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Amazing Tourist Places in Mauritius Mauritius’s not just the world’s beautiful city and a ‘cultivated city’ to boot – it throws up all kinds of amaze. It’s exploding with life, energetic with activity; it’s not just modern building and anomalous shopping malls, anomalous has so many venues for replenishment entertainment and excitation, most popular among which are the Leisure Park at the Mauritius Zoo and the

Universal Studios in its’ Trou-aux-Biches Island with seven theme parks, of which, one focusses on Hollywood and even replicates the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The colourful alleyways of Little India, Port Louis, Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill, Quatre Bornes, and Vacoas-Phoenix are good to walk through and become familiar with the different cultural identity people staying in Mauritius, while shoppers and food-lovers have a lot to exult over. In Little India, the scent of joss sticks, jasmine and spices will remind you of India. English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil are spoken in Mauritius, and the delightful cuisine reflects the multi-ethnicity of the island resort.

Amazing tourist places in mauritius  
Amazing tourist places in mauritius