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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Being a debut show, this is the perfect time to name some people who have helped make it all happen over the years. I thank Wendy Skinner Smith, Peter Brown, Rachel Smart, Luke Wilcock, Emma Pooley, Auntie Pleasance, Anika and Daniel Bitel, Nicole Zitzmann, Katherine Vinnicombe, Sarah Maisey, Julia and Pete Ashley, Cliff Abrahams, Anne MacFarlane, Katherine Eddy, my parents, Jane and Andrew Hope, and Joanne Parker of JP Art Gallery. Each of you knows how you’ve made a difference to my little project and I will be forever grateful.â€

Catalogue Design: Camilla Webb Carter Photography Artwork: Stephen Brayne On location: Robert Hughes Andreas Hilfinger Alex Freeman Lesli Lundgren Printed by Charlesworth Press 54

JP Art Gallery Benjamin Hope Observations 2015  
JP Art Gallery Benjamin Hope Observations 2015  

A catalogue of works by Benjamin Hope for the 'Observations' exhibition at JP Art Gallery, London, November 2015