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y es of Tomm r u t n e v d A ical o the Mag ids, like you and me! Welcome t lk two norma ; y s o R d n a y the s and enjo lt e b t a e s r buckle you space as Tommy and Sit down, all nd ugh time a venture of flight thro ugh the greatest ad e v s h ro ched the li u o t s a h t Rosy live t ha gle event t time; a sin people. of of millions

mn s one autu in g e b y r o sy t The s my and Ro nd m o T s a , n tion a afternoo wn imagina res and o ir e h t e g enga ilomet sands of k u o h t l e v a r t e. hours in tim countless

Within a very short time ca me the Secon World War th d e most destru ctive ever recorded with over 60 milli on people bein wiped out in g just 6 years. T hat’s just ove 27 thousand r people a day every day.

re of very cent ory e h t t a as ist Europe w rst wars in the h o w the two . d of mankin rible r was ter a W ld r o W to The First ructive not only world e est and so d d the land but th e and n a tiv property s of young, inven on le. lost milli ving peop lo n io t a educ

Romans taught The Greeks and the d baths, roads and us about toilets an iting and philosophy. money, reading, wr

They learn ed to talk an that it was importan d talk to w t ork things out. It is exact ly has helped this kind of thing th at th keep the p e European Union (EU eac ) Second Wo e since just after th e rld War.

od ships The Vikings built really go to sail, the and they really knew how ol horsemen Magyars were seriously co t cattle and and they knew a lot abou brought lots farming, the Arab people mbers, of clever ideas including nu ol, university medicine, the idea of scho my. and colleges and astrono

Robert Schum an - regarde d as one of the fo unders of the EU.

In 1950, France and Germany ag reed to share th Coal and Steel eir production and this was the foun block of that w ding hich was to beco me the EU.

“Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” but No kings and lords just people, all with e. equal power of voic

Thanks to the fr eedom of movement – peop le of the EU can freely move to other EU countries to liv e or study, to visit or work. The EU stands fo r liberty, democracy, resp ect for human rights and basic civil liberties and rule of law.

More co un have ma tries that de including  applications t o C and Turk roatia, Macedo join, ey – Alb nia a and Her zegovina nia, Bosnia , Kosovo and Ice Montenegro, land.

ory, ort hist h s st s it as in ot all ju The EU h rnt that it is n money. a g rapidly le ansion or makin p x about e

The result me ans clearer th inking, cleaner living , healthier pe ople and brand new ty pes of jobs.

is inisters M f o ch il c Coun from ea . The EU’s f one minister y o has a sa p y u r t e n d u a o c m so every country

The Eu r of peo opean Parl iamen ple wh t of us o gets t m each an is made up d ever o vote y for di rectly one .

there mission is y has m o C n a e p d The Euro t everybo pens a h t s g in h t e it hap to do the makes sur e. d n a n o n tim agreed ost and o c t h ig r e at th

The Europe an Court of Justice is there to make sure tha everything is fair for t t he EU, its member sta tes and cit izens.

a very long Europe has really come ars, it has way in the last 50 ye ther and now been pieced back toge member has a solid base of 27 languages. States and 23 official

h more considerate, It’s about being muc ys of how to treat exploring better wa want to be treated. others and how we

The EU is about show ing and sharing respec t.

Human D ig and Equ nity ality.

What really makes the EU work is: You!

The End

Unity in Diversity.

But the Magical Adventure does not stop here‌. Find out more about how you can grow and change within the EU by asking your parents, your teachers or simply researching it for yourself in your school library or the internet.

If you ne you can ed any additio n a MEUSA lso contact: al help or guid C (Malt ance, a-EU St 280, Re e er p Tel: 220 ublic Street, V ing & Action C alletta 0 3300 VLT 1112 ommittee) e-mail: usac@g

The Magical Adventures of Tommy & Rosy - Episode 1  

The Magical Adventures of Tommy & Rosy as they travel through time and space to relive the formation of the European Union and the history w...

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