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Portland medical weight loss; Excess weight loss could be dangerous for the health In many case it has observed that when a person suddenly start the weight loss program without consulting any expert before it then this affects negatively to the person’s health. It is necessary to analyze that your body really needs weight loss or it your thought only because sometimes person think that they need to reduce weight in spite of knowing this fact that their body does not need any such program. Many people’s body does not support for this or if they do so then it causes harm to their health. Portland medical weight loss gives the correct guidance or suggestion to the person which is not harmful their health. Harmful effects of reducing weight very fast There are many harmful effects of weight loss if it reducing very fast which is seen in rare cases only. These are as follows:It causes various diseases to the person because his weight is reducing very fast. It reduces physical strength and the person always feels low or weak. It causes disinterest in the food habits and person does not want to eat healthy food. Person always looks tired or unhealthy which affects his work also. It also causes many medical problems to the person. If a person is weak then during the exercise his any body part could be injured because of the weakness which is harmful for the health. Portland medical weight loss always try to convince the client to reduce the weight as per his body requirement but if the client insist to reduces the weight further and if the client injured during this then the trainer and his doctor is not responsible for the injury.

Portland medical weight loss; Excess weight loss could be dangerous for the health