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Bamboo Flooring For A Different Look Is bamboo a good option? While thinking of materials for the floor of homes and offices, the first thing that comes to mind is hardwood. This is because of the obvious durability that it provides. However, there is an alternative to the hardwood and it comes in the form of bamboo flooring. While wondering why one should select bamboo over the traditional hardwood, this article will explain the reasons. The first advantage of using this alternate material is the cost effectiveness. The oak and teak wood is very expensive materials and will cost a fortune to make a floor with them. However, bamboo is cheap when compared to the sky high prices of the durable wood materials available in the market. Considering this cost effective feature, one must definitely take a look at it during shopping rounds. What is the material all about? Talking about technical science, bamboo is not wood at all. This is a type of grass which is harder than most of the woods. This is a plant which is native to china and other parts of Asia and thus, started to be used there. The shoots of the plant are cut into strips and then laminated together to make the planks. This step of laminating makes the bamboo flooring look like the wooden floors. There are many color options to choose from though it was traditionally made only in the light colored tint. How it the usage of bamboo beneficial? One of the first benefits of making use of bamboo flooring in Columbus is that it is very much eco friendly when compared to the wood materials. As discussed earlier, this is a grass which takes an average of ten years to grow and develop completely which is lesser than the decades and centuries taken by the timber to grow. On the other hand, the shoots grow back even after they are cut down through the process of rejuvenating and does not strain the environment in any way. Cutting down a single tree deteriorates the environmental condition further to a worse extent. Unlike the traditional timber planks which need sub floors for installation; this material can be used in any room. It is also light weight which makes for easier installation on top floors. The most important benefit of this type of flooring is that it is fire resistant and also pest resistant which otherwise requires a lot of maintenance.

Bamboo Flooring For A Different Look  

This document talks about the benefits of bamboo flooring over the traditional hardwood flooring and how it is an eco friendly product.

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