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To: All Staff Members From: V. Gallassio RE: Chancellor’s Regulations The following link is for all the Chancellor’s Regulations: It is the responsibility of every Department of Education employee to read all of the Chancellor’s Regulations, not just those Regulations listed above, and to comport their conduct to those Regulations. Chancellor’s Regulations: A-412 Security in the Schools A-420 Corporal Punishment A-421 Verbal Abuse A-443 Student Discipline Procedures A-750 Child Abuse A-830 Discrimination & Harassment A-831 Peer Sexual Harassment A-832 Student-To-Student Bias-Based Harassment, Intimidation, and/or Bullying C-105 Background Investigations of Pedagogical and Administrative Applicants and Procedures in cases of the Arrest of Employees C-601 Attendance and Service of School Staff C-603 Absent Employees C-604 Timekeeping C-605 Salary, Attendance and Leave of Pedagogical Employees C-606 Time Off For Religious Observance C-810 Tobacco Product and Smoke-Free Air (No Smoking) Policy D-130 Political Activities in School Buildings

Chancellor's Regs  

Chancellor's Reg's 2011-12

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