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THE JOHN J. DRISCOLL SCHOOL Public School 16 80 Monroe Avenue Staten Island, NY 10301 Voice: (718) 447-01234 Vincenza Gallassio, Principal Rita Diaz-Maniglia, Parent Coordinator (347) 563-4684


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Vincenza Gallassio

Fax: (718) 447-5398 Caroline Conevery, Assistant Principal Michele Ramos, Assistant Principal

Subject: Leaving Children Without Proper Supervision Consistent with Chancellor’s Regulations A-412 and A-420 which refers to Safety of Children in Schools and Corporal Punishment, any class left unattended will result in disciplinary action against the teacher who knowingly leaves a group under their own recognizance, or with another teacher already supervising a class. It is poor professional judgment on the part of any teacher to abandon a class without supervision for any reason, even if for a few moments. Please be advised, if a teacher knowingly leaves a class unsupervised, as per the disciplinary policies set fourth in the Chancellor’s Regulations, the disciplinary procedures will be followed for the teacher in question.


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Voice: (718) 447-01234 Fax: (718) 447-5398 Vincenza Gallassio, Principal Caroline Conevery, Assistant Principal Rita Diaz-Maniglia, Parent C...

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