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THE JOHN J. DRISCOLL SCHOOL Public School 16 80 Monroe Avenue Staten Island, NY 10301 Voice: (718) 447-0124 Fax: (718) 447-5398 Vincenza Gallassio, Principal Caroline Conevery, Asst. Principal Rita Diaz-Maniglia, Parent Coordinator(347) Michele Ramos, Asst. Principal 563-4684

To: All Staff From: The Administrative Team Subject: Bus Drill, School Year 2011/12 All elementary schools must comply with the state law which mandates three Bus Drills each school year.


Three Bus Drills will be scheduled September 15th & December 8th 9:00am and one TBA between Jan. to May

All classes are expected to follow the bus schedule below. Each grade will be given a time during which they will proceed to Exit 13 (Auditorium, Gym exit). It is possible that the Bus Drill moves quicker than expected. In this case you may be notified to come earlier than anticipated. A limit of 10 minutes on the bus per class should be adhered to with 5 minutes of travel time incorporated into the schedule of 15-minute intervals per grade. Please choose any bus available once outside. There will be Bus designated supervisors to assist you loading and unloading. Please refer to School Circular No. 6 in your teacher’s handbook. Cluster teachers will also be responsible for participating. If on a prep, the cluster teacher will bring the class to the Bus Drill. Your class should be prepared in advance with appropriate lessons regarding bus travel. Please remind your children about proper behavior especially if a cluster is escorting the class to the Drill. Your prompt attention to this matter will insure a successful Bus Drill. Please read the attached memo to maximize the importance of this drill. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 8:50 fourth grade 9:05 fifth grade 9:20 first grade 9:35 kindergarten 9:45 second grade 10:05 third grade

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bus drill  

2011-2012 bus drill

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