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Redundant power system and its benefits The term redundancy is very common among diverse businesses that need stronger backup system. In technical sense, this is the duplication of critical components or function of a system with the objective of enhancing the dependency of the system, usually in the form a backup. This is why redundancy power system is taking the center stage when it comes to better power supply system. Whether it is general life or professional life, backup plays vital role always. Be it the backup of data, file, or power, you should always choose the best way that can help keep a back in the event of loss data or one of your power supplies fails. If you are planning for setting up a redundant power backup system, it will be good idea to get a redundant power switch for your system There are two prominent functions of such system. The first one is passive and the second is active. But both the functions aim at preventing performance decline from exceeding specification limits without human intervention, using extra capacity.

While passive function is intended to trim down the effect of component failure, using excess capacity, active function tends to reduce the feasibility of performance decline by monitoring the performance of individual device. One common form of passive redundancy is the extra strength of cabling and struts

used in bridges. This strength, often called margin of safety allows for the failure of structural components without letting the bridge collapse. In addition, there are several benefits of setting up a redundant power backup system. Power modules redundant are one of the most important components of the system, allowing for the switching between the primary and backup power supplies. The modules use “Ideal Diode” FETs that have very low resistance and thus have no “diode drop” from the input to output. Some of the prominent benefits are: No hits during switch to backup No “diode drop” from input to output Cool operation LED or open collector status indicators Several options for connector style

Using ideal diode FET based redundant system allows you not use over spec the power supplies to ensure that your equipment has enough voltage. Also with this, you do not need any additional means to keep the circuit stay cooler and run at higher currents than traditional diode based backup power modules. Redundant power modules boast of features like LED indicator that indicates status or faults, or an open summary of fault output thereby helping you to easily find which module has failed. Also this allows you to easily replace failed modules in live networks without taking the entire system off-line.

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Redundant power system  

In technical sense, this is the duplication of critical components or function of a system with the objective of enhancing the dependency of...