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There are lots of reasons to visit Barcelona in 2010, but if you have a need for speed then a day watching Moto GP is for you. This is an event for the thrill-seekers that can't get enough of motorsports. It might not be the sport you most associate with Spain, but, come July, Catalunya will be awash with leather-clad speed demons. MotoGP is to motorcycles as Formula 1 is to racing cars. It was the first motorsports championship in the world and features 18 races in a season. Fourteen different nations are involved in staging the championship and Spain has a strong tradition of hosting an event each year. Over 2 million people turned out to watch events in the 2009 season and this year is expected to be every bit as popular. At each stop on the circuit there are three races between riders in different classes. The first race is the 125cc, followed by Moto2, then the main event - MotoGP. MotoGP races take place on a Sunday after earlier practice days and one qualifying race to determine starting positions. The fastest riders in qualifying take the first three positions for the start of the big race. Races usually last for around 45 minutes and are contested over a circuit of between 95-130km. Riders can reach speeds of up to 300km. Competitors from all over the world take part in the championship, including the current world champion Valentino Rossi. In total, around 19 riders will take part in the Spanish MotoGP race, which is sure to attract a huge crowd. There are several Spanish contenders for the race, so you can expect a feverish atmosphere among a knowledgeable crowd. The Circuit de Catalunya will be the stage of the event, with over 100,000 people expected through the gates. As well as 17 grandstands around the track, there are 20 big screens, so you can keep up with all the action. And, although the circuit is open air, there are three covered stands just in case the weather turns ugly. The Circuit de Catalunya can be found about 30km North of the city centre in Montmelo. However, with so many people trying to get there, going by road may take longer than expected. When planning your journey, factor in the queues and leave plenty of time to spare. The last thing you want to do is miss a single minute of this great day out. A better option for travel might be the train. Once you get through the initial crowds, the train journey will take around 30 minutes. From Montmelo Station, you have about a 20-minute walk and to get there all you have to do is follow the crowds. You can purchase your tickets through the official MotoGP website at Prices start from around €50 to €200, depending on whether you choose seated or standing tickets.

So, if you are a motorsports fan, or are just looking for a new experience, give some though into a MotoGP weekend. This is one of the biggest and the oldest motorsports championships in the world and is not to be missed. All of the biggest in names in motorcycle racing are scheduled to attend. This is sure to be one of the biggest events of the Spanish sporting calendar and you could be there this year.

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