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Basic Eye Care

Eye Care

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According to researchers, the number of visually impaired people in the world is increasing really fast. The term visually impaired is not just used to refer to the blind alone. It may also be used for those whose eyesight are deteriorating.

The rapid increase is actually alarming. What makes it more dangerous is the fact that the age when people start to have vision problems is becoming lower. Even young kids at six or seven already have vision problems. This has caused many to draw attention to finding methods to improve vision naturally.

Of course the best thing to do is to prevent this from happening to you. So taking proper care of your eyesight should be a priority. The following are some tips on how to take care of your eyes:

• Eat healthy-the eyes need certain nutrients like vitamin a and beta carotene which can be found in some fruits and veggies.

• Don’t strain your eyes-avoid using the pc for a long time or reading for long hours. This will strain your eyes and cause damage. If you really have to do it then try to give your eyes frequent breaks in between your tasks.

• Wear protection-wear sunglasses with uv protection to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Eye Care

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These are some of the things you can do in order to avoid getting a laser vision correction surgery. but if you already haved some problems with your vision there are still some natural ways to improve it. Here are some effective exercises for you:

• Blink-you might think that it’s so basic. Consider your eyes like a hardworking computer that needs to be refreshed. Blinking is like pressing on the refresh button on your computer.

• Hand patch-your hands make a perfect substitute for an eye patch. After spending long hours working with your eyes try to close it for a while. Try to put your palms softly over your eyes. Your hands can provide a relaxing warmth to it.

But more than these tips on how to improve vision naturally it is also important to seek medical attention. The best practice is to have eye check up annually. This is really for people who have already experienced visual impairment. Make sure that you only use products and exercises that are approved by your physician.

Eye Care

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Basic Tips On Caring For Your Eyes  

Statistics have it that the number of people with visual impairment is rapidly increasing. When we say visually impaired it doesn’t refer on...

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