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Gold seems to be in demand over the period of time as there are many buyers of these precious metals. One needs to be care while purchasing the gold coins. A careful background check must be done on the gold dealer to know if he is reliable and trustworthy to deal with. One must never purchase gold coins online or from the dealers who insists on cash payment. Buy gold coins san Francisco: fe w important tips for the gold coin investors There is numerous reason people buy gold coins. Some people buy gold coins to add to their investment portfolio as it is a stable commodity. Some people purchase these gold coins from collector’s standpoint. They collect the Buy gold coins San Francisco to complete their collections which will appreciate in value over the time. When planning to find the gold coins one need to decide what type of gold coins they want to purchase .one could find different types of gold coins like the American eagle coins, the bullion gold and the foreign coins. It is important that to find out the best places one could get the gold coins at the fair prices. To find a coin dealer is not about simply picking up the pho ne book or just surfing the internet. One needs to be careful while dealing with the coin dealer as they could be very tricky and sometimes disappears after taking money and never delivers the coins. One must do perform a background check on the coin dealer. One could do the background check by asking the important questions about their business on the better business bureau website. One must inquire how long have they been in the business of selling gold or the gold coins. A careful background check must be done on the gold coin dealer: One needs to very careful when dealing with the gold coin dealer to not to get into the traps of the fraudulent dealers. A background check is a must to know about their business and to check if they are reliable and trustworthy to deal with. Know for how long they are in the business of selling. One must inquire what type of reputation they have with the buyers and the collectors. Know the size of their business and check if they could supply the coins where one requires. Know how much knowledge they possess concerning the gold. Code of ethics and professionalism is very important so find out if the concerned gold dealers follow any type of organization with code of ethics. Find out if they offer any guaranty with each sale. It is best that one works with the coin dealer who is a part of the professional numismatists guild. As these member will adhere to the ethics and provides proper information in regards to proper sales tactics and represents the value of the coins they sell. From whe re to purchase the gold coins: When one decides to buy gold coins they must also decide what type of gold coins they want to buy then one could find from where to buy these buy gold coins San Francisco. There are many sources from where one could find the gold coins. The gold coins could be purchased from gold bullion or from the participating banks, precious metal dealers and brokerages. One must avoid buying the gold coins from a regular jewelry store owners, television ad personalities, pawn shops, online discount sellers or from the

people who are selling the gold coins from the Craig list .one must always deal with a coin dealer who has a physical store location where one could look the gold coins. Never deal with the dealers who possess only email address. One must avoid buying gold coins through online dealers and must avoid those dealers who accepts only cash or strictly requests for wire bank transfers. As these online dealers are not reliable and if case one lands into trouble with the gold coin purchase it would be difficult to track down the dealer and the money. When purchasing the gold coins always deal with reputable gold dealers.

Buy gold coins san francisco few important tips for the gold coin investors