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Tattoo You Project Alain Licon

Deciding on a tattoo design for your body should not be a mere impulsive decision. You need to put lot of thought into it to make that decision a success. Otherwise you will regret your tattoo selection for years to come. First question you should ask yourself, before deciding on a tattoo design for your skin, is whether the selected tattoo design is compatible with the image you want to project to the world. In doing so you should remember that tattoo will remain in your skin for years to come. Do you want to have that tattoo design on your skin ten, twenty, or thirty, years into the future? Removing tattoo is difficult and expensive and not all pigment can be removed. Expending a few days to familiarize and be comfortable with the design before deciding on a tattoo design will be well worth time. When deciding on a tattoo design for you, for the first time, you should take the advice of most tattoo artists and start with a small simple piece. This is beneficial in several ways. A small tattoo design will take only about quarter of an hour to complete. As such you will be able learn whether you can tolerate the pain involved without stopping half way through with ugly results. You can probably get through a small design even if you find it painful.

A small design can be made part of a larger design later. This is important because most people tend to get additional tattoos once the first one is successful. As such when deciding on a tattoo design for you, make sure you select a small one that can harmonize with possible future ones. Not selecting such a design will lead to a mismatched group of tattoos. You will have a wide selection to choose from when deciding on the tattoo design for you. Before looking through the designs available with the artist, you can do some research on your own. There are many websites devoted to tattoos on the Internet. You can learn the history and meaning of the designs on such sites. Remember most tattoo designs have various symbolic meanings attached to them that a novice and even some artists will not know about. So some grounding on history and symbolism of tattoo design will help you to avoid unnecessary embarrassments when deciding the tattoo design for your skin. You can also allow the artist to express their creativity to the full by selecting an original design when deciding on the tattoo design for you. If you do so, select a well reputed artist and give him full artistic control to get the best results.

Another aspect you should pay attention to when deciding on a tattoo design for your skin is whether you want to incorporate various colors or whether you want to stick to monochrome. This is of course a matter of personal taste and thought; you should also consider your skin color. If you select a multi colored design, make sure that the tattoo parlor has the right equipment to execute it correctly. By taking your time and paying attention to the details, you will be able to decide on the tattoo design that will suit you for a life time. Featured here is a famous tattoo artistĂ…c.(your choice, a blurb about their work(artist bio) and choose examples of their work to preview in the double spread article).


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