means that we have the most complete inventory of linens ranging from basic to jaw dropping and everything in between. We offer a number of design and decor options including:  Rental only- we’ll provide the linens and you pick them up at your convenience

and return them after your event.  Design and Installation packages- our team of trained professionals will deliver

and install your florals, décor accents, linens and/or chair covers at the venue of your choice and return for removal after the event.  With JPC Catering- receive discounts on design and décor services, with our JPC Event Group catering services. Our event team will install and remove the florals, décor and linens as part of your event service plan. Make an appointment today with a JPC Décor Specialist and we look forward to sharing our creativity and wonderful inventory of selections with you. Watch for the JPC Event Group decor and equipment display room coming soon at our corporate office.



ixÇâx VÉÇv|xÜzx Different Locations, Same Amazing Results

Whether you are looking for rustic outdoor spaces, ballroom elegance, a modern art concept or just about anything else you can imagine, at JPC we can assist in your search for the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception. With our vast network of preferred and select venue affiliations there is truly something for everyone in every price range. Connect with a JPC Event Planner for free venue concierge service and we will be happy to arrange facility tours and provide you with capacity and pricing information.

Vendor Referrals Looking for the perfect harpist? Need a visionary photographer or videographer to preserve your memories? Dreaming of a towering ice sculpture? At JPC, our planners have first hand knowledge of the area’s finest vendors to assist in your wedding day! Utilize our select planning option for customized help with only what you need.

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exÇàtÄ W|ä|á|ÉÇ j{tà JPC uÜ|Çzá àÉ à{x àtuÄxRAAAA At the most basic, JPC Event Group is full-service. What does that mean you ask? It means that if you need it for your event, we can provide it. Stemware, china in various styles and shapes, flatware, linens, wedding cake stands, tents, chairs, tables, décor, florals, specialty up-lighting, aisle runners, service staff, bartenders, chef attendants…well you get the picture. When we say full-service, we mean full service. Our event planners are trained and well versed in the needs and requirements of the venues we service. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your event will have every necessary item for worry-free success. The equipment and services you select will be custom built into your event plan along with cuisine, sweets and any other culinary services you desire to arrive at a complete pricing structure that gives you the peace of mind regarding no hidden costs, or last minute unexpected needs or rentals. You can rest assured that if you need it for the success of your event, we’ve got it.



JPC Rental Division: v{|Çt ctv~tzxá

V{|Çt Ñtv~tzxáM Standard china Service– Round  Round porcelain dinner plate, glass salad plate and flatware  Water goblet with self-serve water service in clear pitchers $1.99 per person Standard china Service– Square  Square porcelain modern dinner and salad plates and flatware  Water goblet with self-serve water service in clear pitchers $2.29 per person Full china Service– Round  Round glass plate for appetizers, salad course and cake or dessert service. Glass round soup bowl if soup is served.  Round porcelain dinner plate, with flatware as needed for all courses  Water goblet with self-serve water service in pitchers $2.99 per person Full china Service– Square  Square porcelain modern plates for appetizers, salad course and cake or dessert service. Square porcelain soup bowl if soup course is desired  Square porcelain modern dinner plate, with flatware as needed for all courses  Water goblet with self-serve water service in pitchers $3.29 per person

China FAQS: 

Standard china packages include clear plasticware or foam plates for appetizers and dessert/cake service.  Server attended water or coffee service tableside is an additional fee of $ .50 per guest.  Patrons desiring china plates for cookie displays can rent plates in square or round for $ .45 per plate.  White porcelain mugs are included in coffee station pricing for those patrons purchasing coffee stations.



JPC Rental Division: áàxÅãtÜx tÇw fÑxv|tÄàç |àxÅá fàxÅãtÜx Following is a sample Champagne flute Wine glass– teardrop Beverage glasses for beer Banquet goblet Martini glass stem Stemless cosmo glass Shot glass Sterling champagne bucket

$ .35 per stem $ .30 per stem $ .25 per glass $.30 per glass $ .45 per stem $ .35 per glass $ .30 per glass $6.00 per bucket

listing of the available

ÜxÇàtÄ |àxÅá

that JPC can provide for your reception. * Turn the page for linens and chairs too!

gtuÄxá 48” round 60” round Cocktail 30 x 42” high 8 foot banquet

$7.00 each $9.00 each $8.00 each $8.50 each

fÑxv|tÄàç |àxÅá Charger plates– round Colors available: Silver, gold or black

$ .99 per place setting

Wedding cake stands $25.00 per stand Many styles available: silver, brass or wood finishes Pipe & Draping Colors available: white or ivory

$22.00 per 8 x 10 panel

Table number frames

$1.09 each

Chocolate fountain $395.00 package Includes chocolate, fountain and attendant Dipper packages available– ask your JPC planner


All sizes and shapes from $215-$2500

Tent heaters $55 patio style, $100 for 80,000 btu Tent Liners, chandeliers, specialty lighting custom pricing

WtÇvx YÄÉÉÜá 3x3 Teakwood Specialty colors and styles

$9.95 each custom pricing 7


JPC Rental Division:

Ä|ÇxÇ tÇw V{t|Ü átÅÑÄx ÑÜ|v|Çz Tablecloths*and Napkins BASIC LINEN– all colors

DUCHESS SATIN– all colors

85“ Square standard (guest table)

$8.50 per table plus shipping

Not available

120” round (guest table or high top)

$15.60 per table plus shipping

$26.00 per table plus shipping

132” round Floorlength (guest table)

$18.20 per table plus shipping

$32.50 per table plus shipping

90 x 156 Floorlength for 8 foot banquets ( head table, dj, gifts, placecard)

$23.40 per table plus shipping

$39.00 per table plus shipping

Banquet cloth w/skirting(head table, dj, gifts, placecard)

$23.00 per table plus shipping White, ivory or black only

Not available

90” round

$8.00 per table plus shipping

$14.30 per table plus shipping

108” round (sweetheart table)

$13.00 per table plus shipping

$19.50 per table plus shipping


.75 per guest plus shipping

$1.30 per guest plus shipping

Table Overlays* and Runners Basic Linen– all colors

Duchess Satin– all colors Sparkle Organza

84 x 84 square

$8.50 per table plus shipping

Not available

$13.00 per table plus shipping

90 x 90 square

Not available

Not available

$14.30 per table plus shipping

90” round

$8.00 per table plus shipping

$14.30 per table plus shipping

$15.60 per table plus shipping

Table runner

Not available

$2.50 per table plus shipping

$2.00 per table plus shipping

*Specialty tablecloths and overlays with embroidered patterns, lacework, taffeta, crystals or other fine detail work available in a WIDE range of styles, patterns and fabrics and are priced based on selection. Please speak with a JPC Décor Specialist regarding options.

Chair Options White or Natural Wooden Garden Chair rental

$4.50 per chair {plus delivery fee}

Chivari Chair rental {gold, silver, black, white, fruitwood}

$8.50 per chair {plus delivery fee}

Standard cloth chaircover* with sash** *Buhl Mansion chairs require an oversized cover at additional cost.

$4.50 per chair installed plus shipping (**satin sash $1 upgrade per chair)

Satin pillowcase chaircover {many colors}

$6 per chair installed plus shipping

Sparkle organza sash for garden or chiavari chair

$1.50 per sash plus shipping

Duchess satin sash for garden or chiavari chair

$2.00 per sash plus shipping

Tà à{x àÉâv{ Éy ÄÉäx? xäxÜçÉÇx uxvÉÅxá t ÑÉxàA @ Plato

Service 


Performance Stations

Our chef attended performance stations are THE top reception trend. With a variety of amazing cuisine options, and fresh-made quality, guests love choosing their favorite foods while viewing the preparation. 

fÅtÄÄ ÑÄtàx vÉÇvxÑàá

Presented either stationed, by chef cart, or sit-down as courses, our small plates encompass every imaginable taste and theme. Guests get their fill by sampling an array of “club plates” and shooters. 

Family style service

An elegant yet informal alternative to the buffet, family style service creates an intimate vibe for your reception as servers deliver beautiful porcelain platters and serving bowls of steaming menu items to each table. 

fxtàxw„ wâxà ÑÄtàx

Formal sit-down service comprised of two entrees plated together for guest enjoyment and ease of record keeping for the host. 

fxtàxw„ xÇàÜ°x v{É|vx

Formal sit-down service delivered to each guest based upon their pre-selection of entrée. 

Cocktail reception

A fine selection of displayed and hand butlered small bites and appetizers for an elegant, less structured reception. 

V{xyËá vtÜàá

Delight your guests with our trendy rolling chef’s carts. Chef’s prepare or showcase club plate portions of your favorite menu items or street foods cart side. 

Traditional buffet

Traditional selection of entrees, vegetable selections, side dishes and salad.



cÜ|v|Çz etÇzx Zâ|wx With more than two thousand menu items in our repertoire, JPC EVENT GROUP can create a personalized menu perfectly suited to your theme and individual tastes. Our wide-ranging menu selections can fit within anyone’s budget, and our array of service styles from appetizer events to performance stations, means that we truly offer something for every taste. Let us help you design a menu that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

`xÇâ VtàxzÉÜ|xá {Price per person}

Traditional dinner buffet Elegant dinner buffet Family style seated dinner Formal seated dinner– duet plate Formal seated dinner– entrée choice

starting at $14.98 starting at $21.98 starting at $17.98 starting at $19.98 starting at $24.98

Chef cart small plates Chef performance stations Small plate concept menus

starting at $19.98 custom quote based upon selections custom quote based upon selections

Light appetizer menu Hors d’oeuvres buffet Elegant cocktail reception

starting at $10.98 starting at $15.98 custom quote based upon selections

Barbeques and gourmet grille Themed and International menus

starting at $15.98 custom quote based upon selections

Award-winning dessert buffets Ice cream buffets Dessert chef performance stations

starting at $9.98 starting at $3.98 custom quote based upon selections

Bar Services: {JPC Event Group holds a Pennsylvania State liquor license} Bartenders only $25/per hour each Mixer packages starting at $4.00 Alcohol packages wine/beer only: starting at $7.00 full bar with mixers: starting at $10.00

Performance Stations: Salad-tini Station Mixed greens, artisan cheeses, nuts, fruits, organic vegetables and other fine accompaniments all shaken, not stirred together in etched martini shakers with our house-made dressings and served up in martini glasses.

V{ÉÑÑxw ftÄtw fàtà|ÉÇ Chef attendants chop a mixture of organic greens, cheeses, fruits and fresh seasonal vegetables to create your ultimate salad blend with our house-made dressings and accents like crispy wonton strips or rice noodles. Lettuce Wrap Station Crisp bib lettuce cups with an array of delicious fillings fresh from the wok ranging from garlic soy baby shrimp to teriyaki chicken or succulent five spice beef. Top with your favorite garnish like julienne carrots, chopped peanuts, crispy wonton strips, scallions, bean sprouts, organic broccoli slaw, Chinese noodles and so much more! Sips and Savories Station Small sips of your favorite chef made soups like tomato fresh basil soup, butternut squash puree, lobster bisque, smoked corn chowder...accented with memorable savories like mini brioche toasted cheese, shrimp skewers, corn crab fritters, or mini paninis.



cxÜyÉÜÅtÇvx áàtà|ÉÇá and small plates are the ultimate tasting menu for your guests as they are able to indulge in a wide display of exciting food concepts and tastes. The exhibition of our chefs attending the action stations for your guests adds an enticing amount of drama to the event and an air of adventure beyond the norm.



Performance Stations:

xÇàÜ°x fàçÄx

Mediterranean Pasta Station Fresh pastas, authentic sauces and pestos, baby shrimp, andouille sausage, chicken and a wide range of toss-in options from organic vegetables to olives, pine nuts or gourmet cheeses make this chef attended station a hit at any reception. Skewer Meat Station Think tender chicken satays with thai peanut dipping sauce, or beef medallions skewered on fresh rosemary sprigs with horseradish cream sauce on the side! This delicious station concept has something for everyone with a large variety of meat and seafood pairings served on skewers with a myriad of dips, sauces and chutney accents. Our JPC favorite– shrimp and andouille sausage skewers! Asian Wok Station Steaming woks of stir-fried vegetables and asian seasoned meats are prepared in this action station for guests to mix and match to their own tastes in Chinese takeout boxes accompanied by jasmine rice or fried rice. And of course, fortune cookies, complete the inspiration delectably. Our JPC favorite— garlic shrimp with peapods, almond slivers and scallions!

axã lÉÜ~ fàxt~{Éâáx fàtà|ÉÇ Our most popular entrée station! Slow roasted rosemary beef tenderloin, grilled porterhouse, or slow roasted cranberry orange glazed pork tenderloin, our famous creamed spinach with asiago and sea salt roasted baby baked potatoes with savory toppings are complimented by a full array of house-made steak sauces. Meat Carving Station Virginia baked ham with Dijon glaze, Flagship of beef with au jus, Oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry chutney...our succulent carved meats are accompanied by house-made sauces and savory chutneys for a superior culinary experience! Pairings Station Your favorite JPC entrees paired with the best ales, wines, or specialty drinks in miniature form. Delicious and entertaining!



Performance Stations: Mac ‘N Cheese Station This is not your mom’s mac ‘n cheese! Picture gooey cheesy goodness in a variety of flavor profiles like homestyle cheddar, or feta and sundried tomato with organic spinach. And how about an assortment of mix-ins? Lobster, steamed broccoli florets, caramelized onion, crumbled bacon and whatever else you can dream of!

yâÇ tÇw gÜxÇwç

Pittsburgh Station Small plate presentations of ALL your Pittsburgh favorites made fresh on this unique regional station. Dreaming of a Primanti Brothers mini capicola with fries and slaw, or a mini perogies served up hot with truffled shallots? This station can also include beer braised kielbasa, Pittsburgh steak salad-tinis, mini stuffed cabbage rolls or any other city favorite!

Gourmet French Fry Bar Fresh hot fries or kettle chips served in paper cones with specialty seasoning blends, gourmet dips or sauces, and favorites like cheese sauce or vinegar. Or try our sweet potato variety with brown sugar, cinnamon “dust” and marshmallow creme for dipping! And for a more unique twist...try our fried pickles or green bean “fries.” Flaming Mushroom Station Porcini, cremini, portabello, baby bella, shittaki, button… well you get the picture! This station is all about mushrooms. Deliciously sautéed in a flaming marsala presentation and served with herbed crostini. To. Die. For!

VÉÅyÉÜà YÉÉw fàtà|ÉÇ

Slider Station Mini burgers with artisan cheeses, caramelized onion, bacon and a host of other toppings, crabcake sliders with authentic remoulade or roasted red pepper aioli, miniature gourmet Chicago style hotdogs with custom relish, BBQ pulled pork with hand cut slaw on brioche egg rolls, succulent lobster roll sliders… Pick and choose your favorite sliders to feature on this crowd pleasing station that is also great as a late night savory ending. Accented with garlic and asiago house-made kettle chips!

All the comforts of food with a gourmet twist...try our feta and sundried tomato mac and cheese with our buttermilk fried chicken drumettes. How about a medallion of roasted turkey and a stuffing cupcake topped with mashed potato “icing?” Our bourbon braised spareribs melt in your mouth served up with our bleu mashed potatoes. Or for a really down home taste...our sweet potato biscuits filled with slices of our oven roasted pit ham! The ultimate station!

Many of the JPC

cxÜyÉÜÅtÇvx fàtà|ÉÇá are formulated for late night snacking or as a

savory ending to your reception. With themed décor and unique props, they will also enliven your reception atmosphere.



Performance Stations:

ÉÇ à{x f|wx

Baked Potato Bar It all starts with a baked russet or oven roasted yam– then the fun begins as guests choose from an array of gourmet and savory toppings which include cheeses, herb infused butters, caramelized onions, bacon, fresh chives, steamed broccoli or cauliflower, lobster or crabmeat, chili, sour cream and more. Mashed Potato or Mashed Yam Station Picture steaming mashed orange marmalade yams topped with caramelized ginger, brown sugar, shredded pineapple, sugared pecans and clove infused butter in a cosmo glass. Or how about our savory asiago whipped Yukon gold mashed potatoes topped with sour cream, freshly chopped chives and fresh grated parmesan? The topping selections are endless. Think five alarm chili in a cast iron skillet with fresh shredded aged cheddar— Need we say more?

Performance Stations:


Tuscan Station Fresh made tapenades and bruschettas of the finest market fresh tomatoes, aged cheeses, imported olives and more with herb and parmesan crostinis. Quesadilla Station Served with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and other toppings, plus choose from an array of house-made salsas and tortilla chips.

`|Ç| gtvÉ fàtà|ÉÇ Our menu of taco options can’t be beat. With unique filling combinations and house made salsas and tapas toppings for finish, you will think you are South of the border! Mexican Station The freshest unique specialties including our sopa de lima, ancho chilie sautéed shrimp with garlic, house enchiladas, chipotle sweet potatoes and a variety of empanadas for a sweet ending. Paella Station Enjoy a station of Spanish origin with savory paella variations. Seafood, chorizio, rice and delicious vegetables created live by our chef attendants. Delicious!

The variety of \ÇàxÜÇtà|ÉÇtÄ fàtà|ÉÇ options are endless and completely customizable. They can be formulated to suit your tastes, theme and locale!

Performance Stations: French Crepe Station C’est bon… chef’s create melt in your mouth crepes filled with vanilla bean ice cream or nutella that guests can top from the gourmet options like chocolate ganache, organic berries and fresh crème. Sorbet Martini Station How fun to end your meal with an attended station centered around house sorbets, and champagne or flavored seltzers prepared to order in mini martini glasses?

t áãxxà XÇw|Çz

WxááxÜàá are ALWAYS on the menu at JPC! And we have a stellar array of stations designed to tempt your

áãxxà àÉÉà{!

Chocolate Fondue Station Luscious berries, rich brownie squares, fluffy poundcake squares, marshmallows, pirouettes, organic bananas, and so much more dipped in dreamy melted chocolate fondue! LOVE! Ice Cream Sundae Bar Our sundae attendants will scoop out fresh churned ice cream into cosmo glasses for guests to top with their favorite toppings like crushed oreos, hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles and jimmies, nuts, fresh fruit, brownie bites, and of course a cherry on top. MilkShake Bar Get your shake on with our milkshake “baristas” as we create delicious mini shakes in a variety of favorite flavors and unique combinations and serve them up in vodka shot glasses with soda straws!

gÉÜv{xw fÅÉÜxá fàtà|ÉÇ Picture the fun of our chef’s torching house-made graham crackers dipped in rich chocolate and marshmallow meringue for your guests enjoyment! So. Much. Fun! Flaming Dessert Station Chef attended bananas foster and cherries jubilee served with velvety vanilla ice cream! A dramatic presentation. Specialty Coffee Shoppe Station Specialty coffees, teas and hot cocoa fresh brewed with an assortment of flavored syrups, crèmes, and garnishes.



\ ÄÉäx à{xx àÉ à{x wxÑà{ tÇw uÜxtwà{ tÇw height Åç áÉâÄ vtÇ Üxtv{ .

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Small Plate Concepts:

ÉÜztÇ|v WxÄ|z{àá

Salads and vegetables: Heirloom tomato caprese with fresh basil and pesto small plate Lobster salad with watercress on origami plate or silver spoon Deconstructed Caesar salad in cosmos glass with parmesan twist Romaine chopped salad martini with mandarins & crispy wontons Couscous salad with roasted vegetables and fresh herbs shot Cobb Salad on silver tasting spoons Bacon and romaine skewers with bleu cheese dressing Fresh mozzarella, roma tomato on edible basil infused spoon Tomato, walnut, bleu cheese salad with Vidalia vinaigrette cosmo Roasted beet goat cheese salad with sherry-walnut vinaigrette Grilled broccoli and bread salad with pickled shallots cosmo Arugula with peas, pistachios and pecorino on square small plate Spicy cucumber mint Asian noodle salad in mini takeouts Mozzarella, sun dried tomato rosemary skewer trio Zucchini carpacio with parmesan zucchini tartlet Couscous salad with Zucchini and Roasted almonds Celery root and apple salad with hazelnut vinaigrette Grilled asparagus with tarragon mayonnaise Garden vegetable panzanella

What is a small plate?

"Small plate" refers simply to the style of serving multiple small courses of food at a meal rather than a few larger courses. In the small plate world “appetizers are the new entrées,” and they comprise the ultimate tasting menu for your guest’s to pick and choose what amuses them. The options abound for service style with small plates: Serve them sit down in multiple courses. Serve them on rolling chef’s carts that meander through the throngs of guests. Serve them “club plate” style where they are hand butlered to the guests. Or serve them from performance stations with chef attendants.

fÅtÄÄ ÑÄtàxá tÜx à{x âÄà|Åtàx àtáà|Çz ÅxÇâ4



Small Plate Concepts:


Savory Sips Gazpacho shooter with grilled shrimp skewer Lobster shot– knuckle of lobster atop corn coulis garnished with roasted red pepper Tomato basil soup shot with mini brioche toasted cheese Butternut Squash Soup shooter with fresh ginger and nutmeg Sip of smoked corn chowder garnished with crab-corn fritter skewer and chive Wild mushroom brie bisque espresso shot French onion with gruyere cheese espresso shot Butternut squash soup with brie, green pear panini on pumpernickel Carrot ginger soup shot with roasted peanut garnish

áxtyÉÉw ftäÉÜ|xá Seared Diver Scallop atop sweet soy Southwest Grilled Shrimp with Chipotle red pepper coulis Smoked Salmon Napoleon Crabcake cosmos with remoulade Tillapia filet with sun-dried tomato and herb crust Tillapia with asiago spinach crust Lobster and pineapple skewer with sesame-soy vinaigrette Scallop with warm tomato basil dressing Shrimp Rockefeller club plate



Small Plate Concepts:

Ñtáàt tÇw XÇàÜxxá


Merlot and shallot braised beef shortribs with asiago Yukon potatoes Chicken palliards with heirloom tomatoes Beef on bibb lettuce leaf with crispy oriental rice noodles and sesame ginger sauce Cranberry, apple and sage chicken roulade Rosemary beef skewers with horseradish cream sauce Garlic orange pork tenderloin medallions Baby lamb chop lollipops with balsamic glaze Roast breast of turkey with stuffing cupcake and mashed potato icing

xÇàÜ°x ct|Ü|Çzá Grilled beef tenderloin with porcini mushroom ragout and WINE pairing Micro-pub fish and chips small plate with ALE pairing Kobe beef burger slider with ALE pairing Pork confit tacos with grilled pineapple salsa with mini MARGARITA pairing

ctáàtá Tortellini sun-dried tomato basil shots or skewers Artisan Pasta Forks with fresh pestos, caponatas, and olive paste Gnocchi with wild mushrooms and asiago atop a bed of braised fresh spinach Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage and toasted hazelnuts Wild mushroom ravioli with basil pesto Shrimp scampi ravioli with compound garlic butter Artichoke and asiago stuffed rigatoni with walnut pesto Mini Mac ‘n Shrooms ramekins Mini Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese ramekins Penne with roasted asparagus and balsamic butter



Small Plate Concepts:



Pulled pork slider with southern style slaw Crabcake slider with roasted pepper & JPC remoulade Angus burger caramelized onion and cheddar slider Braised beef “Sloppy Joe” slider Braised short rib slider Lobster roll slider Chicago style mini hot dogs Southern baked ham sweet potato biscuit slider Italian sausage and fontina biscuit slider Avocado BLT slider Grilled baby “bella” portabello slider Meatball marinara mozzarella slider

fÅtÄÄ ÑÄtàx



Nearly every menu item from the JPC culinary division can be formulated into a small plate presentation. The items listed in the small plate section are sample representations of the impressive range that this popular culinary style has.


Small plate china and stemware are included in the price of the menu items so no additional rental fees apply.


The JPC Rental division owns an impressive array of square, origami, divided and ramekin style small plate china, tasting spoons in metal and porcelain, espresso cups, shot glasses...and so much more.

[Éã yâÇ4



_Éäx |á à{tà vÉÇw|à|ÉÇ |Ç ã{|v{ à{x {tÑÑ|Çxáá Éy tÇÉà{xÜ ÑxÜáÉÇ |á xááxÇà|tÄ àÉ çÉâÜ ÉãÇA5 @Robert Heinlein

Appetizers or Cocktail Events:


TÑÑxà|éxÜá are one of our specialties. With trendy display formats, unique taste combinations, and a dedication to scratch-made organic preparations, our appetizer selections set the tone for an enjoyable and impressive event. Whether showcased as an opener, or as the main event, we have something for every taste, theme or preference.

ÑÜx@áxà à{xÅxw W|áÑÄtçá The Classic Display Option: An elegant crudite display of chilled fresh fruit selections, organic vegetables with dip displayed in silver martini glasses, and an array of traditional cubed cheeses with crackers. $5.99 per person

Tuscan Table Display Option:

A fine array of fresh tomato bruschetta, roasted red pepper capanota, black olive capanota, and seasonal bruschetta varieties, accented by herbed crostini, Italian breadsticks and flatbread crackle with imported olives. $6.99 per person

The Grecian Display Option:

A savory display of Greek “salad skewers” of feta, kalamati olives, pepperoncini peppers and grape tomato, Spanakopeta phyllo triangles with dill dipping sauce, and hot parmesan artichoke dip with tortilla and pita chips. $5.99 per person

à{x tÜà|átÇV{xxáx w|áÑÄtç ÉÑà|ÉÇ: A beautiful display of artisan cheese blocks on slates with gourmet crackers, imported olives, and mixed nuts. (Cheese selection examples: Crumbly Gorgonzola, Brie, French Chevre, Havarti with Dill, Pear and Apple Stilton, Humboldt fog, Vermont Aged Cheddar, Horseradish, Fingerlakes Champagne, Smoked Gouda and many more.) $7.99 per person

The Antipasto Table Display Option:

Tomato Basil Bruschetta, Marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts, Roasted red peppers, Salami and proscuitto, Cheeses– aged provolone, fresh mozzarella, Assorted olives, Tomato boccacini mozzarella salad, Herb garlic crostini and rustic Italian breads with dipping oils. Basic $5.99 per person Deluxe $7.99 per person

“The Scoop on Dip” Display Option:

A seasonal selection of dips from our array of housemade specialties accompanied by the best “chips.” Examples: Wild mushroom dip, Roasted butternut squash dip, Farmhouse cheddar and tomato fondue, Shanghai shrimp dip, Fire roasted corn and sweet pepper salsa, Tropical fruit salsa, and many more. $5.99 per person Special theme? ...our chefs can create a custom appetizer display!



Appetizers or Cocktail Events:


TÑÑxà|éxÜ FAQ’S 

Appetizer selections are priced by the piece or by the person based upon selections.  Most items can be hand butlered to your guests for elegant presentation.  Many appetizers can be presented by chef cart or as a station for cocktail events.  Items with stemware for presentation include the stemware in their pricing.

Andouille sausage & shrimp kabob Antipasto kabob Asparagus in phyllo with crispy asiago Artichoke and parmesan in a phyllo purse Bacon wrapped waterchesnut– BBQ or Sesame Bacon wrapped fig or apricot Bacon wrapped shrimp– BBQ or Sesame Bacon wrapped sea scallop Brie with raspberry and almond in phyllo Butter pecan shrimp Caramel apple goat cheese in phyllo purse Chicken pineapple teriyaki skewers Crabcake mini martini with remoulade V{|ÄÄxw yÜâ|à áÉâÑ á{Éà ätÜ|xà|xá Cobb salad tasting spoon Coconut shrimp with cocktail sauce VÉÜÇ ÑtÇvt~x ã|à{ ÑÉÜ~ vÉÇy|à Feta and sundried tomato phyllo triangle Frank in a blanket with grain mustard Fresh mozzarella caprese skewer Fresh fruit bruschetta with sugar baguette Garden gazpacho shooter Goat cheese covered grapes– pistachio crust _tÅu ÄÉÄÄ|ÑÉÑ ã|à{ Ñ|áàtv{|É vÜâáà Lobster salad on English cucumber crisp London broil panetini with herb mayo Marscapone and red onion tart Mediteranean chicken, fig, tomato kabob Miniature quiche medley

`xtàutÄÄ ÅtÜ|ÇtÜt vÜÉáà|Ç| yÉÜ~ Miniature soup boule– French onion or Lobster bisque Miniature hamburger slider assortment Miniature Chicago style hot dog Parmesan artichoke dip with tortilla & pita Pasta fork variety Pistachio crusted fried goat cheese Proscuitto wrapped melon Proscuitto wrapped asparagus Proscuitto wrapped peaches with mint Phyllo tartlets– vegetable ranch crudite Phyllo tartlets– shrimp with dill or cocktail Shrimp and grits crisps Seafood ceviche cone Shrimp cocktail shooter fÄ|wxÜ ätÜ|xàç„ ÑâÄÄxw ÑÉÜ~? ÄÉuáàxÜ? 9 ÅÉÜx Smoked salmon pinwheel with caviar Soup espresso shooter variety with savory Spanakopita triangles Spinach dip with pumpernickel and pita Springroll variety– chicken cashew, veggie Strawberry cream cheese bites Stuffed mushroom cap variety Tomato basil bruschetta with herb crostini Tomato ricotta square with microgreens Tortellini basil sundried tomato fork Thai peanut chicken satay Watermelon feta cubes with balsamic Wonton variety 21


Appetizers or Cocktail Events:

áàÜxxà YÉÉwá

fàÜxxà yÉÉw is the hottest culinary trend today… perfect as an appetizer, a performance station, or as a savory ending to your event as guests depart, our menu of mini tacos, flatbreads, sliders and savory cupcakes made from scratch of fresh ingredients will be both scrumptious and entertaining!

Miniature Tacos:

Braised beef shortrib taco with caramelized onions BBQ beef brisket with Mexican crema Sonora pulled pork with salsa fresco Smokey bacon taco rolls Chicken, apple and goat cheese with sundried tomato pesto Chicken and chorizo with salsa fresco Thai shrimp with thai slaw Baja style tempura fish taco with salsa fresco Portobello mushroom with chipotle, gouda and pine nuts Wild forest mushroom and garlic with tomato salsa and fresh chives

ftÄátá Tomatilla-Avocado Salsa fresco Mango– banana Ranchero sauce Chipotle sauce

and sauces: Baja cabbage slaw Green grape salsa with scallions & mint Grilled corn and tomato salsa Apple, cucumber and red pepper salsa Mango– tomato salsa



Macaroni and three cheese cupcake with a roma tomato topper Homestyle meatloaf cupcake with mashed potato icing Stuffed breast of chicken cupcake with white wine drizzle

Flatbreads & pizza squares:

Our specialty flatbreads and pizza squares are hand-carried on woodened pizza peels.

Margherita– roma tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil Three Italian cheeses Tomato and ricotta with microgreens Pesto with sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and asiago Roasted vegetable– broccoli, onion, pepper and mushroom Vegetable, ranch and cheddar Yukon potato and chorizo sausage Spinach, mushroom, parmesan and kalamata olive Pear, gorgonzola, caramelized onion, and toasted walnut BBQ chicken, smoked gouda, red onion, and fresh cilantro Americana– thin sliced pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato Portobello and crimini mushroom, fresh arugala, parmesan Olive oil, cheddar, fuji apples and ham Olives, feta and artichoke Artichoke, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomato, pesto


Pulled pork with southern slaw on brioche egg roll Apple bourbon bbq pulled short rib “Sloppy joe” short rib Meatball marinara with mozzarella Angus burger with cheddar, pickle and onion Angus burger with bacon and cheddar Chicago style hotdog with toppings Lobster salad Crabcake with roasted red pepper and remoulade Virginia baked ham sweet potato biscuit

Stuffed turkey cupcake with mashed potato icing

TvvxÇà çÉâÜ áÄ|wxÜá ã|à{ ÉâÜ ytÅÉâá yÜxá{ tá|tzÉ {xÜu ~xààÄx v{|Ñá4




àtuÄxá|wx fxÜä|vx

Artisan Platters

For a truly formal presentation, greet your guests tableside with appetizer platters of our most popular starters. Choose from an assortment of fine quality artisan cheeses with honey, dried fruit and nut accompaniments, or our house made organic salsas and seasonal bruschettas. View our sample list of options below.

gtuÄxá|wx fàtÜàxÜá For the ultimate indulgence present a seafood or pasta starter course as guests are seated for dramatic appeal. Followed by a palate cleansing sorbet course before dinner service commences, it sets the tone for a meal to remember. See a sample listing of options below.

TÑxÜ|à|äÉ4 Artisan Platters

Artisan cheese platter with gourmet crackers, dried fruits, nuts and honey

Housemade organic salsa variety platter with tortillas Antipasto platter with herbed crostini, imported olives, charcuterie, cheeses and more Tuscan tapenade and seasonal bruschetta platter with crostini and breadsticks Gouda fondue with caramelize onions and pancetta with crusty breads and pretzels

àtuÄxá|wx fàtÜàxÜá

Shrimp cocktail martini stem with house cocktail sauce and citrus garnish Barbecue bacon wrapped shrimp small plate Seafood ceviche Maryland style crabcake cosmopolitan Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage, hazelnuts and four cheese Ricotta Gnudi in parmesan broth Chilled seasonal fruit soup– cantaloupe, watermelon or strawberry Zucchini carpaccio with parmesan zucchini tartlet



`ç {xtÜà |á xäxÜ tà çÉâÜ áxÜä|vxA -William Shakespeare

Menu Items: VÉÅÅ|àÅxÇàá Continuing our strong commitment to Farm-to-table food preparation and safe fishing sustainability, select menu items are marked respectively throughout the categories. Our chefs seasonally available items will also be featured in addition to the enclosed menu items, so be sure to ask your culinary specialist about these items at your menu planning appointment.

f|à@wÉãÇ? ytÅ|Äç fàçÄx? ÉÜ uâyyxà

Service Styles Today’s culinary marketplace offers bridal couples a world of choices for food presentation. At JPC we enjoy offering our clients a unique and varied dining experience. For that reason, each menu item has been formulated for certain service styles and is denoted as such using the following codes. Code Key: S= Sit down FS= Family Style B= Buffet



Menu Items: áÉâÑ tÇw ftÄtw vÉâÜáxá ftÄtw áxÄxvà|ÉÇáM All ingredients Farm-to-table when seasonally available. Mixed Garden salad with traditional dressing choices Mesculan greens, apple, pecan salad with balsamic vinaigrette Greek romaine, pepperoncini and feta salad with balsamic Tomato caprese with basil pesto, mozzarella and balsamic Classic Caesar salad with croutons and shaved parmagiano Bib lettuce salad with Greek goddess dressing Lettuce wedge with maytag bleu cheese and bacon Arugula salad with peas, pistachios and pecorino Soup course Black bean, corn and tomato salad Spicy Asian noodle salad All ingredients Farm-to-table when seasonally available. Quinoa with garlic, pine nuts and raisins Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque Celery root and apple salad with hazelnut vinaigrette Mushroom and Brie Bisque Citrus asparagus salad with parmegiano and field greens Tomato and Red pepper Bisque Chopped Spring vegetable salad with pinenuts Asiago Cheese Bisque Romaine, mandarins, crispy noodles, almonds, sesame ginger Red rock Seafood Bisque Baby spinach, mushroom and egg in hot bacon dressing Lobster Bisque with sherry Baby spinach, baby shrimp, crumbled egg and red onion Butternut Squash Harvest pear, chevre and almond slivers on field greens Carrot Ginger Boston lettuce, bacon crumbles, croutons, egg and ranch Gazpacho Couscous salad with zucchini and roasted almonds Chilled Canteloupe, watermelon OR strawberry Haricot verts with walnuts in lemon vinaigrette Italian Wedding Butter lettuce, radicchio, cranberries, asiago and pecans Cream of Broccoli Carrot and cranberry salad with fresh ginger dressing Broccoli and Cheese Tomato salad with pickled walnuts and bleu cheese Chicken and Crimini Mushroom Roasted beet and goat cheese salad with sherry walnut vinaigrette Corn Chowder Grilled broccoli and bread salad with pickled shallots Pasta Fagiola Garden vegetable panzanella Minestrone Portabella Mushroom and Barley Stuffed Green Pepper Wisconsin Cheese Cream of pumpkin with cranberry drizzle Twice Baked Loaded Potato



Menu Items: ÑÉâÄàÜç Herb crusted petite rock Cornish game hen

(whole or halved, stuffed or unstuffed) S Homestyle stuffed breast of chicken

with savory sage stuffing B, S, FS

Italiano stuffed chicken

with proscuitto and provolone stuffing in tomato basil cream sauce B, S, FS Traditional chicken marsala

with mushrooms and garlic B, S, FS Chicken picatta

B, S, FS

Braised chicken all’arrabbiata

(bone-in pieces) B, FS

Apricot balsamic glazed chicken

B, S, FS

Chicken cacciatore rustica

mushrooms, garlic and tri-color pepper slow roasted in a tomato, white wine reduction B, FS Tequila– mustard glazed chicken skewers


Chicken piedmont

sundried tomato, artichoke, fresh spinach, parmesan pesto atop a caramelized chicken breast S, FS Romano crusted chicken

with arugula salad, proscuitto and shaved parmesan S, FS Slow roasted breast of turkey

with savory sage dressing B, S, FS

Farm to table poultry: Harvest stuffed chicken breast

with apple, cranberry and apricots B, S, FS Chicken paillards

with clementine heirloom grape tomato salsa S, FS Golden roasted chicken

with roasted grapes and shallots (bone-in pieces) B, S, FS

Free range beer braised chicken

(bone-in-pieces) B, FS

Menu Items:


New Zealand rack lamb chops with mint basil pesto


Rack of lamb dijonnaise


Spicy lamb kabobs

with yogurt cucumber dipping sauce S, FS

Caramelized chicken asparagus pesto


Petite lamb “lollipops”

pistachio crusted with balsamic reduction S

bâÜ ÅxÇâ |àxÅá tÜx t átÅÑÄ|Çz Éy à{x tÅté|Çz yÄtäÉÜ ÑÜÉy|Äxá ÉâÜ v{xyËá vtÇ vÜxtàx4



Menu Items: Uxxy Grilled balsamic and garlic flank steak

Apple cider bourbon braised beef shortribs

Braised sirloin medallions of beef

Barbecue braised beef shortribs


with shallots, mushrooms and merlot B, S, FS Sirloin medallions with cream mushroom gorgonzola


Rosemary Beef Skewers

with horseradish creme sauce if desired S, FS Chef carved flagship beef


(boneless) B, S, FS (boneless) B, S, FS

Merlot and shallot braised beef shortribs

(boneless) B, S, FS

Farm to table beef: Herb-garlic crusted tenderloin of beef with red wine pan sauce


Carved tenderloin of beef

with horseradish chive sauce if desired B, S, FS Slow roasted prime rib

Bruschetta parmesan tilapia


served with au jus B, S

Spinach asiago crusted tilapia

Mushroom and parmesan crusted medallions of filet

Orange glazed orange roughy

with Worcestershire glaze S

Menu Items:


Bay scallops romano


Goat cheese and sundried tomato filet mignon medallions

Maryland style crabcakes


with remoulade or roasted red pepper coulis S

Balsamic glazed grilled petite filet mignon

Honey lemon salmon filet


Filet mignon with béarnaise sauce


Traditional beef wellington



Balsamic glazed salmon

with spinach, olives and golden raisins S


Roasted halibut with wine braised fennel


Safely fished seafood: Alaskan black cod in a hoisin ginger sauce


Basil pesto Alaskan black cod


Almond crusted shrimp Danielle in garlic creme reduction


Shrimp fra diavolo


King salmon with red pepper Salmon in a red wine shallot sauce and caper sauce



Menu Items: cÉÜ~

Cranberry-apple stuffed loin of pork

with a cranberry orange reduction sauce B, S, FS White wine and garlic slow roasted loin of pork


French rack of pork with flame roasted fuji apples


Ginger sesame French rack of pork

with soy grilled pineapple or peach slices S, FS

Maple sugar-ginger roasted loin of Herb-garlic roasted French rack pork of pork

B, S, FS

Pineapple Dijon glazed pit ham


Ginger peach glazed ham

Pear, shallot and sage pork tenderloin

Apple bourbon centercut prime pork medallions


Cranberry orange pork tenderloin

B, S, FS

Three cheese manicotti

B, S

Zitti alla vodka

with pancetta and caramelized onion B, S, FS Artichoke stuffed rigatoni

Cheese stuffed shells marinara

with sundried tomato pesto and feta S, FS

Three cheese ravioli marinara


Roasted asparagus balsamic butter penne

Wild mushroom ravioli in basil pine nut pesto

Ricotta gnudi in parmesan broth


Rosemary-mustard loin of pork

with baby artichokes, shallots, vermouth jus B, S, FS

B, S, FS


Farm to table pork:

Apricot glazed carved pit ham

B, S, FS

Menu Items:





Shrimp scampi ravioli in lemon butter caper sauce

Farfalle with broccoli

B, S, FS




Applejack brandy slow roasted tenderloin of pork

with golden raisins and apples S, FS Farm to table pastas:

Penne alfredo primavera

with mushrooms, peppers and onion B, FS Gnocchi Prima

braised spinach, garlic, mushrooms, asiago B, FS Butternut squash ravioli

brown butter sage, hazelnuts, four cheese S Walnut Pesto Linguine

with broccoli rabe and pecorino B, S, FS

Sausage, artichoke and asparagus Baked penne with roasted vegetables and fontina Lobster ravioli in brandy cream rigatoni B, FS sauce B, FS Cheesy baked tortellini with wild mushrooms Grilled vegetable lasagna


B, S

Menu Items: áàtÜv{ tÇw ixzxàtuÄxá áàtÜv{ fxÄxvà|ÉÇáM All ingredients Farm-to-table when seasonally available. B, S, FS B, S, FS

Smashed redskin potatoes Garlic mashed potatoes

B, S, FS Asiago Yukon gold mashed potatoes B, S, FS Wasabi-chive mashed potatoes S Bleu cheese mashed potatoes B, S, FS Cheddar whipped potatoes B, S, FS Pesto and sweet cream whipped potatoes B, S, FS Rosemary roasted redskin potatoes B, S, FS

Buttery Yukon gold mashed potatoes

cÉàtàÉxá zÜtà|Çx

B, S, FS thinly sliced and baked in cream, parmesan cheese, rosemary

All ingredients Farm-to-table when seasonally available.

eÉtáàxw y|ÇzxÜÄ|Çz ÑÉàtàÉxá S, FS with sea salt and olive oil

eÉtáàxw utuç ut~xÜ ÑÉàtàÉxá S, FS with sea salt, olive oil and black pepper

[tÜäxáà uÄxÇw Éy ÜÉtáàxw {xÜu ÜÉtáàxw ÑÉàtàÉxá


yams, sunset purple fingerling, yukon gold, red bliss Parmesan and herb couscous Orzo Toscano



flame roasted onion, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, wild mushrooms Roasted apple orzo


flame roasted fuji apples, dried cranberries, chai seasoning Rice pilaf

B, S, FS

Wild rice medley

B, S, FS

Risotto S

`tá{xw yÜxá{ áãxxà ÑÉàtàÉxá


pineapple, harvest spices and orange marmalade Sweet potato casserole with streusel


S, FS Oven roasted sweet potatoes with pecan S, FS Loaded caramel baked yam sit-down only Loaded baked russet potato sit-down only

Butter and brown sugar fresh steamed yams

Vegetable selections:


Steamed vegetable blend (broccoli/carrots) Prince Edward– wax bean, green bean, carrot California – cauliflower and broccoli Traditional green bean casserole Green beans almondine Green beans with sautéed mushrooms Peaches and cream buttered corn Fiesta corn with peppers and onions Greens beans with red pepper strips and herbs Haricot verts steamed with fresh dill and walnuts Haricot verts sautéed with rosemary garlic butter Haricot verts steamed with waterchesnuts Steamed broccoli spears with parmesan Steamed broccolini with garlic Cabernet poached broccoli spears Lemon broccoli with red pepper Baby candied carrots Oven roasted baby carrots with tops intact Summer zucchini and tomato ratatouille Asparagus spears– grilled Roasted asparagus with pine nuts Roasted butternut squash with braised pine nuts Roasted acorn squash with chipotle and cilantro 724.654.6851

g{xÜx |á ÉÇÄç ÉÇx {tÑÑ|Çxáá |Ç Ä|yx? àÉ ÄÉäx tÇw ux ÄÉäxwA -George Sand

á|à@WÉãÇ wxááxÜàá

Endings: wxááxÜàá tÇw fãxxà xå|àá

Chocolate mascarpone cheesecake cups with shortbread spoon Sticky pear and walnut upside down gingerbread All grown up S’mores squares Chocolate caramel pecan soufflé cake Brown butter almond cake with caramel apples Banana bread pudding with hot fudge and toasted walnuts Chocolate croissant bread pudding Cinnamon donut bread pudding Sugar crusted brownie bites with whiskey walnut caramel sauce Black bottom gooey cupcakes with ice cream Scratch made French style profiteroles with ice cream and topping Dessert Performance Stations French style crepes with fruit, ice cream or nutella filling French crepe station with fruit, ice cream and nutella Individual pineapple upside down or carrot cakes Mini champagne house sorbet “martini” station Individual cream pie or lemon meringue tarts Gourmet s’mores torch station: traditional or banana bread Individual fresh fruit and custard tarts Flaming desserts: bananas foster or cherries jubilee Individual New York style cheesecake round with garnish Ice cream sundae bar station Individual brownie chocolate mousse triffle Milkshake bar station Fresh fruit crisp {apple, peach, apple-cranberry, blackberry} Donut dipping station with toppings, glazes and sauces Baked nectarine with amaretto cookie crumble Chocolate fondue dipping station with fruits and sweets Tiaramisu Top your own cupcake station Grandma’s cream cheese poundcake with fresh berries and creme Assorted specialty JPC cake and torte varieties Assorted JPC cheesecake varieties {brownie swirl, chocolate chip,

`|Ç| wxááxÜàá

lemon sunshine, white chocolate raspberry, carrot, black forest, peanut butter cup, oreo, candy bar variety, chocolate caramel pecan}

JPC pies– basic fruit, premium fruit or premium creme varieties Ice cream sundae with topping and hazelnut pirouette garnish Hand rolled pecan ball with toppings JPC gourmet house ice creams or sorbet


Hand butlered or displayed

Cheesecake pop assortment Brownie bit pop assortment Deconstructed pie shots Gourmet cake pop assortment Chocolate dipped house made marshmallow skewers Mason jar mini pie assortment Drugstore style rootbeer floats or milkshakes BonBons– banana almond, metallic lustred or traditional Edible dessert “spoons” with gourmet fillings Whoopee pie assortment Mini cookies and milk shots 724.654.6851

Endings: wxááxÜàá tÇw fãxxà xå|àá Whoopie Pies

Classic chocolate with malted buttercream, mint buttercream or classic filling Red velvet with classic cream cheese filling Chocolate chip with whipped butterfudge filling Gingerbread with classic cream cheese or candied ginger filling Banana with banana, classic cream cheese or classic filling Graham cracker with whipped chocolate ganache and marshmellow creme Pumpkin with classic cream cheese filling Vanilla with peach marshmallow cream, dulce de leche or rootbeer filling

Mini Pies

Summer peach {seasonal} Blackberry ginger {seasonal} Maine blueberry {seasonal} Cranberry pear Caramel banana S’more pie

Harvest Pumpkin Classic Pecan Dutch Apple Cherry crumble Lemon meringue Coconut creme

yÜxá{ WÉâz{Çâàá Malasadas- sugar dusted and filled with specialty fillings Caramel filled chocolate drop doughnuts Ricotta fritters Apple cider doughnut holes Red velvet doughnut with cream cheese glaze Banana bread doughnut Margarita doughnut Chai doughnut Old fashioned sour cream

fàÜtãuxÜÜç á{ÉÜàvt~x wÉâz{Çâà áÅtÄÄ ÑÄtàx Traditional glazed:

Citrus Chocolate Bourbon Caramel Cinnamon spice

Stationed with dippers, glazes, nuts, and toppings



Endings: wxááxÜàá tÇw fãxxà xå|àá Macaroons

Chocolate Coffee Praline Pistachio Lemon Blueberry Raspberry Passion fruit Caramel and salted butter Gingersnap and vanilla Mango and mascarpone Apple and spice

à{x JPC “UtÜÊ utÜ Caramel butter bars Blackberry shortbread bars Raspberry almond squares Lemon squares Blondes Raspberry white chocolate blondes Chocolate pecan turtle bars Gourmet brownie square variety

gourmet cupcakes Mini or full-size available

chocolate peanut butter cup chocolate brownie sundae fudge with raspberry truffle fresh berries and creme pumpkin spice dulce de leche oreo cookie orange mimosa chocolate turtle Snickers red velvet dream mocha coffee

fÉ wxÄ|v|Éâá4



Endings: áãxxà XÇw|Çzá ÉÜ ftäÉÜç xå|àá At JPC EVENT GROUP, we Love. Love. Love. creating a memorable ending to your wedding reception or special event. Surprise your guests with a gourmet treat as they exit, or hand butler a sweet or savory morsel during the last dance of the night.

áãxxà XÇw|Çzá Drugstore style mini rootbeer floats Mini milkshakes Miniature ice cream sundaes Warm doughnut assortment {see p. 31} Whoopie pie assortment {see p. 31} Mini sorbet or gelato cones Alphabet initial sugar or spice cookies Cheesecake pops Cheesecake miniatures Chocolate “shots”-chocolate cup verhonna mousse Milk and cookies– milk shot mini gourmet cookies Molasses cookie and warm spiced cider Miniature JPC pies {see p. 31} Gourmet JPC caramel popcorn French Macaroon assortment Deconstructed Smores with JPC graham sticks Chocolate dipped twinkie miniatures Tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberry pops JPC Brownie bites Chocolate dipped bacon with caramel salt Strawberry shortcake shots Gourmet JPC hot cocoa or lemonade to go Candied or caramel apples Smoothie shots Chocolate dipped marshmallow skewers Mason jar pie or cheesecake Cotton Candyor traditional

Savory Exits

Gourmet French fry bar {see p.13} Miniature gourmet burgers with toppings Miniature Chicago style hotdogs Cones of JPC herbed kettle chips with dip JPC savory popcorn in paper cones Savory popcorn bar with herbs and cheese Sliders {see p. 19} Miniature tacos { see p. 22} Flatbreads or pizza squares {see p. 22} Savory comfort cupcakes {see p. 22} Miniature perogies with truffled shallots Miniature Panini varieties Beer braised kielbassi slider Miniature hot pretzels with cheese/mustard Macaroni-n-cheese shots Soup shot with miniature grilled cheese Miniature deep dish pizzas Miniature meatball sandwiches Mini pepperoni calzones Beef empanadas Coconut shrimp Butter pecan shrimp skewers Satays– chicken, beef or salmon Mini potato skins with bacon Shrimp and grits crisp Mini soup bread bowls– French onion, lobster Lamb Lollipop with pistachio crust 33


g{xÜx |á ÇÉ ÜxÅxwç yÉÜ ÄÉäx uâà àÉ ÄÉäx ÅÉÜxA -Henry David Thoreau

At your service: gxÜÅá Éy fxÜä|vx Wedding menu items

As a full service caterer, we are pleased to work with you on customized menus suited to meet your needs. Please feel free to inquire about seasonal menu items that do not appear in this brochure.

Date reservation

Service policy

Children & vegetarians

Food tastings

Service personnel

All food and beverage at a JPC event must be provided by JPC or we reserve the right not to service. This policy is for your food safety protection. Items not subject are cookie displays, wedding cakes and edible favors.

Children or vegetarian entrees are available on sit-down and family style service only. Discounted pricing for children on buffets or stations is available under age 10. Please bear any food allergies in mind when planning your menu.

We appreciate your reservation as far in advance as possible. We do our best to accommodate lastminute events when possible. Date reservation requires a signed JPC contract and deposit installments.

We are happy to offer our clients one complimentary chef’s choice food tasting to include appetizer and entrée selections. Subsequent tastings will be charged a per person fee based upon selections.

Our professional service staff are trained to accommodate the needs of your event. Service staff are charged by the hour including chef attendants, event captain and event servers.

Guest count & billing

Forms of payment

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Minimum orders

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Firm guest counts are due 14 days in advance of the event. All final balances must be cleared 7 days in advance of the wedding or we reserve the right not to service.

Minimum orders apply at certain venues due to the facility fees charged to us as your caterer.

Our prices are formulated at a JPC is a full-service company discount for cash, check or money able to meet all of your catering order payments on wedding needs. Our event planners can accounts. assist you with linens, décor, floral bartenders and vendor referrals.

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We offer discounted meal pricing for your wedding vendors to include DJ, Photographer, Videographer and Bartenders.



Our commitment to excellence

2011: WINNER ACE East Coast Region Caterer of the Year 2010 ACE Finalist: East Coast Region 2011 Award Winner: Bride’s Choice 2010 Award Winner: Bride’s Choice

2011, 2010, 2009: Best City Weddings

tyy|Ä|tà|ÉÇá: Our commitment to continuing education, our industry, and our community



T àxtÅ tÑÑÜÉtv{ Founder/Creative Director: Jody Wimer

Founder Jody Wimer is the creative force behind JPC’s success- creating unique event concepts, menu trends, and event decor that set the Event Group apart from the competition with a dedication to fine service and superior attention to detail. Founding JPC Event Group as “Jody’s Pantry” in 1998, Jody now focuses on product development and gaining constant education in the event field to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. She currently serves as:  Director’s Board of the International Caterers Association {Marketing/Communication chair}  Catering industry professional on the Wedding Wire Network blog  a culinary expert on the Perfect Wedding Guide blog  Advisory board for Catersource Magazine

President/ Executive Chef: Richard Wimer

Executive chef Richard Wimer is the driving force behind the quality, scratch made foods offered on the JPC event menus. A member of the ICA culinary council, Richard strives to remain current with trends in food preparations and presentation with an emphasis on organic and sustainable formats that showcase locally grown items, as well as nationally available products. Starting as a restauranteur, Richard successfully managed and owned the historic Village Inn Restaurant for 9 years before joining his wife Jody in ownership of JPC Event Group.

Senior Event Planner:

Allyson Veronesi

Allyson has been with JPC for over 10 years, and brings high energy and attention to detail to each event she produces. With a strong dedication to customer service, and a commitment to creating perfect occasions for our clients, she has created a loyal customer base for JPC that keeps coming back again and again. With a strong knowledge of industry trends Allyson will ensure your event is filled with memorable and personal flavor.

Sous Chef: Jennifer King

With unparalleled passion for fresh made, sustainable food, Jen and Jeremy bring amazing culinary dedication to your event. With degrees from the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts their knowledge of both classic and modern food preparations embodies a wide range of flavor profiles and menu concepts for your enjoyment.

JPC Support Staff Event Specialist: Paisley Rete Accounting Officer: Patti Deniker Event Captains: William Moose LuAnn Guarnieri Celeste Braden

JPC Event Staff: dedicated to your perfect occasion!

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