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THE TIVOLI® PORTABLE iPOD® STEREO SYSTEM. Unlike other iPod® speaker systems, this portable unit with lightweight, compact speakers generates the awardwinning Tivoli Audio® sound with crisp treble and deep bass that rivals the quality of sound produced by the finest tabletop radios. Weather-resistant and small enough to fit in a backpack, its built-in AppleTM-developed charging dock fits any of your docking iPods and can be folded away when not in use. The system has two high-quality speakers that produce rich bass and clear high tones; one speaker is detachable and can be moved up to 6' away from the unit for better stereo separation and a fuller sound than models with fixed speakers. The device has a digital AM/FM tuner with alarm, sleep timer and five radio station presets. A credit-card sized remote controls all of your iPod’s functions, including playlist access and play/pause. The system also has a headphone jack for private listening, and an input to connect additional devices such as a portable CD or satellite radio player. Can be powered by AC (adapter included) or six AA batteries (not included); includes a built-in charger for use with your own rechargeable batteries. Please specify White or Black. 61⁄4" H x 11" W x 21⁄4" L. (3 lbs.)



THE MILITARY PILOT’S WRISTWATCH. This is the watch developed for professional and military pilots, complete with advanced features, accurate time-keeping, versatile functionality, and classic durability not found in typical timepieces. Made by Torgoen, a company founded by aviation enthusiasts, this watch has a Swiss RONDA 515-24 GMT quartz movement with an internal bezel that acts as a slide rule for advanced flight calculations that lesser watches simply cannot perform. The watch can be used to calculate projected travel time, air speed, distance traveled, fuel consumption, nautical to statute miles, currency, multiplication and division, and any linear conversion with a constant nature, such as ounces to grams, or miles to kilometers. The case is made of highest-grade, precision-milled stainless steel and is water resistant to 10 atmospheres of pressure (approximately 330'). Luminescent hands and cardinal hour numbers are easy to read in a dark cockpit or on a nighttime drive. The face has a date window at the four o’clock position, and the black strap is Italian leather. Case: 13⁄5" Diam., 1/2" thick. (31⁄2 oz.)


THE DIGITAL TRUMPET. This is the digital trumpet that generates over 20 instrument sounds and allows musicians to perfect valve fingering, tempo, notes, and key changes before learning to master breath control and mouthpiece placement of an actual brass trumpet. It has a powerful built-in speaker, and the internal memory chips can generate over 20 sounds, including seven trumpets, eight brass instruments (including tuba and trombone), five woodwinds (including oboe and clarinet), strings, and a synthesized human voice. By simply humming or singing into the mouthpiece, you create accurate notes and tones, with the option of playing along to accompanying songs; 10 songs are pre-loaded (including “Respect” and “When the Saints Go Marching In”) and more can be added to the internal memory using the included software. A training mode uses illuminated LEDs, allowing you to follow lighted valve cues, and the accompaniment will slow down or pause to give you time to achieve correct tempo. Has MIDI in/out and headphone jacks. AC adapter included; can also be powered by four AA batteries (not included). 9" H x 71/2" W x 25" L. (6 lbs.)




THE PERPETUAL MOTION ROTATING GLOBE. This is the world’s most advanced globe, capable of continuously rotating on its own without any need for human contact, cords, or batteries, and most faithfully recreating the earth’s rotation in space right at your desktop. Developed in the U.S. over six years by a team of physicists and artists, the globe operates in apparent violation of the laws of thermodynamics, which state that perpetual motion is impossible. The globe encloses a photoreceptor that gathers room light to power an internal drive that spins the globe by means of a force from the earth’s magnetic field. The globe consumes a mere .1 microwatts (1/10th of 1 millionth of a watt) of power, an infinitesimal amount that would normally be too small to move an object of the globe’s weight, unless the drag forces were also infinitesimal. The globe is suspended in a clear liquid inside a clear acrylic shell: the liquid reduces friction against the globe, allowing it to rotate continuously and silently at a steady, gentle pace, exactly the way the earth rotates in space. The globe can even be held in the hand and it will continue to spin. The internal mechanism is imperceptible beneath the globe’s colorful surface that shows a political map with topographical shading, major cities and countries, and bodies of water labeled. Prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided. 9" H (with stand) x 61⁄2" Diam. (41⁄2 lbs.)



Satellite Image Globe. Same as above, but features an accurate satellite-generated image of the Earth (does not include political markings, such as borders and cities).