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Issue 10 March 2013


Sun leaves the wonder girls! the reason why inside.

eXCLUSIVE images from HER London Concert

Kyary pamyu pamyu!


FeatuCover resStory: Exclusive photos from the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert! sEE HER EXTRAVAGENT OUTFITS AND AWESOME BACKING DANCERS!


Sun leaves the Wonder Girls! find out why in our

EXCLUSIVE interview.


Girls generation i got a boy reaction! Find out what we thought of their latest release.


Interview with new group eDgeAsA!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: PONPONPON

The new YouTube sensation Amie Sarah and Amy!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu turns 20!


TVXQ! World tour dates announced!

Find out what she is doing for the special occasion and how it inspiried Furisodeshon!

London on may 25th ARE YOU GOING? they come to


New YouTube Dancers We Trust! This months awesomest Jpop and Kpop Dancers.


Sistar 19 comback.


This months best Jpop dance videos! Top 5 Kpop Singles Of The Month! Win a signed copy of I Got A Boy by Girls Generation. Whats in next months issue of Candy sugoi.

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Jellyneko: Tsukema Tsukeru Cosplay

See what we though of ‘gone’.






Amie: Member of eDgeAsA


London Concert

yary Pamyu Pamyu: Japan’s hottest J-pop star! Her first single “PONPONPON" was released in July 2011 gathering over 43,000,000 veiws catching the attention of the west. Since this she has appered in a wide range of different adverts from “Glico" and “KFC" then sparked a new trend on YouTube with countless videos of a dance cover of PONPONPON. Since this she has bought out regular singles and has a massive fan base globally, causing a world tour! She has also caused people around the world to “cosplay” her with her funky outfits! London is the first stop on the 100% Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour!

02 Academy Islington, London, United Kingdom. 13th February 2013, over 800 tickets SOLD OUT 100% KPP World Tour begins! People had been queueing for 5 hours in the freezing cold to be at the front of the concert, ZIPP TV camera crews were around, everyone was totally hyped for the concert! It was so cold it started to snow! People in Kyary cosplays were being interviewed and lots of photos were being taken. Finally at 7pm the doors opened! People were rushing to get in to see their Idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! ^^ Everyone rushed up the stairs

to purchase their merchandise! T-Shirts, posters, albums and key rings! It was total madness to buy as much a possible. After everyone ran into the venue where we waited for about an hour shouting “Kyary” “Pamyu Pamyu!” Everyone was super hyped and wanted to hear her! After the hour wait Kyary finally ran out on stage in her “PONPONPON” outfit, everyone was screaming madly! The music was so loud, you could feel the bass on your clothes! IT WAS EPICNESS! Kyary sung all our favourite songs, everyone was jumping around singing along in japanese,

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Tour dates! London: 13th February 2013 02 academy Islington TOkyo: 25th March 2013 ZiPP Tokyo Los Angeles: 12th April 2013 Club Nokia


Kyary inspired Cosplayers! Kelsey, Momoko & Abi.

New York: 14th April 2013 Best Buy Theater

Kyary Inspired Dressers: Sarah & Amie!


dancing along! Kyary’s backing dancers were putting in so much energy. The first song she sung was the song that made her famous PONPONPON everyone was singing along to it and dancing if they had space! After this she spoke to us in japanese even though not many people understood her but luckily she had her english translator with her! After this Kyary sung “Cherry Bon Bon” one of her most awesome songs with an epic beat and cute lyrics. Next Kyary ran off stage to change into her next outfit whilst her fluffy pink bunny rabbit mascot ran on stage doing a wierd almost dance thing! After a few minutes of wierd possing and dancing Kyary ran back onto the stage to her latest released song “furishodeshon” this song got the whole concert singing along with the words as it was her latest song to be released. Again the dancers were totally epic! After this had finished Kyary was getting super excited as she was about to sing live her first unreleased song “Ninjari Bang Bang” which everyone was really excited about to hear it

for the first time! There was a humungous cheer as the song finished which i assume means everyone LOVED it! I know i did! After this we were told it was going to be the last song, everyone let out a massive *sigh* as there was a big explosion of glitter and sparkles as Kyary screamed out “FASHION MONSTERR” and then the final song started and the special effects were superb! after this she ran off, everyone started shouting “ENCORE...ENCORE” and to our surprise she came back on wearing her tour T-Shirt (Shown beneath) then Kyary

stared to speak about how amazing her London fans were and she stared to teach us a dance, “Tsukema Tsukeru” which was the very last song Kyary sang for us which was mind blowingly awesome! When the chorus came everyone started dancing along with their arms with what Kyary had taught us. People around me were crying their eyes out, it was epic! Afterwards she shouted “I LOVE YOUU!” then walked off behind stage and the show had ended, all in all it was amazing and everything couldn’t have been more awesome! James Partridge.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Her Backing Dancers!

Kyary’s top songs! “Fashion Monster" “furisodeshon" “PONPONPON" “Ninjari Bang Bang"


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