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Issue XIX February 2012

Giving for Good Cards Selling Faster Than Hotcakes Over the years, Dallas Foundation staff have attended their share of fundraising pancake breakfasts. We love them. But our new Giving for Good Cards have raised more money for charity faster than any pancake breakfast ever could. We began selling the cards in October. By the end of the holiday season, we’d sold about 1,300 charitable gift cards with a total value of more than $63,000. That means $63,000 went to support good causes around the country. Joy Kirsch, a wealth manager and financial coach, said she bought Giving for Good Cards and distributed them to clients instead of making a charitable holiday gift in their honor. “People really like the idea of helping someone in need,” Ms. Kirsch wrote to us. “Now, instead of me picking the charity, my clients get to choose something important to them. I really enjoy hearing where the money has gone, as I often get new insight into what is closest to their hearts.” Giving for Good Cards are just like retail gift cards, except buyers receive a tax deduction for buying them, and recipients use them to make a gift to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States. The cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100 or an alternate amount if desired. We have a new Valentine’s Day Giving for Good Card, as well as designs appropriate for religious holidays, thank-you gifts, and birthdays. Please visit our website,, or email Claudia DeMoss, at, for more information. Remember, the deadline to order Valentine's Day Giving for Good Cards is February 9.

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