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Innominata Ridge, Mont Blanc - August 2016

Hi! I am Jozua, a young and highly motivated product developer. From the beginning of my study I am dreaming about being involved in R&D for the outdoor sport industry. During my life I have always been on adventures: climbing, skitouring, mountaineering, camping, boy scouts, fishing , sailing ... It became my main driver in daily life and everything I do is linked with it. With this appointment I see a unique opportunity to combine and encourage my interests and skills of both my education and my passion to add value to your entreprise.

Education Core Talents

Problem solving

Creative Do-type

Master Product Development 2015-2017 University Antwerp (BE) Bachelor Product Development 2012-2015 University Antwerp (BE) Science - Mathematics 2006-2012 Sint-Gummaruscollege Lier (BE)

Eye for detail



Team play: leadership, motivate and convince

Experiences Internship Product Developper October-april 2017-18 Munich 2016, 2017 & 2018 Student job Selling ski and mountaineering gear


Focussed & Goal oriented

Languages Dutch: Native English: Fluent

French: Fluent German: Basic

Student job Selling gear in specialised mountianeering shop Volunteer 3 years leader at youth movement

In cooperation with AntarctiQ

Master thesis a new design of the antarctic sled for expedition purposes.


Choosing concept


Prototype & verfication



Testing prototype

Business model

1.Tobbo - Antartctic logistics by snowscooter Inflatable structure >> shockabsorber to protect luggage >> adjustable shape to loosen from snow Fuel bladder inside inflatable structure >> increasing stability by lowering center of gravity >> combo with air bladder for user-friendly fueling in the field

User-friendly attaching system for luggage

Fuelbladder Airbladder Outer

2 Technical design

2.1 Cycleweeder Community Supported Aggriculture Redesign of a human powered vehicle to make weeding for CSA comfortable and efficient. This design adjusts automatic to the different ergonomic shapes of the users. 3D Model Render

2.2 Drone Catcher - Outdoor Industry Filming A lightweight construction that uses IR sensors to locate and ‘follow’ the drone. As a result the pilot only has to bring the drone in a 1m x 1m area The catcher is prepared to reduce the impact when landing with high speed so nothing gets damaged.

3D Model: Render:

3 Creative SKills > Autodesk: Sketchbook Pro > Adobe: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator > 3D-modelling: Rhinoceros, Solidworks, Siemens NX

Tablet sketching:

3D Model Render

3D Model / Render

4 Service design & System Thinking Designing a Product Service System to tackle the world wide problem of obesity by defining different factors involved in this complex problem. >> Brainstorm techniques >> Idea selection >>Teamwork



5 DIY Projects I’ve always been making things in my free time: first starting with a lowtech camping knife to cut wood, today also using prototyping techniques like CNC milling and laser cutting.

5.1 Skibuilding I am skibuilding together with my nephew since 2015. We first made a press, starting with a 3D model to CNC-mill the parts. Combining his woodworking experience with my development skills led to a nice result. Next we will try basalt fibre and change some parameters to enhance the ski performance.

5.2 TECHtextiles I converted the pattern of an Arcteryx Alpha FL to make my own hardshell jacket. With Tyvek I made a first prototype. I am especially interested in learning about the different textile production methodes like seamsealing, welding and glueing.

Alpamayo, Peru - Juli 2017

6 Mount coach I got selected to join a project organised by the Belgian mountaineering club that trains 6 young motivated climbers to experienced all round alpinists. During 2,5 years we follow multiple courses in all mountaineering disciplines in every season but also several lessons about rope handling, meteorology, avalanche safety, orientation, rescue ... Summer 2017 we went to the Cordillera Blanca, Peru, for our first independent expedition.

Contact me +32 471 30 44 11


Portfolio Jozua Schiltz Feb2018  
Portfolio Jozua Schiltz Feb2018