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January Snow, Greenwich Park 2013, oil on canvas 40.6 x 30.5 cm 16 x 12 ins With the exception of a couple of tiny paintings years ago, this was my first real attempt to paint outdoors in public. I was daunted to say the least, even just setting up my easel. I need not have worried for it is actually a real joy once you feel on top of the piece, and people are lovely. I had no idea about the kit you need to keep warm. My thin wool coat and trail shoes were woefully inadequate and I got so cold that eventually I couldn’t hold a brush even remotely still. These days I get through the winter with a thick down jacket and enormous Canadian polar explorer boots.â€

Greenwich Church Street 2015, oil on board 30.5 x 30.5 cm 12 x 12 ins


JP Art Gallery Benjamin Hope Observations 2015  
JP Art Gallery Benjamin Hope Observations 2015  

A catalogue of works by Benjamin Hope for the 'Observations' exhibition at JP Art Gallery, London, November 2015