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January 6, 2014 To Whom it may Concern, I am excited to be writing this letter on behalf of Maeve Doherty. Maeve has been the Pre-Elementary (Kindergarten) teacher at World Academy of Tirana, where we have worked together, since August 2012. Maeve is responsible for teaching and implementing the school’s IB (international Baccalareaute) PYP (Primary Years Program) curriculum in a classroom of 20 English as a Second Language students. During the time that I have known and worked with Maeve, she has consistently been an inspiring teacher. She became a mentor to me, and we meet almost daily to discuss ideas for the classroom, organization, classroom management, planning, and curriculum implementation. Maeve has a diverse teaching background that gives her many experiences to pull from when she is teaching. This experience gives her a unique perspective in the classroom that is extremely successful with students and parents. Daily, the parents of students in her class comment on what a great job she is doing with their children. Maeve is a firm and fair teacher who uses a hands on inquiry approach when teaching her students. She is dedicated to developing her students into lifelong learners. Maeve was the first teacher at our school to use student-led conferences as a tool for evaluating students and connecting with parents. She focuses on teaching problem solving skills to her students and gives them the tools that they need to become independent learners. Maeve has a distinct knack for teaching non-English speakers to read. She has taken a class of mostly non-English speaking students and taught them the skills necessary to be on or above grade level readers. In the time that I have worked with Maeve, she has demonstrated her passion, thoughtfulness, management skills, planning skills, compassion for her students and sincere interest in their individual development. She consistently demonstrates her commitment to education and would be a great addition to any school environment. If you need any additional information, please contact me at the details given below.

Amanda Doll Grade 2 Teacher World Academy of Tirana Tirana, Albania


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0. Box: 4941 - Tel./Fax: 291-1-16 17 05 E-mail :

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Asmara, Eritrea

Evaluation for Maeve Doherty June 2006

When I look back on this past year at Asmara International Community School I reahze that nobody on staff was asked to do more than you, nobody was asked to change their assignment more often than you and nobody was more under appreciated than you. Allow me to address just some of the contributions you have made to AICS this year. I have grouped my comments under the five main assignments you were given in200512006.

Elementary Principal

As elementary principal you were asked to do many things and


would like


compliment your work in just a few of these tasks. It was clear that through your frequent class room visits and observations you knew your teaching staff. The feedback you provided to the teachers was concise, relevant and well balanced. A number of the elementary teachers have commented to me that they appreciated both your positive feedback and suggestions for growth. Teacher reflections have indicated that they felt more accountable this year and that you helped them focus on issues that positively impacted student learning. You used your excellent time management skills and organizatronal skills to great affect as you monitored the teacher submissions of longrange plans, professional growth plans, report cards etc.


was particularly impressed with your ability to help the elementary teachers improve their reporl card comments. This required a vision, a willingness to challenge others to improve, tenacity and patience. You yourself have seen the results of all of this work and were proud to show me some of the comments written for the final report cards. Well done Maeve. Thanks to you our elementary students will receive personalized reports that provide valuable feed back centred on the AICS student learner profile and student progress.

I would like to thank you for all the times I have seen you listening to our students, for all the times I have heard you advising them, for noticing them and for calling them by name. In short Maeve, you care about the students and they know it. You respect them and they respect you. Finally,



PYP Coordinator


suspect that your role as PYP Coordinator was perhaps one of the most challenging roles you had this year. For one thing, I left you completely on your own with this one. For another, the IBO hasn't proven to be the easiest organization to work with from Eritrea. Furthermore, you were not provided with all the training that you had been led to believe you would get.. Having said that, you should be proud of the success you made of our PYP implementation. Thanks to you an outside trainer was brought in and offered a two-day PYP workshop for all of the elementary staff. Thanks to you our staff was provided with all the necessary materials, the regular coaching and the consistent monitoring to ensure that AICS now has a PYP Programmme of Inquiry in place for next year. This didn't just happen. You spent countless hours with teachers developing, writing and editing Units of Inquiry. All of this work has ensured that the teachers now have strong units that will be used in the years to come. You have also gone out of your way to ensure that next yeat's PYP Coordinator is properly informed about what the next steps are and that everything is in place to make her job as easy as possible.

Librarian Time that was scheduled for you to be in the library was drastically decreased when you were asked to teach some of our classes. All-in-all I believe you had something like seven weeks during which you had a full library schedule. Yeq somehow, you managed to increase the number of books on the library shelves by over 2200. That is almost a 40%o jump over last year. Even more importantly, you managed to get students into the library. Our library became a more inviting place for both students and staff. You found the time to read to students, show literature-based movies, put on a book sale and organize field trips to the Asmara Public Library. Maeve, you can leave AICS this year knowing that we now have a better library thanks to you. Teacher

Twice this year you were put into the difficult position of having to take over classes at the last minute. Your work with the grade 5/6 class at the beginning of the year helped both the parents and the students of grade 6 buy into the idea of being in a combined ciass that was part of the PYP. Your students were always on task, proud of their work and huppy to be in school. This is a remarkable achievement given that they knew you were only temporarily their teacher.

It was in January, when you took over the grade IllI2 psychology class that your skills

truly shone. Out of your element, and with a group of students who were no longer interested in learning, you managed to turn things around. Within weeks your class was enthusiastic about your class and producing some of the best work they irave done since joining our school. It was one of your grade 12 students who wrote "I found my favorite teacher when I had almost given up hope". No wonder you were asked to address the graduation class at this year's Grade 12 graduation ceremony. as a teacher

Along with the grade Illl2 psychology class, you also took over the grade 7 and the grade 9ll0 drama classes in January. These classes had lost some focus and you quickly brought them back on track. My own children were in these classes and they both mentioned frequently how hard you pushed them and how much fun they were having. In just a short time managed to get your two classes ready for public performances and the students thrived on this.

Assistant Director

It was in your role as assistant director that I depended on you most directly Maeve. I knew that every time I asked you to do something it would be dealt with professionally and in a timely manner.

I appreciated greatly the fact that when I asked you your opinion

you would give your answer careful and informed consideration. I valued your opinion because I knew you would let me know if I was wrong. The Accreditation For Growth mid-point review report that was completed this spring made numerous references to the administration team and the excellent work we did not only maintaining the school during this difficult year but how we also managed to push the school forward. You were alarge part of that success.

I would also like to point out that all of your work for the AICS Board of Governors did not go unrecognized. You attended all of the meetings, provided clear feedback to the Board and spent over 15 hours working on the new director search sub committee. Every single Board member has told me how much they appreciated your contributions.

Even with this extremely hear,y work load, you still managed to offer after-school activities, help out on special days, do gate duty every day, go on field trips with most of our classes and participate on a number of different school committees. Let me finish by making this perfectly clear; as director, I would not have succeeded this year with out your unfailing support, your commitment to a job well done, your sense of humour, your willingness to challenge me when needed and your belief in our students.

I thank you and congratulate you Maeve. I truly hope that we will once again be able to work together. I wish you all the best in your new job where I am sure you will continue to give your very best to your students.


12e August 201

REFERENCE FOR MAEVE DOHEHTY Miss Maeve Doherty is employed by CfBT Education Services as an English teacher at SR Tanjong Kindana, a government primary school in the Brunei-Muara district of Brunei Darussalam. She joined CfBT in August 2006. Miss Doherty teaches lower primary levels; namely Pra (the first year of schooling in Brunei), Year 1 and Year 2. She demonstrates a clear rapport with other year groups of pupils in higher years in the school also, having taught them previously and additionally through her involvement in a wide range of school community activities such as sports events, literacy competitions, quiz contests, a school reading programme, the library and a buddy reading programme initiative. Miss Doherty has been delivering listening and speaking language programmes written specifically

for pupils in Brunei Darussalam alongside a reading and writing programme based on the Read Write lnc synthetic phonics programme. Miss Doherty has a clear knowledge of the three different schemes of work that she delivers to the different year groups. She knows the pupils in her classes well and is very dedicated to making sure that learning is differentiated to meet their specific learning needs. Her lessons are lively and engaging. She captivates the attention of her pupils with her animated and motivating teaching thus helping the pupils to really enjoy their learning experience with her. She creates and organises attractive and stimulating resources to support her teaching. Her lessons are well prepared and transitions between activities are swift and smooth in order to achieve very productive lessons which flow well. There is a clear sense when observing Miss Doherty teaching that she creates an environment in which the pupils are calm and comfortable; they know what to expect from the routine of the lesson and they know her expectations of their behaviour and learningMiss Doherty is keen to contribute to the work of CfBT in Brunei and during her time here has been involved in various working groups engaged in the development of the curriculum being used in lower primary English classes. ln 2011 she has been involved in a Special lnterest Group who have been creating and trialling assessment materials to use alongside the Listening and Speaking programme used in Pra classes. She has also been involved in trialling assessment material to be used in Year is very beneficial to have Miss Doherty working in groups such as these as she is very aware of and able to succinctly convey her findings on what works well and what doesn't work so well with her pupils. This enables materials to be successfully developed further for use by teachers across the country. Miss Doherty has also been able to use her creative skills this year in working as part of a group to write song lyrics to accompany the year Zlistening and speaking programmes. Both teachers and pupils across the country will benefit from the enjoyment of singing these songs as part of their learning. I am very pleased to highly recommend Miss Doherty as an excellent teacher. I would be happy to supply any further details should they be required.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Brown Primary Education Project Manager


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