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Recommendation for Kristina Stellhorn

I have known Kristina Stellhorn for many years in several different capacities. She is an energetic, dedicated woman who has been a major asset to our community. Serving in Norwood as a teacher, writer, director, organizer and translator, Kristina consistently enriches all she touches. In our diverse community, she successfully collaborated with extreme personalities bringing them together to produce extraordinary plays. As an observant, disciplined seeker of knowledge with a strong work ethic she would be an excellent candidate for a graduate program. Kristina’s success in our community has been due to her enthusiasm and intellect combined with drive and a talent to collaborate with others. Understanding consistency, staying focused, working hard and adding quality to all of her commitments, are some of the reasons for her success. In the employment area, Kristina is extremely well thought of because she learns quickly, can work independently and once again her work ethic is very strong. Our community has benefited by her passion for theater and the arts. Through all she has accomplished, Kristina has illustrated her drive, passion for knowledge, ability to collaborate, attention to detail and an ability to sell herself and her ideas well. Exhibiting twice the rigor and accomplishments of most of us, she has developed an active theater group and initiated an Art and Music Festival for Norwood. On top of that, she researches our local history incorporating interesting details into the scripts she writes for the plays she produces. I have personally taken Spanish classes from Kristina. She was always prepared and through her proficiency in Spanish and her communication skills, she made the class both fun and educational. As a school board member, I truly appreciate that Kristina is honing her knowledge through graduate school to potentially become part of the staff at our school. Even if she works for another school, I know she will be an inspiration to students. If there is a woman worth investing in, Kristina Stellhorn is that person. She will be an asset wherever she goes. If you offer an interesting, rigorous program, Kristina will help make it a success. Thank you for the opportunity to share my knowledge of this enthusiastic, competent person. Sincerely yours,

Marty Hollinbeck Norwood R2-JT School Board member 970 327-4713

Kristina Stellhorn  

Kristina Stellhorn

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