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Superlative Quiz

Superlative Quiz

1. Who is the fastest athlete in the world? a)Mark Twain b)Hussein Folt c)Benjamin Jones d)Usain Bolt e)Hosein Rot

Secondary School?

2. Who is the most expensive actor now? a) Javier Bardem b) Brad Pitt c) Hugh Grant d) George Clooney e) Tom Cruise


3. Where is the hottest place in the Earth? a) in Australia b)in Japan c) in Greece d)in Switzerland e) in Denmark

School Bus

4. What is the cheapest transport in London? a) Bus b)Plane c) Boat d)Underground e) Taxi

School uniform 5. What is the most popular TV series in the USA now? a)The Simpsons b)Glee c)NCIS d)The Walking Dead e)MTV Tuning Pimp My Ride

School Bag 6 How old was the oldest astronaut in the space? a) 66 b) 55 c)77 d)88

School playground 7. What is the longest river in the world?

a) The Danube b)The Mississippi c)The Nile d)The Amazon e) The Yang Tse

Tablet PCs 8. What is the largest planet in the solar system?

a) Jupiter b)Saturn c)Neptune d)Earth e)Urane

Registration 9. What is the highest mountain in Africa?

a)Kilimanjaro b)Everest c)Mont Blanc d)Aconcagua e)Erebus


10 What is the widest river in the world? a) The Missiouri b) The Rhin c) The Amazon d) The Volga

e) The NIle

School Time Table 11. Where is the coldest place in the world? a)In Alaska 09:00

1st Period


2nd Period

11:00 - 11:30



3rd Period


4th Period

13:30 - 14:10


14:10 – 15:10

5th Period

b)In Greenland c)In Russia d)In Siberia e)In Antarctica

School Subjects 12. What is the most difficult subject for British students? a) History b) Science c) Physical Education d) Maths e) English

Break Time (Recess)11:00 - 11:30 13. What is the most popular sport in Ireland? a) Rugby b) Ice Hockey c) Gaelic football d) Hurling e) Basketball

Lunch Time 14. What is the largest city in Scotland? a) London b) St Andrews c) Glasgow d) Edimburgh e) Inverness

Packed Lunch 15. What of these things is the most expensive in England? a) a litre of olive oil b) a gallon of gasoline c) a pint of beer d) a pound of meat e) a loaf of bread

School Dinner 16. What is the smallest country?

a) Canada

b) Australia

c) Ireland

d) Great Britain

e) USA

Swipe Cards 17. What is the tallest basketball player? a) Pau Gasol b) Kobe Bryant c) Calderon d) Serge Ibaka e) Ricky Rubio

Electronic equipment in the Classrooms 18. Who was the best Formula 1 driver in 2005? a) Sebastian Vettel b) Michael Schumacher c) Lewis Hamilton d) Jenson Button e) Fernando Alonso

After School Activities 19. Which is the worst football team in the Premier League now? a) Liverpool b) Sunderland c) Tottenham d) Newcastle e) Wigam

School Clubs 20 What is the largest country in America? a) Canada b) USA c) Argentina d) Australia e) Brasil

School Clubs 21 Who is the shortest football player? a) Lionel Messi b) Xabi Alonso c) David Villa d) Xavi Hernandez e)Fernando LLorente

School Clubs 22 What is the largest city? a) Dublin b) New York c) London d) Los Angeles e) Mexico City

Thanks to School! 23 Which is the fastest bird? a) Ostrich b) eagle c) falcon d) penguin e) vulture

School Assembly •

24 Where is the wettest place? a) Dakar, Senegal b) Teheran, Iran c) Seattle, USA d) Atacama, Chile e) Tripoli, Libia

Superlative Quiz  
Superlative Quiz  

A quiz with superlative adjectives