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Teacher Improvement Plan

EDA 510 Jackie Patanio, Nicole Perez, Susanne Pena, and Tamika David Scenario: A 2nd grade teacher can’t teach literacy.

This action plan was designed for Jane Smith and discussed on March 24,

2012. The following parties were present at the meeting and participated in the development of this Teacher Improvement Plan: Jackie Patanio, Principal; Nicole Perez,Assistant Principal; Tamika David, Assistant Principal; Susanne Pena UFT Rep and Jane Smith,Teacher.

Dear Ms. Smith, As we have discussed, and based on my observations, I am concerned about several aspects of your professional practices. Specifically, I have noted deficiencies in the following areas: • Delivery of Instruction • Lesson planning: Planning and Preparation Goal 1- Instruction: 1. Plan for and pace lessons to insure all components are implemented including group share/summary, and assessments of objectives being met. Ensure lesson plans are available and readily accessible to the administration upon request. 2. Develop questioning techniques that require students to become critical thinkers, risk takers, and problem solvers. Avoid coral responses to questions, questions that require a simple response (yes or no), and questions that are solely knowledge based. 3. Monitor and assess students performance and progress in meeting the lesson objective and applying prior knowledge 4. Re-evaluate student’s needs through periodic assessments and document evidence of learning. Provide rubrics for your subject area clearly displayed for students. 5. Increase the level of academic rigor in your lesson plans, delivery of instruction and assessments. Goal 2- Lesson Planning: Planning and Preparation: 1. Plan effective lessons in literacy. 2. Utilize the Common Core Learning Standard and Utilize curriculum map in planning. 3. Identify the standards in all lesson plans. 4. Lesson follow-ups/ extensions for future studies. 5. Detail what students need to learn, outline explicit steps to teach the lesson and clearly identify expected outcomes for learning. 6. Build in checking for understanding. 7. Submit lesson plans weekly to the principal for the following week Monday's at 8:05 am

8. Develop strategies for assessing all students on a daily and periodic basis. 9. Break larger and more complex learning objectives/teaching points into smaller more manageable pieces to assist in learning. Expected Professional Responsibilities: Please use the extended daytime to meet with literacy coach, data specialist, or mentor each at least once a week for a total of 3 meetings per week to discuss difficulties and growths. Curriculum mapping and professional development will be arranged by Assistance Principals Perez and David for you to work with to enhance your skills in academic rigor and differentiation of instruction. If there is anything you require, or questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Please adhere to attach timeline of implementation of The Improvement Plan. I have received this action plan, agree to it, and intend to implement all directives to improve the overall quality of my teaching performance and professional behavior.

I understand that a copy of this action plan will be placed in my official personal file.

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Teacher Improvement Plan  

Teacher Improvement Plan for class

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