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What is fat? Fat is an organic compound consisting of three fatty acids covalently bonded to one glycerol molecule. What causes fat build up Fat build up in the body especially in the unwanted areas are caused by a number of reasons such as :

Lack of exercise Lack of a balanced diet Stress Lack of sleep

Here is how the effects of the above affects the body with weight gain. When the body does not get enough exercise fat tends to build up around areas such as your belly, hips and thigh areas.(Especially in women). A balanced diet is one which consists of the right amounts of nutrients which is need for the body such as:

Proteins Fats Calcium Fiber Carbohydrates

Not having the right amount of these nutrients can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Stress can lean to weight gain by releasing free radicals into the body which slows down metabolism. Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain by binging and binging at nights leads to weight gain.

How to burn the fat safely Now you all want to know how to lose weight safely. One safe way to lose weight safely is by exercising for at least thirty minutes, three to five days per week. By doing this you will get rid of belly fat and fat in other places and create nice lean muscles. Another factor in healthy weight loss is getting a full night sleep, by doing this there will be less time for binging. But what if there was an easier fun way to lose weight. The diet and exercise regime can be so boring at time especially if you do not have someone do it with.

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==== ==== Check This Out for Great Weight Lose Tips : ==== ====

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