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Times of Harvest Winter 2011 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 Harvest House Missions 161 SW 9th St. Ontario, OR 97914


2010 Report


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From the Director’s Chair

Harvest House Missions Served 11,037 Meals through the Summer Lunch Program Operated New Hope Community Meal Site 3 nights per week serving 90-150 individuals per week.

Provided over $6300.00 towards emergency services such as rental assistance, prescription or co-pay assistance, bus tickets, motel rooms, utility assistance, etc.. through Community Emergency Funds which are private or church donations.

SEASON Youth Program Served approximately 400 suppers to youth per month Case managed 39 youth Of these 39 youth, 19 were runaway and homeless youth ages 11-17. 68% of these youth received family mediation services 37% entered Harvest House Missions crisis housing for a total of 403 nights. 85% of the 20 youth returned home, 5% entered foster care, and 10% moved farther into the Oregon juvenile system. The remaining 20 were homeless youth ages 18-24. 69% of these youth were female, 44% had children and 22% were pregnant. 68% of these youth were successfully assisted in finding stable housing, allowing them to work on finding employment, continue their education or provide a safe environment for their children. 23% returned to relative placement and 7% chose to not comply with their case plan and were terminated from the program.

Winter Newsletter

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The Year In Pictures… 32 young people signed up for SEASON Soccer Team

Bowling Party

Winter Wonderland Parade

X-Box Tournament

Corn Gun At Corn Maze

Boys & Girls Club Kid’s Day

Drop In Center Gets a New coat of paint

Christmas Eve at New Hope Kitchen

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed. -Robert Cavett

Winter Newsletter

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Join Harvest House Missions and Casey Family Programs in efforts to safely reduce the number of children in foster care in Oregon. For more information visit

Winter Newsletter

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Pastors’ Discussion on Homelessness January 18, 2011 Noon-2:00 p.m.

Sizzler- Lunch Provided Guest Speaker- Dave Hughes, Agape House Executive Director- Agape House is a Christian Mission whose purpose is to feed, clothe and shelter those in need and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in words and actions. It is both an evangelical and service outreach from the local Christian community. Everyone is invited to come join the discussion on what our community can be doing to help the homeless.

From the Director’s Chair… Recently, one of our new employees sent me back several years by asking me a simple question. He asked "Was there ever a time that hearing a particular song created a turning point in your life?" I had not thought about it for a long time but in my life there certainly was. Going through a dark time after my divorce, I struggled to find my place in the world. Attending church as a single person with several small children was a trial every week. Not only was it difficult logistically, but emotionally and spiritually, I was overwhelmed. Then one Sunday a young man sang the song 'For Such A Time As This' by Wayne Watson. "Do you ever wonder why, seems like the grass is always greener under everybody else's sky" hit home. Wasn't that exactly how I felt as I watched couples sitting together in church? "Can't change what happened till now. But we can change what will be..." I realized I was still living in the past, allowing it to limit what God had for me in the future. "All I have is now, to be faithful, to be holy, and to shine, lighting up the darkness". All I have is now...I couldn't regain what was lost, but what matters is where I choose to go from here. "For such a time as this, I was placed upon this earth, to hear the voice of God, and do his will, whatever that is". It seems like such a simple statement; for such a time as this...but it had eluded me. Until this song...until this time... I took those words to heart and started earnestly searching for God's purpose for me. That is my prayer for 2011. That if you are struggling with your purpose, that God's will for your life will be revealed to you. Blessings in the New Year! Renee

Harvest House Missions 308 SW 1st Ave Ontario, Oregon 97914 Phone: 541-889-1905 E-mail:

Dear Heavenly Father- As we start this new year, we pray that the riches of your creation be preserved, valued and made available to all, as your precious gift to all your sons and daughters. During this month, we celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we pray that all Christians may achieve full and genuine unity. May we bear witness to the universal truth that you are the Father of the entire human race. We are all your children.- The Special Intentions of Pope Benedict XVI

Times of Harvest – Giving Thanks Winter 2011  


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