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THE JOHN J. DRISCOLL SCHOOL Public School 16 80 Monroe Avenue Staten Island, NY 10301 Voice: (718) 447-01234 Vincenza Gallassio, Principal Rita Diaz-Maniglia, Parent Coordinator (347) 563-4684

Fax: (718) 447-5398 Caroline Conevery, Assistant Principal Michele Ramos, Assistant Principal


All Classroom Teachers


Vincenza Gallassio


Attendance Procedures

WORKING CLASS BOOK/WORKING CLASS LIST The Working Class Book and Working Class List are our legal documents for students’ admissions, discharges, attendance and lateness. The Working Class Book is also our backup in the absence of scan sheets and must be updated daily. The following procedures MUST be followed in order to comply with legal attendance procedures. •

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At the bottom of your Working Class List indicate new admits by writing in the student’s name. Under The “comments” column, place a letter “N” for “New”, “D” for Discharges, “A” for Absences and “L” for Lateness. Indicate on applicable date column adjacent to student’s name. Every absence and every discharge must have information written in the “comments” column, e.g., admitted 9/5/06 from PS 36X or discharged 9/8/06 to PS 31R. Interclass or intergraded transfers must also be indicated in the “comments” column as follows: Indicate interclass or intergraded transfer by placing the letter “I” on the date the student was interclassed or intergraded. In the “comments” column indicate transfer by writing the class the student was interclassed/intergraded to. The admitting teacher should indicate “N” under the date transferred in. The date of the transaction should also be written in the “comments” column. DON’T FORGET TO SEND THE CUMULATIVE RECORD TO THE NEW TEACHER, AFTER YOU COMPLETE INFORMATION FOR YOUR CLASS. In June, you will have to sign a certification form, certifying your attendance documents. It is, therefore, imperative that you adhere to all instructions.

WARNING – NEVER WRITE OR ATTACH NOTES TO SCAN SHEETS! SAFEGUARD SCAN SHEETS SO THEY DO NOT BECOME TORN OR WRINKLED (this can cause the scanner to jam.) Notes for Ms. Braunstein should NOT be attached to attendance sheets. Ms. Braunstein can be reached at Ext. 1090. Scan sheets are due to the General Office every morning by 10:00 a.m. DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING FOR A TRIP WITHOUT SENDING DOWN YOUR SCAN SHEET. Be sure to bubble in absences and lateness and to sign scan sheets and fill in “attendance taken bubble.” WARNING: Be careful not to extend bubble to “released from school.” If there is a mark 67

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MEMORANDUM TO: All Classroom Teachers Voice: (718) 447-01234 Fax: (718) 447-5398 Vincenza Gallassio, Principal Caroline Conevery, Assistant...

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