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Observer October 2010


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Local Area Festive Celebrations

By Upasna Gera

Firework display in Handsworth Park, for all. With spectacular performances by members of the community. Performances by many famous stars all in one place. The members of the Handsworth community gather and celebrate with friends and family. It is estimated 500 people are contributing and helping towards the event. This is bigger than any of the previous festive occasions. Read more inside...

Handsworth Wood Police Team Visit Local School

By Upasna Gera

Birmingham teenage art exhibition... This Year Birmingham celebrate the work of young teenagers Including many

Festive fun, for young children in Handsworth brilliant work’s of art created by young people in the heart of Birmingham. St.Augustines primary school, including faceShowing many creative and fascinating pieces. These people have put a lot painting, art stands and stalls. The Handsworth of work and effort into their work and wiill also be rewarded for this. Finally, Wood Police team gather and join in with the celebrations with young children teaching our young people can share their creativity in their City. Many members of the about rules and safety as well as taking part community appreciate this as now teenagers in Birmingham will feel a part of the City. Many of these pieces will be displayed on show. with the fun.

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