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1. Attendance Policy Regular and punctual attendance by all staff is an absolute necessity if we are to ensure the provision of appropriate education for our students. Every staff lateness or absence is disruptive to the school and harmful to the education of children. All staff must turn their time card to green upon entry to the building. Ms. Bongiorno will turn it back to red at the end of each day. You are expected to adhere to your scheduled workday, which is 8:00-3:10 PM (M-W) and 8:50-3:10 (Th-F) unless otherwise scheduled and approved by the principal. Assistant Principals will be reviewing staff attendance and punctuality. Excessive absence and/or lateness, or patterns of absence and/or lateness are considered in the overall assessment and rating of staff, and many result in an unsatisfactory rating and/or denial of tenure. All staff is to be aware that although the contract provides for a specified number of self-certified sick days, this number of days is not the standard upon which excessive absence is determined. A pattern of absences or lateness that is unrelated to illness (or approves personal business) although within the contract provisions for self-certified sick days may be considered excessive. The Principal must approve all personal business days in advance. IN addition, please note that all instances of late arrival for work are considered as lateness unless authorized. If you are late, you must indicate the lateness in Ms. Marino’s logbook when you arrive. Any questions regarding this Attendance Policy should be addressed to your immediate supervisor. 2. Reporting Absences and Substitute Coverage Teachers and Para’s are to call Sub-central at 718-935-6740 or go online to call in an absence unless indicated by a memo by a supervisor. All other personnel must call Renee Bongiorno at 718-447-0124 extension 1210 before 7:30 AM on the day of their absence. Please adhere to these items since if there is no coverage, this impacts the students and your colleagues. 3. Lateness Staff lateness imposes undue hardship on the school by requiring teachers to cover classes and/or rearrange schedules. Students lose instructional time. Lateness will be carefully monitors and could lead to disciplinary action. If you are late for unforeseen reasons, please call the school and let one of the secretaries know of your possible lateness. The secretary will let the supervisor know of your impending lateness. Upon

entering the school please let the secretary know that you are here. In an extreme case, your prep could be changed or lost for the day in order to provide coverage. Please know that this will be closely monitored. Do NOT ask a colleague to cover your class in place of you should this occur. Both parties could face possible disciplinary action. 4. Change of P re/ Loss of P rep If a prep change is needed, the following steps are to be followed: 1.Classroom and Cluster Teacher must agree to the change. 2. Teacher being affected will need to agree. 3. Prep change form must be filled out. Form must be submitted to supervisor for approval. Prep change must be submitted approximately one week in advance of the change in order to provide time for all parities to be notified. In case of a loss prep due to unforeseen circumstances, teachers are to complete paperwork and return to Ms. Marino. Please note that one prep can be lost per semester (Please see forms tab for Loss of P rep and Period Change Request forms) 5. T ravel T RAC (T ravel Reimbursement Approval and Certification) If you are required to attend a professional development, suspension hearing or other school related travel you must log onto: https:/ / This tracking system is a pre-requirement to your travel even if you are not going to be reimbursed for travel. 6. After –school Per session Postings for after-school positions can be found on the bulletin boards in the Main Office. Per session positions require specific paperwork that must be clear and concise for decision making. Attached please find a sample letter, resume, and application. Per session paperwork must be submitted by the 15th of the month for work completed from the 1st to the 15th and by the 30/31st of the month for work completed from the 1631st. Late paper work will be subjected to funding. It is the responsibility of the teacher to give the paper to the After school supervisor (Please see forms tab for OP175 and T imesheets).

7. Personal Day Request A staff member requesting a personal business day must do so in writing minimally one week in advance of the day requested. (Please see forms tab for Request for Personal/Business Day). 8. Religious Observance Request A staff member requesting a religious observance day must submit an OP 201 minimally one week in advance of the day requested. Paperwork available in the Personal Tab or from Ms. Marino. 9. Teache r’s Pay and Check D istribution Payday is ordinarily the first and 16th of the month. The payroll secretary distributes check in the Main Office. Checks are to be picked up by 2:15 PM. Any questions should be directed to Ms. Marino.

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