Joy of Medina County Magazine March 2020

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Joy of Medina County Magazine | March 2020

to see again. I was a monster. I became a collector for them and would walk into a gunfight carrying multiple weapons. I felt untouchable. I always had what I wanted, and if I didn’t, I just took it. I didn’t steal anymore. To me, stealing was taking something from someone without their knowledge or consent. I took what I wanted, in front of people, making sure they saw it, and there was nothing they could do about it. My life was one of respect through fear. It was a life that ended up with me being tied to a chair and beaten for more than 13 hours. A life that could have ended it all, but still it wasn’t over. I don’t know why, but I made it through alive, however I was no longer fearless. Shortly after escaping that situation, I ran. I stole a vehicle from a local car dealership and fled, first stop Cleveland then, who knows?

Chapter 4: A New Start February 5, 2018. That is the date Kevin Gale Oney from little old Shiloh, Ohio, began his life at the age of 33. I had been arrested in Medina, and after a short jail sentence, I was blessed with Drug Court through the Medina County court system. I moved into a sober living house in Medina where I learned that being clean and sober was a great way of life and met the people who, to this day, still impact my life. Every day, I attended a 12-step meeting, worked my steps, made real friends, and learned what a man truly is. I still make mistakes, I have hurt people since being sober, but today I know when I’m wrong, apologize, and do whatever is necessary to make things right. Drug Court and the sober house have taught me so many great things, but the two most important things I’ve learned are that helping others is a way of life and that I don’t have to do this alone. Today, I have an amazing job with a lot of amazing people at The Recovery Center of Medina County, where I’m enrolled in a culinary arts program and learning everything in fine dining, including hospitality and the culinary arts.


I’m working on earning my peer support specialist certificate so I can help others in recovery in multiple ways. I work closely with a friend and mentor who helps run the Recovery Center. He is my inspiration for continuing my peer support, and I love this man like a brother. My two bosses are like family, and they really care for me and all of the students. They are always there for us any time we may need them, and they have taught me what open mindedness and love truly are. I have a caseworker whom I am in regular contact with. I know she would do anything in her power to help me succeed. My family life today is amazing, I’m a son to my parents, a brother to my sisters, and most importantly, a father to my three amazing children. Today, I love my life. If you are out there, scared, addicted and not knowing how to make it through, we are here to help, there is hope. You can make it through. Addiction is an everyday battle, but you don’t have to go through it alone, reach out and ask for help, we are here. Alone, we lose the battle, but together, we can win the war. So please, keep your chin up, soldier, move forward, and live, you deserve it. My name is Kevin Oney, and I am an addict.

Kevin G. Oney wrote his true-life story and is sharing it in the hope that others will be helped. See his profile at Medina County Drug Court is a court-supervised program for addicts. For more information, go to For the story about The Recovery Center of Medina County, go to If you would like to become the next The Reading Nook author and you are an unpublished author, please send your fiction or nonfiction story to for consideration.