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Battersea Rise, August 5pm 2015, oil on board 20.3 x 20.3 cm 8 x 8 ins One of the most enjoyable kinds of painting happens when there is no possibility of taking time or being overly careful. This is often at the end of a day when there is some glorious but fleeting display of light. It helps to have been working all day on other pieces because I am then fully warmed up and in the flow of things. For speed, I sometimes use the ground colour (a wash I apply when preparing surfaces just to get rid of the white) as part of the painting if it happens to be of the right tone. You can see this here on the road and pavement and I rather like the effect. It can be tempting to neaten things up back in the studio but I try to resist for fear of losing the immediacy of the work.â€

Battersea Rise, Rain at Dusk 2015, oil on board 25.4 x 38.1 cm 10 x 15 ins


JP Art Gallery Benjamin Hope Observations 2015  
JP Art Gallery Benjamin Hope Observations 2015  

A catalogue of works by Benjamin Hope for the 'Observations' exhibition at JP Art Gallery, London, November 2015