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Joy of Medina County Magazine | February 2020



Finding a Credible Company

Skin in the Game

by Paul McHam

by Steve Rak

Any company that serves the public can expect to get questions. Questions are good, as they ensure that educational territory is covered that might have been missed during general conversation. What is not helpful is the client who spends weeks combing the internet and picking up a world of opinions, including some that are incorrect or not helpful. When searching the web, it is important to keep in mind that there are articles written by folks who have their own special interests in mind. Do not assume that everything you read is right, as it most likely is not and could be the exact wrong thing to do. Before believing what you read, check the writer’s credentials or find a local certified source for information. Once you have the right person, you can ask questions that apply specifically to your situation and get answers that can be verified. A good source for recommendations is the Better Business Bureau. Look at a company’s history and how long it has been in business. Keep in mind that some of the best folks to answer your questions may not be local but will travel quite a distance to help someone. Hiring a consultant is a good choice, as they have fewer dollars at stake, but will help you ensure the job is done right. It is said that 80 percent of all human ailment is caused by the environment they live in. Let us make 2020 the year we stop suffering.

Business is like everything else in life, you get what you give. If you have a business, then you know what I am talking about. There are two primary things you have to give when running a business: time and money. When you primarily use both your time and your money in your business, that is when you have the most skin in the game. I bring this up because I recently had to reorganize my company, and with that reorganization I had to make some serious decisions. These decisions included how much of my time and money would be invested in the reorganization.

Paul McHam is a local expert on mold remediation. For more information, visit his website at http://myairxperts.com/ and his Facebook page Moldsporewars http://bit.ly/2E2Fj3y or call 330-658-2600. For a list of his certifications, go to https://bit.ly/2WH19Pt


There is a big difference between pulling personal resources versus company resources to restructure a company. After a business matures and becomes self-sustaining, resources are generated by the clients (cash) and staff (time). The owner then does not have to wear all of the hats or use personal finances to fund the business. Theoretically, this frees up the owner’s time and lightens the load of personal responsibility regarding debt since the company is making a profit, creating jobs and providing a product or service. Until the business hits a downturn, this is great, but all businesses have a downturn at some point. This is where my reorganization story picks up again. A few years ago, my company hit a pretty substantial downturn. I had a choice: either close shop or get down in the dirt and fix it. I chose the latter. Since that time, I have had to decrease the number of staff members and take on those jobs myself. I also had to invest personal money. What I have learned is that, when you have skin in the game, you watch things a lot closer, ensure things are happening the way you want, and work harder to ensure a successful outcome. Medina resident Steve Rak is an award-winning columnist and has spoken at numerous venues throughout the United States and Canada as the owner of Rak Consulting, http://www.rakconsultingllc.com/, and Southwest Landscape Management, http://www.sw-landscape.com/ E-mail questions or suggestions for future column topics to Joy@BlakeHousePublishing.com with “In Box” in the subject line.

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Joy of Medina County Magazine February 2020  

Choosing a prebuilt or custom-built computer, free prom dresses, bringing up a business, rescuing resolutions, the stories of the county pa...

Joy of Medina County Magazine February 2020  

Choosing a prebuilt or custom-built computer, free prom dresses, bringing up a business, rescuing resolutions, the stories of the county pa...